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February 17, 2019
Is a fun movie. Better then most modern films . But if this is the best mission impossible movie the others must be bad cause this is by no means amazing.
½ February 16, 2019
Amazing plot, exciting action, beautifully scripted and fun, Mission Impossible: Fallout will keep you on your seats until the very last second of the movie.
February 10, 2019
I think I like last one better - but lots of fun - twists and a super long car chase. Cruise is great in these.
February 8, 2019
A very fun movie with a surprisingly good story. In fact, I actually got lost in it because it was actually a little in-depth, I had my mom explain it to me afterwards. The acting was really good and the characters were a fun fit to their roles. The action scenes were easily the best part of the movie. The stunts were incredible and extremely impressive that the real actors did their own stunts; they were not small stunts too, but really big ones that were easily jaw-dropping. I waited three years for the next one and I am perfectly happy with this result even though that it was long and I got a little confused with the story.
½ February 7, 2019
Mission Impossible Fallout was a really good film I enjoyed the pace of the film and also liked the different plot twists one generic convection I liked within the film was the race against time scene when Tom Cruise skydived out of the plane and then had to save his friend as he had been struck by lightning and they were descending very fast and Tom Cruise had to try and wake him up so he could deploy his parachute this scene was very intense especially with the soundtrack that was used to build suspense. Mission Impossible, Fallout. I thought that the story line was very good. It kept me interested throughout the whole film , even though I have never seen any of the previous films the story line in the film was easy to get a hold of and allowed me to get to grips with what is happening . The use of sound effects made the film seem very intense and realistic to what you was watching. The use of different camera angles and clever editing made the film much very gripping on its own. There is not a boring moment throughout the whole film.

The mise en scene in the film has a wide range of differences. For example, some parts of the movie are set in major capitals of the world such as London and Paris but towards the end of the film, in the helicopter fight scene , it is set within the outskirts of China, within the snowy mountains. The costume worn within the film make it easy to know who is who , for example Ethan Hunt ,played by Tom Cruise, is shown wearing a suit at the start of the film so we know he is an important character to the story. Also the suit hints that he may be James Bond style character, which we soon find out he is.
½ February 6, 2019
Well, I have to say that you guys were not kidding. This is a fantastic action film. More than twenty years since the first of these six films had come out and it is still a surprise when a Mission Impossible film ends up this good. It really feels like we are living in a solid era for action franchises with the Raid, John Wick, MI and even the Fast and Furious for our b-movie action goodness. We live in exploding times!

Honestly, I don't think I have seen an action movie/spy game thriller that was this much fun in a while. Everything they did in this film was top notch. From the stunts to the chase sequence, to the amazing Helicopter chase...I mean damn. Also, if Cavill not being Superman anymore means we can see him as the beast he was in this movie, with an equally as beast mode a mustache, then I am all good with that. There are a few nitpicks, I thought that the movie dragged a bit between the middle and the end, I also had a few moments when I wasn't exactly convinced with Cruises acting, but nothing that really took me out of the film. Also while there was a spy story as always with this franchise, it still relies on the stunts and action to do the heavy lifting. Which isn't bad, when the action you have is this good.

MI: Fallout is very good. One of the better action films of the last while. Easily deserving of the praise it has gotten and making me wish I had seen it a lot sooner.
½ February 6, 2019
A little wonky in the beginning, but overall a spot on hit.
½ February 4, 2019
My favorite "Mission Impossible" movie to the date, and that's saying a lot.
February 4, 2019
Following in how are the impossible mission movies, just say that if you like the action genre this movie should see it ..
½ February 2, 2019
(I have nothing to add which the Critics' Consensus does not already say effectively)
½ February 2, 2019
Suspend disbelief and enjoy one of the blockbuster of 2018!
½ February 1, 2019
Really awful film, couldn't see it til the end. Loved all the others, very disappointed
½ January 31, 2019
It is quite simply outstanding that Tom continues to personally act out many of his own stunts. Fun movie to watch and quite crazy at times (but semi predictable for the "twist" that happens halfway through the film).
½ January 30, 2019
By far the best Mission: Impossible movie that there is. I'm not saying that there aren't a few flaws here and there.
January 29, 2019
In this film, the main character is portrayed by Tom Cruise. Bad people want to throw an atomic bomb on the world and kill many people. T.C. is working in a secret organization and he must save the world. In the film, you can see many jokes if you really want to watch this film go to AZINO777
½ January 28, 2019
One of the best action/spy films I have seen in a long time.
January 28, 2019
The probably best action movie I have ever seen, Tom cruise is about 56 years old and still hanging out of helicopters and riding motorcycles in the busiest streets in Paris. The plot of fallout is not too complicated, and lacking a lot by falling into plotholes and cliches. But with a lot of great decent acting. It doesnt becomes a bland movie and knows what it is trying to be.
January 27, 2019
Fantastic. Just Fantastic. Gorgeous cinematography. Brilliant performances by supporting cast and by Cruise and brilliant choreographed stunts, Just amazing!
½ January 27, 2019
Muy decepcionado con la última entrega de la saga. Syndicate había dejado a Misión Imposible en un lugar muy elevado en mi corazoncito cin (C)filo. La introducción de Elsa como personaje femenino me había parecido fantástica y la relación de AMISTAD que tenía con Ethan me parecía refrescante. Por favor podemos encontrar de más películas en las que no tenga que haber un innecsario romance entre personajes. Elsa era un personaje femenino que miraba a Ethan como a un igual, alguien que comprendía la dura situación emocional que es estar trabajando en las sombras y no poder tener una vida normal, y ser un títere de entidades y/o gobiernos que poco le importan lo que te pasa, mientras tu intentas hacer lo correcto, teniendo que hacer cosas pelígrosas y/o deleznables. El hecho de que Ethan siga enamorada de su ex mujer, pero es imposible tener una relacion por miedo a las consecuencias, es algo que lo hacía aun más humano, trágico y SI, interesante (piensa en Spiderman y sus relaciones por ejemplo). Chapo.

Pero aquí de tirar toooodo eso a la basura: Elsa es un perrito faldero de Ethan enamoradita hasta las trancas y teniendo apenas NADA de importancia en la trama; metamos tambi (C)n a la mujer de Hunt para que esta la diga que está bien que se lie con Elsa, porque ella ya tiene una buena vida.

Luego esta el personaje de Henry Cavill, que tenía tantísimo potencial como se veía en los trailers: una maquina eficiente de la CIA,implacable e imparable. Algo disinto a lo que fue Solomon Lane en la anterior cinta, pero igual de terrorífico. No, es simplemente un torpe bobalicón, que no está ni a la altura de Hunt, que no supone apenas una amenaza, y cuyo giro de guión es estupidamente previsible. ¿Dónde están esos momentos típicos de MI donde te revelaban cosas interesantes que no te esperabas?

No s (C), no le pongo peor nota porque sigue teniendo algunas escenas de acción muy curradas, es entretenidilla a pesar de que la trama es aburrida, no está bien llevada, no hay tensión (a persar de que tenían muchos personajes que podían haberla hecho), y esto me trae muchos recuerdos de Spectre (una de las peores películas de 007 jamás hechas). Sinceramente no entiendo como hay gente que está poniendo a esta película tan alta en lo mejor de 2018.
January 26, 2019
Everything you'd want in an action flick... is here! It's like if you wrote an action movie fanfic with the characters of Mission Impossible...and the director (Christopher McQuarrie) actually read it and made it a movie. The choreography was on point, so many twists and turns, and by the end credits, you feel tired as well! what an awesome movie. No complaints here!
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