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September 18, 2017
5/5. An excellent film that has fantastic acting all around, an investing story, and some of the most tense scenes I have ever seen on film.
½ September 18, 2017
"Moonlight' was easily one of the slowest most un thought provoking Films of the year. But in saying this "Moonlight" did have some nice character moments, especially in the first half. The Plot to "Moonlight" is A timeless story of human self-discovery and connection, Moonlight chronicles the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighbourhood of Miami.

The Direction by "Barry Jenkins" I found to be very choppy at times by having no idea what he wanted to do with what he had. I could tell by watching the film (especially in the second half) that he didn't know how to show these characters as being likeable, had no idea how to skip time periods and didn't know what to put in the final cut of the film and what not to put in. Which brings me onto the editing. The editing in this film I found super hard to keep up with and is one of the main reasons there where so many plot holes. The Acting in this I found to be really good, one of the only great things about this film in my opinion. The main standouts for me where "Mahershala Ali" and "Janelle Monáe". Even though these two actors had minimal time on screen they made the most of their screen time and where super believable. The Characters in this film where all over the place. The main protagonist being Alex who you see grow on screen. This character I found to be very annoying at times and then slightly likeable at other times. The character that I thought was the most believable and likable was Teresa, this is mainly caused by "Janelle Monáe" doing a great job in her role but the screenplay also helped as well. Speaking of the screenplay, I found it to be atrociously written at many points. With some major plot holes and not knowing what happened to many characters one main example being Juan.

The Score composed by "Nicholas Britell" was exceptionally composed and worked perfectly with the film. One of the biggest issues I had with "Moonlight" was the pacing. The pacing had huge issues with it being way too slow in the second half. I'm majorly surprised I made it through the whole film. The first half of the film had an okay, it was still slow at times but it was watchable. But once it got into the third act, the film just put on its brakes and went to a full on halt. Although one scene I did like from the film was when the main protagonist Alex was with a supporting character Juan at a beach and Juan was teaching Alex to swim. I found that scene to have a big impact on the character and moved the story along well.

Overall I found "Moonlight" to have some good character moments, excellent acting from two supporting roles "Mahershala Ali" and "Janelle Monáe", and an excellent score that went perfectly with the film. Although it did have major issues with the pacing in the second half, chopping directing, a few annoying characters, a screenplay that was horribly written and horrific editing. I give 2016's "Moonlight" a 3.5/10.
September 16, 2017
This is one of those movies that will make you think for months after watching it. Proves that a solid story doesn't need a huge budget. It needs heart.
½ September 15, 2017
Not sure what all the hype was about. Predictable and slow. Poor acting
September 14, 2017
To be young, black, poor, and gay is a serious predicament in the USA. Barry Jenkins' film shows, in three acts with three actors, one man's development, growing from a bullied young boy to an awkward uncertain youth, to a strong and silent man. His crack-addicted mother (Naomie Harris) casts a huge shadow over everything, adding more difficulties, although for the context (Liberty City, Miami), this may reflect some sad sort of normal. Even his caring and altruistic self-appointed mentor (played charismatically by Mahershala Ali) is also a drug-dealer. So, although alienation is the order of the day, real human intervention has lasting effects; sensitive and caring moments, sensitively portrayed, help Little/Chiron/Black to navigate the troubled world, perhaps like beacons of light in the darkness. The film itself looks beautiful (with black skin looking blue in the moonlight, a poetic phrase that is the source of the title) and there are numerous arthouse moves that reveal the film's goals to be more aesthetic than your typical narrative feature. Yes, there are autobiographical notes here for Jenkins (extending also from Tarell Alvin McCraney's play) but this is not your usual Oscar-winning biopic - it is something deeper, more personal, touching and affecting, human and heartbreaking.
September 11, 2017
Ni remotamente tan interesante como la Academia te la quiere vender, para quienes vivimos fuera del mundo norteamericano, "Moonlight" carece de mucho. Articulada en base a 3 momentos en la vida de un joven afroamericano y homosexual que vive en carne propia todo tipo de discriminaciones, el discurso impidió que la película fuese evaluada conforme a su mérito. Porque reconozcámoslo, para nadie pudo haber sido mejor película del 2016. Aún así, deben verla.
September 10, 2017
I have seen this movie and I find nothing appreciative. It's just another boring movie. Can someone tell me what's so oh-ha about it!
September 10, 2017
Moonlight wasn't exactly quite what I expected but overall I can understand why this movie has gotten so much praise. What I really like about is it feels like a genuine personal story about a young man living the harsh realities in a rough urban neighborhood. It is very well crafted and every actor in this movie does a great job at playing their roles.
September 8, 2017
There are good poetic moments, but this is one of those films that doesn't bold on me
½ September 8, 2017
This movie is so fucking horrible! So boring! No emotion! No fun! No meaning! 1/10
½ September 7, 2017
???, ??? ??? ???????! :-}
September 3, 2017
A brilliantly realized character study of a young man whose existence is questioned and his sexuality repressed by the environment he comes from. Kevin is a boy who grows up to a crack addicted mother (Naomie Harris) and spends much of his childhood with her drug dealer (Mahershala Ali) and his motherly girlfriend (Janelle Monae). Fast forward to his teenage years and we see a very candid kiss between Kevin and his friend Chiron. The third, and final chapter, shows Kevin in his troubled adulthood searching for answers about what the true meaning of love is. It's quiet and powerful and so well acted that it flows indelibly. Truly stirring performances by an unknown ensemble that shows a reflection of how our society views masculinity and femininity in current culture.
August 29, 2017
Moonlight doesn't miss a beat. Amazing direction, characters, arcs, style, realism, and everything else a movie can possibly offer. It's a perfect film.
August 26, 2017
This was very a very new experience for me in terms of movies and topics. I wasn't expecting what happened, to happen in the movie. Great movie though.
½ August 26, 2017
A masterwork of filmmaking, but lacks the basic entertainment value that viewers look for in a film. Stunning camera work, acting, and editing. Left me wanting more, however.
August 25, 2017
The subject matter and perspective were novel, but ultimately, it was pretty slow and uneventful. Insignificant detail, but it drove me nuts how the boy from the second chapter looked nothing like the actors from the other chapters. Just sayin'.
½ August 23, 2017
How this movie almost lost Best Picture to La La Land is beyond me.
August 23, 2017
Great movie about growing up black and gay in a low income neighboorhood. less sad than i expected but very compelling.
August 23, 2017
So much hype. Sure those lives are too rarely seen in cinema, but widely seen on the streets, and that's enough.
August 22, 2017
Considering this movie takes place over the span of like, twenty years, you'd think that at least one or two things would happen in it.
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