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April 22, 2018
The last, great gasp of the venerable franchise offers a coda of redemption and renewal, as insoluble as the titular character's being. A "Children of Men" for mutants.
April 17, 2018
Damn, that's a great movie. All the action scenes are perfect, so do the character development. That's one of the best James Mangold's films ever.
April 16, 2018
Hugh Jackman and James Mangold probably don't give us the Wolverine ending we want but definitely the wolverine ending we deserve, doing full honour and justice to the iconic character.
½ April 15, 2018
Truly built upon the complexity of the character! This is a Wolverine that is older, and not on his prime, it made me miss the old version of the character because he I love watching him destroying his enemies, but this was a heartfelt send off. I cried a lot at the end, it was heartfelt and incredibly moving! Great Film, but now let me go watch Wolverine on X- Men kicking butt! lol
April 15, 2018
Not entirely perfect, but a must see for everyone!!!!
April 13, 2018
Logan is a masterpiece, a James Mangold wonder that surpasses all other superhero movies. Hugh Jackman's performance is poignant and best pays tribute to his favourite character. The script is really cool, the image, the character development, Logan breaks all the superhero codes and gives us a more than "incredible" result. The only downside is that the music is really bad.
April 13, 2018
great ending to a legendary character
April 12, 2018
unfortunately this is one of those films that gets worse every time you watch it. It has a really interesting concept and I feel that people enjoy the concept of the film,more than the actual film.
It is satisfying that Logan can finally swear and be as violent as he wants though,it makes him seem like a real guy inside a comic book world.
The film gets worse as it progresses in my opinion. The scene at the start is great and really sets the tone for the film,but as soon as Lauren comes,the film gets worse. It picks up at the end though
I'd give it a B. Which is a shame because it seems like it deserves a better grade,but the screaming child robs it of an A
½ April 11, 2018
o I've gotten so very tired of superhero movies...so naturally, a superhero movie finds it's way into a top spot. Logan isn't a groundbreaking movie; it's open about its inspirations from classic westerns, even quoting (somewhat ham-fistedly) Shane as its thesis statement; but I'll be darned if this movie wasn't one of the most engrossing theater experiences in 2017. In an era of superhero team-ups and flash-cut pacing, Logan puts its focus on character and relationships. In an era of loose threads, sequel setups, and post-credit sequences, Logan ties a bow. Working both as a continuation as well as a self-contained story, the movie introduces versions of beloved characters that are departures from their previous characterizations and yet still feel true and believable developments on their nearly 20 year cinematic history. The cinematography and color palette were perfect tone-setters to the modern wild west, Dafne Keen was a phenomenal as X-23, and the ending was absolutely perfect. If I were to quibble, the villain is forgettable and there are some definite logical plot-holes, but the movie's focus and attention are where they should be, which makes these easy to overlook.
½ April 10, 2018
A really good and enjoyable Marvel flick that felt different and unique. I didn't feel like it was a rehash of the other Marvel films and enjoyed every minute of it
April 9, 2018
An intriguing film.

The story's told in a very minimalist and reserved manner, opting to quietly imply and let us figure most of it out by ourselves. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I could intellectually understand what was the reasoning for this or that, but I barely felt any emotional connection to what was happening.

The plot was as simple as they come. Nothing new in that department, besides the absolutely shattered status of the X-Men which is kind of an interesting idea. The actual plot though is just standard. This movie heavily relies on its character study of old man Logan and a bit of old geriatric man Xavier. Both of them were done well. The claws action was visceral and intense. The makeup was great.

My problems are these;
Meandering action sequences (the first one with all the cars outside of Xavier's hideout).

Baffling character choices that don't make sense (tagging along with the black family).

Forced subversion during Xavier's burial scene (it's an intriguing idea on paper, but it was executed a little bit clumsily, not elegant at all and I didn't felt the movie earned that kind of treatment of Xavier).

Weak finale with all the powerful mutant kids barely putting up a fight and weirdly abandoning Logan to fight by himself while Laura went ham (we didn't see anything about Laura being especially trained in combat, so I assume that the rest also went through combat training).

Unremarkable cinematography, very run of the mill scene compositions and framing. Felt like a tv show, barely felt like a movie.

Laura's hamfisted perfect recitation of the old cowboy movie monologue she somehow managed to fully memorize after one viewing. Didn't know her power was perfect memory. It was one of those "kid movie talks like an adult" movie syndromes.

The stupid Donald character that didn't deserve to be in as much of this movie as he was.

This movie was fine, I didn't suffer, but it did bug me that this movie was being talked about as an A++ movie, when it was simply an above average superhero movie.
½ April 9, 2018
There's so much wrong with this film:
Way to violent, I mean unnecessarily violent, compared to all the other superhero films we've got used to (excluding deadpool) it's unacceptable, even worse considering alot of the violent acts are being performed by a 12 year old girl, even beheading someone at one point!
The swearing, listening to Hugh Jackman and Patrick Moore swear throughout is more than uncomfortable.
The plot, was boring and unoriginal, and doesn't seem to follow on very well from the other films, all the character development we've seen from logan in precious films seemed to of all been forgotten in this film.
The fact he had a daughter all of a sudden, who happened to have adamantium like logan was plain stupid, and lazy writing to be honest.
I really don't understand why people like this film, says alot about the world.
April 7, 2018
Logan isn't just a film. It's an experience. It looks at the way we expect super hero films and rips out the net of safety that we've all grown used to. This is when superhero movies grow old. It strips away all hope. Takes away all happiness and rips your heart out. And my god is it amazing for it.
April 5, 2018
A nice and fitting ending to a well beloved character. Its sad to see the end of X-men first class. I really enjoyed the X-men series when it first rolled out. Wolverine by far is my favorite anti-hero. Enjoy the movie and say thanks to Hugh Jackman.
April 4, 2018
April 4, 2018
Rejoice, it took a Deadpool to lift the Wolverine movies' curse!
This movie is quite... peculiar. Whether in its approach, techniques or themes, it's not what you'd expect from this genre, and specially for the X-Men franchise which, for me, is not a very successful one when it comes to quality. Though I consider that Days of Future Past is the best X-Men movie so far, mainly for being able to balance a vast array of characters in a intricate plot, this is a clear second place (Deadpool being third - watch it carefully and you'll know why) . Logan is gritty to its core, its well scored and cast, and the CGI blends seamlessly to the film. The action scenes aren't free of the over-cutting syndrome of superhero movies, but still it's the best direction that the character has received. I really wasn't that keen on Wolverine before and now I understand it was the way he was being treated that caused me discomfort. And make no mistake, the R rating is the main propeller of this shift in how the character is portrayed. It's fabulously satisfying to see violence in all its gore as when Logan rips the guts out of people, we see those guts, which makes a huge difference in a directorial point of view, as the constraints to stage and cut around what's explicit are out of questions. And we do have to thank Deadpool for this, as it opened the way for R-rated superhero movies (basically, it took Ryan Reynolds to show that 9/11 happened and we're big boys now, we can take a little blood). Also, the script is as sharp as his claws, which contributes to the tonal focus that is very indicative of Eastwood's westerns, which is further pursued by the crisp cinematography and color pallet, very reminiscent of Hell or High Water and many others that have come before. That ultimately adheres to the movie so intrinsically that it doesn't seem to fit in the superhero genre. Though, it has a rushed ending and a minor lack of total payoff, it's very bizarre to have such a good movie this early in the year and it's specially impactful to bring something new to a increasingly saturated genre. SPOILER (BUT NOT REALLY)
I also thought it was very relevant that this is the first "superhero" movie with such an emotional and mature theme. In the end, it's no spoiler to say that this film is about ending. Ending a cycle, ending a character's life, while still maintaining hope as driving force. Hope is what gets the movie from A to B, even if B is where you say goodbye. More than an actor parting from a character that he has inhabited, this movie is a film elegy. It's a gore-filled poem on how we grow and how we stage a farewell...
½ April 1, 2018
An when I thought X-Men movies were getting worse and worse, here comes one of the Best Superhero movies of the decade.
March 30, 2018
Emotionally outstanding and action packed. "Logan" has the best of both worlds.
March 30, 2018
one of the best marvel movies i ever seen
March 29, 2018
Great Writing: 2 Stars
A gripping and emotional story limited by some frustrating lapses in motive by its lead.

Great Production: 2 Stars
A well rounded production. Some poor special effect choices and lack of scope for its cinematography hold back its true potential.
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