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Three feeble thieves scheme to kidnap Mrs. Kwon Sun-bun or "Granny K", the rich owner of a big restaurant chain.


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Your enjoyment of this movie will depend sorely on how much you find an old lady, with an incredibly annoying voice, screaming at the top of her lungs and ordering people around. Personally, I'm sure Na Moon-he is a fine actress, but her presence in this movie was annoying and distracting. The way she acts in this movie makes her come across as very unlikable, especially the fact that everything she did, planning out her own kidnapping and staging the ransom, was done as a way to teach a lesson to her adult children. It sounds good in theory but, again, it makes the character look incredibly unlikable. You fucked up raising your kids and so they grew up to be spoiled little assholes. That's your fault, nobody else's. It wasn't her place to do what she did. Perhaps it'd be fine if they were underage, but these are 4 grown-ass adults she's trying to change by, basically, stealing their money because they had to sell the land their mother gave them to raise up the money. Yea, the sentiment is a good one but the way the movie goes about isn't particularly effective to me. If my mother did that to me I wouldn't bother speaking to her ever again, that's incredibly manipulative and some pretty serious stuff she did there. Granted, the assholes in this movie didn't care but in real life most people would be immensely worried about their mom's life. And for then to turn out that she just wanted to teach me a lesson? I'd definitely cut off all ties with her after that. It was just really stupid and it reminded me of the lessons George Sr. would teach his children in Arrested Development. Except it was great in Arrested Development. I know I'm beating a dead horse but it really makes the character look incredibly unlikable and that's on top of her incredibly grating voice. But, thankfully, there's absolutely no melodrama at all to be found here. This is a goofy Korean comedy from beginning to end with some light dramatic touches, nothing overbearing or shamelessly and unnecessarily dramatic. And I thought the train heist itself was actually pretty decent. Nothing to write home about, but better than most of the film. I didn't think the film was that bad, it's just that the central character of the film is an annoyance from beginning to end. It certainly wasn't good, but it wasn't the worst film I've ever seen. It's a lighthearted, goofy, but not particularly funny comedy with an incredibly annoying main character.

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Jesse Ortega

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