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½ June 16, 2018
Jackman's 17 year portrayal of Wolverine is legendary, however the film itself feels bland and contrived.
June 14, 2018
best x men film to date
½ June 14, 2018
the most predictable movie without any valid plot
June 13, 2018
totally surprised how much I liked this flick. I really thought I had been burnt out on marvel but it was pretty good. lots of great fighting scenes/action.
½ June 13, 2018
diferit. dar nu grozav. mult pointless hack & slash, ca diablo.
June 11, 2018
Canned crap. Save your time ; watch anything else.
June 10, 2018
I've waited so long for a mature cinecomic movie after The Dark Knight. And this is the one.
It doesn't even looks like a cinecomic, it's a journey movie with "lonely ranger" tones.
Hugh Jackman gives 100% of his acting. the same for Patrick Stewart, amazing as usual.
And the young Dafne Keen is incredible,
June 10, 2018
With the X-Men franchise struggling to stay afloat in the waters of cinema, it has been in dire need of an influx of strength, so as to catch a breath of fresh air. I am happy to report that Logan provides that strength.

The plot may not be terribly original, but it moves quickly enough--with the exception of the second act--to remain engaging and provides sufficient tragic twists to make it emotionally investing. Hugh Jackman arguably gives his best performance as Logan as he allows the darkest sides of the character to roll forth in his facial expressions and spot-on line delivery. Logan is not for the faint of heart. Its brutal violence and dark themes are sure to make stomachs church and hearts ache. But this is the side of Wolverine that we have always wanted to see and it serves as a more than satisfying farewell to Marvel's beloved--if flawed--hero.

Story: 6.5
Acting: 8
Script: 10
Visuals/Sound: 8.5
Entertainment Value: 9

MY RATING: 8.4/10
June 9, 2018
This rating may seem excessive but this is, in my opinion, the best X men movie BY FAR : the actors are amazing, the plot interesting and the ending as bittersweet as it is satisfying. Considering this, I easily give it five stars.
June 9, 2018
deffo the best no doubt
June 5, 2018
Logan is the better X-Men film,with a incredible story full of action and drama
½ June 2, 2018
Although completely different, Logan is the best superhero movie since The Dark Knight. Logan takes what Deadpool did, and gives Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) the best send off anybody could ask for. Throughout the old X-Men and other Wolverine movies, you never got to see Wolverine as he truly was. Yes, part of this was hindered by the PG-13 ratings, but worry no more in this brutal rated "R" depiction of himself. It is only right to see Wolverine not as an X-Men, but as who he truly is, a complete animal. He is violent, merciless with his enemies, but deep down a person who is relatable and completely lovable. The relationships formed in this movie with Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Dafne Keen make the movie dramatic, funny, happy, and sad. All of them are exceptional, and their performances drive this movie.

SPOILER: The only reason why this did not get a full five star rating, is quite obviously due to Logan's death.
June 2, 2018
amazing. no doubt the best comic movie ever made
May 31, 2018
finally!! a film where logan is in a r-rated setting.
May 31, 2018
Wow, Logan lovers seriously need to chill and cut out all this overreacting. You all bought into the hype of this being Hugh Jackman's last movie as the titular character, and you were sold. Sad. This mindlessly dull, visually unimaginative borefest is everything that's wrong with Hollywood. Mind you, after the smoke is cleared and the hype dies down, like Star Wars 7, you will all begin to see that this is not a good film. It's not that this is terribly bad filmmaking, it's just altogether uninteresting. Sure, it looks more gritty and realistic than other installments (except for the one flying Jackman shot, a tribute to a really corny idea started by Singer), but what does that amount to? This feels more like film sport than film art. If you're an aspiring filmmaker and you think this is what good filmmaking is, I hope you know that quitting is an option you should consider, and another career is a viable solution.

First of all, don't kid yourself, this is surely the same old shit, coated in an R-rating so you feel like a bad kid doing a dangerous thing behind your parents back. It amounts to taking a fantasy story about a little girl who can destroy anybody, who in real life would anihilate her, and forcing you to take it extremely seriously. Serious R-rated movie about mutants, ROFL! Mangold does everything he can to fight back against the wonderment and joy of the Bryan Singer films, which give us fun, color, and adventure. Instead, Mangold retreads the same ground as he did with The Wolverine - slow, tedious melodrama, long drawn out glorified violence within action sequences that have no stakes because once again the heroes can just destroy anything and the bad guys are a bunch of idiots for repeatedly contending.

And what are X-Men fans who have stuck by loyally for almost two decades treated to in the Wolverine's final outing? Sabretooth? Deadpool? Someone new and interesting? No, the climax is him vs him, and not in any kind of literary or psychologically symbolic form, but Logan vs his underdeveloped clone. All physical brawn, no brains, except for the adamantium bullet the clone takes. What a lame device. Nobody surrounding them is interesting, I don't even know who the villain is supposed to be... Luke Skywalker? What's with the hand thing, is that all he's got? I came to this film to see Patrick Stewart, he gave a solid performance, and the rest is disappointing.

And don't get me started on the Lord of the Flies gang - seriously people? You really should be ashamed of yourselves if this is what tickles your fancy. Little kids fighting adults should look more like Hook - this is appalling. This and the clone fight insufficiently make up the third act. Despite all the wonderful things Deadpool did, I still felt it came up short because of a lame, one-dimensional, colorless villain. I said that as long as they never make that mistake again, these movies could be amazing. I never thought they would reach lower into their pocket and pull out something as egregiously low as this hand guy. He might've been interesting had he tried having a human moment like masturbating and accidentally pulling his dick off because he couldn't control that lame contraption on his wrist. Anything at all would've been more interesting than the action film conventionalism we were spoon fed.

Ultimately, the idea of all this superpower crap is just silly, nobody should ever really buy it as it's sold. So why do I like some of them, and not others? I like the ones that have fun with it. Batman is the only good excuse for taking itself more seriously, and even that has to come in minimal doses; it still has to have fun to work, and Dark Knight gives us that fun in at least the form of Joker. If you're going to introduce these ideas, be bold and adventurous, go all the way with it. Days of Future Past introduces time travel and ripple effects, those are great sci-fi concepts. Apocalypse has a doomsday device with an equivalent counter in Phoenix. If it's going to take itself more seriously, the type of story has to allow for it, like in Unbreakable, which slowly unveils a truth that the audience isn't aware of... that simply can't happen in an established superhero franchise like X-Men, you can't fool an audience that way. And then there's the everything package that Kick-Ass gives us, introducing a very real world in a very comic book world with just the right balance of humor and drama that can only be expressed cinematically. I don't get how people can take Wolverine seriously in this context, but it proves we're living in an ever-increasing age where people are forcing themselves to be more serious about everything in life, and it sucks.
May 30, 2018
Seasoned director James Mangold perfects his previous work with one of the most brutally realistic, emotionally resonant, and stunningly realized comic-book films ever put to screen. Fueled by a poignantly violent screenplay, a phenomenal debut from Dafne Keen, one of Hugh Jackman's best performances ever, and an incredible supporting role from Patrick Stewart.
½ May 29, 2018
I liked the story.. however sad it was.. The end of an era..
May 29, 2018
Made me cry twice.Nuff Said.
May 29, 2018
this is the best film i have ever seen in my life.
May 28, 2018
The depth and quality of the movie Logan means that there is a lot to write about and recommend here. At its heart, it is actually a story about growing older, and the complex relationships that develop between a caretaker and aging close friend or relative. This territory is profoundly different from other comic book and action movies, and they pull it off brilliantly. Performances from Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart are outstanding, and have nothing to do with portraying a superhero, but rather the emotional mechanisms (ferocity, comedy, reticence) used to deal with loyalty in the face of frustration, weariness, and tragedy. That said, there is also a story about Logan bonding with a young girl which is quite touching. Her character is a refreshing new entry into the X-men pantheon. Finally there is a plot driven by the machinations of a morally corrupt biotech-weapons corporation, which is as compelling as one could expect from any top-notch Marvel movie. The movie has the feel of a western, with great (but violent) action scenes and beautiful cinematography. Even the short car chase scene was uniquely interesting.
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