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January 21, 2018
thank god it was red band the best film like this deadpool was ok this was a masterpiece
½ January 20, 2018
It's so great to see Marvel make a gritty film like this instead of their typical superhero film. This movie is groundbreaking in its realism (for a movie with people with superpowers). The only thing that is annoying is the mysterious super power for the rogue Black ops team hunting the mutants to have an comically unending number of redshirts who end up magically causing havoc wherever they go with no one noticing.
January 20, 2018
one hell of a film
2.origins wolverine
3.the wolverine
½ January 19, 2018
As being a child and then a teenager, I was reverently waiting for every movie about Wolverine. The same story happened with "Logan". However, after watching it, I was really disappointed. The same problems you can see in this movie like in other movies about him: unchanged Logan (at the beginning he is rough and "get away from me", then he is kind and "helping others in all situations"); scenes that don't develop characters, without any purpose (all scenes with the village family, which I think were made to make the movie longer, because it doesn't show something new except unnecessary deaths); hackwork fragments (like here the moment on 1:58:30, where Logan kill the soldier not touching with claws); stupidity of villains (you know that to liquidate Wolverine and his daughter (in the dialogs said to bring her dead or alive) need an adamantium bullet, so none of the "bosses" have it). Benefits: visual effects are really cool; Hugh Jackman's and Patrick Stewart's performances are fantastic (these roles suit them, so I couldn't imagine another persons in the roles). 2.5/5
½ January 19, 2018
This is the perfect send-off and ending for Hugh Jackman as Logan. It was heartbreaking, full of action and a fitting conclusion to Logan's story.
January 18, 2018
Great movie! Entertaing throughout the movie and has all the elements of a great movie. Great cast. Great story. I loved every second of this movie. Hugh Jackman is once again great. This is my favorite X-Men movie and my new favorite comic book movie. This is the opposite of X men Origins Wolverine
January 18, 2018
Mangold's writing and directing the final Wolverine with Hugh Jackman is brilliant. It's one of the best comic book movies I have ever seen. Jackman and Stewart provide terrific performances...
January 16, 2018
That simplicity in the story allows the raw pain and emotion to shine through and it will bring tears to your eyes, which is something I never thought a Superhero movie would pull off quite like this. Knowing this is the final film in the Wolverine franchise feels right, this is the note it should end on. It should go out just like it came in, stunning everyone and making us all happy that we saw something pretty damn special.
January 16, 2018
Logan gives us the Wolverine we wanted since the first x-men movie. Raw , untainted violence that was always the way Wolverine was in the comics. Beautifully filmed , a good story , a modern western if u will. Hugh Jackman gives his best performance in the last 17 years as Wolverine so does Patrick Stewart. Logan is a love letter to the Wolverine fans and deserves it's praises.
January 15, 2018
What a horrible, boring, over-acted movie and 90%+ liked it? I liked the first couple of X-Men movies quite a bit, but this was a waste of my time and a chore to finish.
½ January 15, 2018
Logan is a heartfelt entry into comicbook movies, containing an excellent performance by Jackman and a melancholy sendoff to some beloved heroes. It's crafted aesthetics and themes on violence are welcome during this glut of superhero blockbusters.
½ January 15, 2018
Strengths: Honestly, any praise for a Wolverine film starts with Hugh Jackman. Even when giving trash to work with (X-Men Origins), he gives his all and embodies the character. But this was just on another level. It was easily his finest performance in the role. He brought a vulnerability to it, while still maintaining how much of a badass he is. Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier) has also never been better as Professor X. It was a unique take on both characters, but the veteran actors brought their "A" games to take it to the next level and make it all work brilliantly. It wasn't just the vets, though. Dafne Keen (Laura) absolutely shines in a huge role. She barely speaks, yet conveys a lot in her facial expressions. Once she does open up, it's even better. If you don't get emotional when she mutters, "Daddy" near the end of the film, you might not have a soul. This packs more of an emotional punch than any superhero film I can recall. Don't let the emotional stuff fool you, as it has some gloriously violent moments. One thing this masterfully juggled was the relationships between the three main characters. I loved everything between Charles & Logan, Logan & Laura and the small Laura/Charles stuff.

Weaknesses: There's not much to dislike about Logan. If I had to pick something, it would be that the villains aren't very defined. Most of the film plays out like a lengthy chase. With the focus on Logan/Laura/Charles, and rightfully so, the antagonists get pushed to the side. While X-24 (a younger Logan clone) proved to be a formidable foe, I never fully got invested or interested in Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) or Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant).

Overall: 2017 was a year for great superhero films for the most part. I've seen all the Marvel ones and this was on par or above Spider-Man and Thor, which were excellent. The violence and action scenes were top notch, but it was the emotional moments and character work that made Logan stand out. This was easily the best standalone Wolverine flick and possibly the best film to feature the hero of all-time.
January 15, 2018
The perfect final chapter to a comic book cinema icon, this movie takes the aged gunfighter schtick and craftily applies it to the X-Men franchise. The movie is full of great symbolism and seems like, finally, a film where permission was given for actors to act from their heart rather than from their wallet. While the last movie was a great samurai film, this movie is to comic book movies what Shane is to westerns.
½ January 15, 2018
Fairly straightforward, and quite well done. I did not expect Stewart to have such a major role. After Days of Future Past, I thought he was finished with X-Men movies. Jackman still has it as the classic mutant in this final chapter of his character, even after almost 17 years since he appeared in the first Marvel X-Men film. Out of the films that star mainly him, this was probably the best (with the possible exception of Days of Future Past). Overall the film has quite the intense blade-to-blade action, yet still has its subtle dramatic moments and enough surprises to keep the audience stunned. It never really drags on much, even for a film that's almost 2 hrs and 20 min. long.
½ January 14, 2018
Logan follows an aging Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). In an X-Men universe taking place in the near future where there are very few mutants left. Logan himself sees his powers beginning to wane as he finally appears to age. Logan looks after an aging Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) staying out of the public eye. But, when a young mutant, Laura (Dafne Keen), is thrust into Logan's life he must decide whether he will stay out or play hero one last time.

Logan obviously is different from what we've come to expect from a superhero film with its rated R tag. And the film doesn't waste any time letting us know we're in for a violent ride. The movie opens with a very bloody fight scene. However, for me, I felt the extra violence and gore helped with the overall aesthetic of the story instead of detracting from it. This is a battered and beaten wolverine, violence is very much part of his life. And even when he tries to escape, it seems to follow him. This is a very strong theme in the movie and the intense violence helps portray how all the fighting and violence is breaking Logan down.

This realistic and violent look at Wolverine is a bold idea. Of course with the success of Deadpool this film isn't as much of a financial risk as it may have seemed years ago. Thankfully, James Mangold was brought on to direct Logan. And with themes of dwelling on the past and past regrets that seem to hearken back to Mangold's more successful works like 3:10 To Yuma, and Walk the Line. It isn't surprising he does such a good job getting those feelings across here.

Mangold does have a lot to work with here. The cast all fits beautifully in there roles. Granted, no one here is going to win an Oscar or anything. But these characters are completely fleshed out and believable. I believe them, and more importantly, I care what happens to them.

This movie hits all the notes we would expect of a superhero flick. There is a clear line between good and evil. There are some great action sequences speckled throughout. And the dialogue beautifully connects the film to the rest of the cinematic universe, without it seeming heavy handed or distracting. There are many references to previous X-Men films that were worked in without making the story arch pause to allow them to happen.

So we've established that this movie is a great installment in the superhero franchise. However, there were a few aspects of this movie that helped it stand far above an ordinary superhero movie.

First, the relationship between Professor Xavier and Logan works so well. The past is something that is brought up a lot throughout this movie. And Logan and Xavier have been through so much together. And now, it is just the two of them. This is displayed beautifully throughout the film. Of course, for fans of the series, this closeness is incredibly sweet and heartbreaking. Throughout the series Xavier was the only one who believed in Logan. And would let Logan come back every time he faltered. They hint at this in the film with their banter. And Xavier does give Logan a hard time. But it is clear that Xavier cares deeply for Logan.

Also, this is a very aware superhero movie. And all of this violence and gore could have easily been mishandled and become a repetitive and pointless part of the film. But there are points all through the film where Logan expresses his emotional, and now physical, pain from living such a violent life. This very human look at a superhero's is something that has always proven to be incredibly difficult to pull off. But, when done right, has the potential to make a very engaging and entertaining film for lifelong fans and for less avid fans. And this film very successfully intertwines that human element in a superhero universe.
January 14, 2018
Logan is not only one of the nest superhero movies ever made it's simply one of the best movies ever made! Hugh Jackman delivers the best performance of his career as does Sir Patrick Stewart. This is a must watch for any fan of the source material, superhero movies, or just well made movies, because Logan truly transcends the comics book movie genre and becomes something truly great.
January 14, 2018
Logan is the second best superhero movie I ever saw, maybe since TDK, the drama, story and the characters had a big impact when I first saw this movie, and what makes this movies great, is how different it feels from any superhero movie. Great job to everyone at this movie.
January 13, 2018
I get why people liked it, it's just not my type of movie. Little too dark, gloomy and gritty for me. Don't generally enjoy movies with elderly invalids with mental issues, because it depresses me. There was really only one scene I liked where Logan, Charles and Laura pretended to be a family and had dinner with another family. It was a nice moment. But soon went as dark and gloomy as the rest of the film. Did not like the fate of many of the characters and it painted a dark future for the X-Men.
January 12, 2018
This movie elevates comic book based movies with it's compelling story, and great acting while maintaining beautiful visuals and fight sequences. One of the best performances that Jackman has given
January 11, 2018
The best of wolverine
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