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October 15, 2016
The best espionage film I've ever seen. Edgy, unpredictable, complex, thrilling, sexy. There are too many adjectives I could list, just watch it... But not with your kids.
June 22, 2016
Really cool foreign film. Enjoyed the WWII setting, the thriller and espionage aspects. Really good acting and cool female lead.
May 23, 2016
A visually opulent but listless and oppressive movie about a femme fatale living at a time of war.
October 18, 2015
This was a one-of-a-kind film. There wasn't anything to be liked, only cinematography to be admired and contemplated. This is a film that you think about long after the screen has gone black. It is horrific, and yet gentle in how it unfolds. The characters are so fully developed and the actors so very skillful in their craft . It delved very deep into very delicate territories of violence, sex and love and tackled them in the most indelicate of ways. I can't recommend it one way or the other.
½ May 24, 2015
I've been scratching my head about this movie since it came out and received positive reviews. The performances are not up to standard and a movie that should feel full of life and passion seemed dull to me. As it is from Ang Lee I revisited it on DVD later and still felt the same way.
½ January 20, 2015
Un poco larga, pero de excelente manufactura y direcciòn. Posee una de las mejores escenas sexuales de los ultimos años.
January 17, 2015
Having watched enough Ang Lee's films to understand and get used to his genius touch on intimacy and humanism, I was really really surprised with "Lust, Caution". The film was so extreme and cruel that I thought I had watched an American espionage film directed by an American director. But towards the ending of the film, all the Ang Lee's trademarks had thankfully gathered to show off a highly unconventional treatment of characters yet very sensitive, very humanist. Of course the feelings, being heavily damaged in the previous parts of the film, could hardly recover by the end, but in overall this is a very well-made thriller with a nostalgic scent of a China of the past pervading from a very authentic setting with excellent production values. Once again, Ang Lee proved himself an adventurous director always desiring to explore new genres and new themes - this time a espionage thriller in the war time, and hell, he succeeded again in satisfying the audience with a first-class thriller despite a highly unsatisfactory ending. The gentle Ang Lee also surprised everyone by switch his treatment of human feelings from a very peaceful and sensitive style to the total extreme with graphical violence and saddistic sex, which had rarely appeared in his films before. Luckily enough for the audience, this is Ang Lee we are talking about, and even those controversial sex scenes were treated by him with utter care to show the character development with all tones of desire, desperation, love, and deception. As usual, Tony Leung was exceptional in his role - the way he excels in Wong Kar-wai's films, but it is Tang Wei who deserves the biggest applauds for her audacity, sensitiveness, and her radiant beauty that is incomparable in her generation of Chinese/Hong Kong/Taiwanese actresses. From Tang Wei's face, the audience can feel a sense of ambiguity between pure innocence and formidable desire, between love and hate, between the good and the bad - a sense of ambiguity so strong that it encompasses the environment of the film in a whole. It is a pity that the "NC-17" controversy had overshadowed Tang Wei's effort (under the brilliant direction by Ang Lee and with the expert cooperation from Tony Leung, of course) in depicting an extraordinary character that is exceptionally strong and deeply complex. As the film was intentionally (by the director, and by the original writer of the source materials - Eileen Chang, I suppose) devoid of political and historical implications (which mostly served as a neutral yet extreme environment for the development of characters), such ambiguity contributed a great deal in solidifying the film as a classic treatment of human feelings and desires in the middle of the war, instead of a simple Shakespearean "melo". The ending disappointed me a little bit for its strangely lax focus on the fates of the characters (the ambiguity prevailed again here!), but the film in a whole and the fantastic Tang Wei are more than enough for any one who like espionage, and/or humanist tragedy.
½ November 10, 2014
Upon second viewing I saw what Ang Lee was probably trying to show in this well-constructed spy thriller with dark romantic undertones. It's a gorgeously filmed deeply moving emotional espionage film, it's different, and, the performances are excellent.
½ July 27, 2014
Excellent action, plot and historical information about war time in Shanghai
½ June 10, 2014
Ang Lee proves once again he is one of cinema's brightest light. Lust, Caution delivers an emotionally shattering experience that would haunt you for days if not weeks.
June 7, 2014
Subtle and controversial portrait of a conflicted wartime female spy. Not for everyone.
April 15, 2014
Beautiful film with witty dialogue and plenty of suspense. The film has terrific acting and excellent production value. However, I must castigate the author of the novella, as the ending is completely anti-climactic, uninspired, ludicrous, and ultimately disappointing.
March 20, 2014
Just saw this, and what a delight. I can't and probably never will forget the camera movement of this film, it was just fascinating. Tony Leung is a brilliant actor and I must say, brilliant acting and directing and you have this stupendous piece of film. The entire film was just startling, the narrative just makes you awed at how it was done, the pacing, the structure. Seriously wonderful.

2nd Viewing: For me, this particularly memorable phrase is the most stunning thing about the film as it explains a lot.

''He not only gets inside me, he worms his way into my heart like a snake. Deeper. All the way in. I take him in like a slave. I play my part faithfully so I, too, can get to his heart...''

Can you imagine, viewing the end, how much that was not true at all? A female who changes and a male who is as spineless as he was. The reversals seen in dialogue, like the 'whore' and who really was a whore and how the female, as empowered as she was, was undone by her feminity. Easily one of the best East Asian films ever
March 5, 2014
pretty good and excellently filmed.
December 22, 2013
Beautifully shot and well acted film and quietly mesmerising.
November 6, 2013
My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.
November 5, 2013
I actually think the movie is better then the novel itself.
November 3, 2013
Lust, Caution is a superb espionage film set in Japanese-occupied Shanghai during World War II. While the plot about killing an important political figure isn't anything new, the way the film tells its story had my eyes glued to the screen for the 2.5-hour running time and the film was over in the blink of an eye for me. It's a slow-building espionage film, but I found myself totally involved in the story, especially how the main character drives herself further and further into such a dangerous situation using her beauty to seduce her target. However, as things get more heated between them, things become more dangerous for the femme fatale as her emotions begin to overcome her. It's a gripping film that takes the viewer for one hell of a ride full of drama, mystery, and suspense. While the film has proudly touted its NC-17 rating and has become controversial for its sex scenes, there is a lot more to the film than mere graphic sex scenes, but a powerful espionage film that should be seen by anyone who enjoys a good espionage film. It's a masterpiece, in short.
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