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½ June 1, 2018
A beautiful movie, with a simple plot, and a heart wrenching ending that made the whole world cry their eyes out.
May 10, 2018
Very well acted movie with an ending that would leave you crying for 15mins straight even after the movie ended. However, the pacing suffers alot and it feels like 3-4hr long
April 15, 2018
Marley And Me, just like the book, is one of the greatest true story pet stories ever, possibly the greatest. I'm about to watch this classic again.
½ March 17, 2018
Beautifully made. Was fun and interesting. COuld relate it with my own pet :)
November 14, 2017
Marley & Me is the saddest film of all time. Don't do it. The dog is a very good girl, though so I give this film a star.
October 29, 2017
It is amazing but you definitely want some tissues
½ September 16, 2017
I remember this movie when i was a little kid and this has always been my favorite movie
½ September 4, 2017
(need the 30 minute intro)
When we think we are are not for somethings, that we think the next best thing. When we think we have to something when getting another to get a dog is the next best thing. When we don't think why others get rid or think less about others to not think anything about it. When we think some things are good ideas to see otherwise they are not. When somethings we think about have a good ring to it when it suits us. When somethings we don't think about we learn the hard way when somethings are a handful to handle. When we don't think we are part of a community of dogs now that we have to consider not ruining it for others. When we try to avoid thinking about somethings but many great experiences makes us think that we are ready when life is good and we are missing out on something more.

When somethings we think about are credited and are liked by many that we can't help but get enough of. When we can think of many things to write and do when we just have a great life, city, dog and people to share. When we constantly can think of great ideas when we got tons of inspiration and motivation from some people we love. When we can think of somethings more important or conflicting with somethings we think about, but we think the time is right. When some ideas we think about are not great ideas when we know the worse. When we think that this Rollercoaster of happiness needs to continue when we are gifted and think our boss is the best for giving us the opportunity. When somethings we never think would happen, happens when we lose something. When we can only think the next step ahead. When we just can't think of any reason what went wrong. When we don't need to think when we know our masters upset.
When some challenges we think we can handle or overtake , it's is too overwhelming. When we need to get out and not think but feel what to think of our situation to know what not to do. When we don't need to think when we got luck on ourside. When we don't need to think when we have intuition with our instincts. When some things we think would fit well with eachother do. When we think of the days that we once used to live to say our days our over. When we think it's time for a new change when we need to move somewhere safer. When we think it's a good idea to do anything when somethings are open for us. When somethings we never think about, happen we never expected but have to handle. When we think that we must do the safest thing for our family to take somethings we don't like taking. When we think some people are great to keep them permanently. When somethings we think would work out becoming increasingly a big challenge for us. When we think based on what we know about some people, based on it happens to everyone or majority. When we think we need more time for others and others for us when we are not bonding and everything is in disorder. When we think some people are great at getting us to bond with some people we are naturally a good fit. When what we think we want a quick fix on there is some much pressure and things to do and think about that stresses us. When somethings we don't think about are not a good fit long term. When somethings we think is a great idea but feel otherwise. When somethings we no longer think about we don't see it happen anymore. When somethings we think we are in need of we let free when it's liberating. When we are in need of happiness and high expectations to think of something that is wild and brightens up our day with a party and some companionship. When we don't need to think when we know about some people's moods when we can read them so well.

When we think we are in need of a great experience, something new and what we always wanted we see challenges along the way. When others are not like minded like us to know that they think things should go a different direction. When we don't think the worse of things when we are positive. When we can't see or think of anything that can explain what's going on, to think the worse never happens to us. When we think we can control the fate of somethings when they are special, not like others, and that we think will pull through to whatever you give them. When we don't need to think about the worse when we see it on their face. When somethings we don't think about but happy to see. When there are things we like seeing and others we rather see to think that we have it good when it's a matter of perspective. When we think it's time to be real with ourselves in what we sre good at and whom we are. When we think it's time to let go of somethings we love, when it is only for a short while. When we think about all the moments, good times, that naturally many thoughts come to mind when we think and embrace every up and down time we had together that we share this with them. When we can't see others in person anymore, but can only think of the times we shared together that we don't think it's anything we can compare or share with any other when your a special in our eyes and family lives. When we can think of all the special things we have to think we would trade it all for the most special thing that brought us all this special happiness when we all think our dogs are great in their own way that we can't help but share them with the world.

What used to be the hardest things to do, came so easily and naturally when dealing with stories. When we always felt that we were in this great story filled with ups and downs, and filed with different people, some dull days and some days that were unique and filled with something that made the same day not the same, we were part of a story that had so much life. When having a family and having that family member always the story of your day in who they are and what they do, you cant help but embrace God's gifts to this world. When having a pet means they are more then a pet but family, that are always right by your side always. When some friends guide you along the way, help you when your suck, or hit o land er, your pet does what he can the best way it knows how to. When times are good and things don't change, we dread when it does, when we have leave a life behind full of memories and stories. But we embrace change when it's a new start to something else dreamed about. And some changes we dread never to face when it involves our family pet. When we faced alot of losses in life but still got right back up, we don't know if we could this time. When we had the greatest inspiration of energy in what a pet can fo, to see them have none. When that same energy we put to raising them made us better, stronger and happier. When we can remember the first time we got them, seen them grow, do so much with their life, we had a pet full of stories to share, a pet whom we would consider not good, but the best dog ever. When the greatest story and decision was getting a dog throughout your story.
August 31, 2017
No one watch this movie it is too sad i was hugging my dog for a week because i was still crying a week after and my dog is the only thing that loves me. do not see
August 12, 2017
Marketed as a feel good puppy flick, Marley & Me instead is a story about a fragile human relationship and a neglected dog (the neglect worsens throughout the film) which ultimately dies tragically due to the neglect.
August 1, 2017
What an amazing comedy, my favourite part was when the dog's struggling to walk up the stairs because he's so tired from playing with the kids. Fantastic performances from both Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, Aniston particularly brings a lot of her comedic chops from friends and while it becomes stale there's a lot of fantastic comedic scenes from Marley (especially near the end), to balance it out.
July 24, 2017
Marley & Me is a cute film. It is about a family learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty dog. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston give amazing performances. The screenplay is good but a little in places. David Frankel did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the humor and drama. Marley & Me is a must see.
July 23, 2017
Great family movie. My take-away is that a dog or any pet is what you make it. Meaning You're not going to get a whole lot out if you don't put the time in. Great movie for kids, but still entirely enjoyable for adults.
June 19, 2017
This was a really good movie. The way the dog brings out the best in the family is so true of real life. Lots of laughs but I cried my eyes out at the end. Like full sobbing and everything and I don't do that ever. But it's really a story of love and loss and the ups and downs of life.
½ June 8, 2017
This movie was great up until the end where I held my dog like he was a small child and cried for half an hour. Worst. Movie. Ever.
June 6, 2017
This movie was so awesome.
May 22, 2017
Never have I laughed or cried so hard in the matter of an hour. Excellent film. Fantastic cast.Very well done.
May 9, 2017
Marley & Me is directed by David Frankel, and it stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in a dramedy about a married couple that wants to know what it's like to take care of someone, and so they bought a dog, which ends up being the worst dog they ever own as Marley doesn't listen to them, makes a mess of things, and pees and poops everywhere in the house. I haven't seen this film in years, and the things that I remember from the movie are how troubling the dog is in terms of his behavior, and the ending. So I recorded it obviously, and when I was feeling a bit down at high school, and apparently in my weird mind, I thought that watching this film will make me feel better. Marley & Me did actually made me feel a lot better, except the ending in a good way, which I'll get to that later. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston are great in it which given with the right script that fits their characters, they can be really funny and hold up on their own in terms of the drama, which the writing by Scott Frank and Don Roos is well-written that put the characters in relatable situations, even if some moments of the drama felt a bit forced that is just there to risen up the situation. The dog actors are fantastic in this that don't feel embarrassed to be doing the things that they shouldn't do and just act like actual dogs. The comedy in this is way more effective than the drama in the first two acts, that is until the last act kicks in which I'll now talk about it. The last act is where the emotional strings are starting to kick in, and it's very effective that this movie is basically one of those films that will make anyone cry, especially for dog or pet owners in general which I used to have a dog when I was young until my mom had to drop the dogs off to different families as we have to move to a place that doesn't allow dogs, so I started to cry in that movie too. Even if non-pet owners watch this, they probably get emotional in that scene also, which I'm glad that the movie does a good job of that part. It also a bit overlong at times, but there was never a time that I thought I was bored of the film. Marley & Me is a great film that has a bit of nostalgia to me.
April 22, 2017
Great dog lover's movie! One of my favorites....
Super Reviewer
½ March 19, 2017
The film offers nothing but a cute doggy. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Anniston have one of the least convincing chemistry I've ever witnessed.
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