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½ August 14, 2017
It's like a good, slightly longer Twilight Zone episode.
½ May 9, 2017
The Most Dangerous Game may not capture the nuance of its source material, but it's still an entertaining example of a classic Hollywood adventure film.
April 23, 2017
The Most Dangerous Game is one of the oldest movies I've seen. Its a cool story about a rich hunter on a remote island who rescues shipwreck survivors and then hunts them. Great movie for its age.
April 18, 2017
A charming and entertaining early survival movie with mysterious atmosphere and familiar settings (King Kong).
February 14, 2017
It's a decent film for being from the 30s. It's not exactly King Kong (though it uses more than its fair share of its Jungle Sets), but it's a lot better than, say, Reefer Madness.
November 16, 2016
A short but compellingly dramatic film.
½ August 21, 2016
Early situational horror with lots of cult value, slightly over-the-top performances and a decent plot.
August 7, 2016
Essentially much of the same cast, sets, and people that made King Kong adapted into this famous short story. All its missing is Kong, but a fine companion piece.
July 5, 2016
Look, I get it. For a movie in 1932 and the effects/scenery were very well done for its day; not to mention this was gritty movie which tried to challenge the question of what happens when the hunt becomes boring? But that does not take away from the fact that this is entirely different from the actual short story. Do not read beyond this point, SPOILER ALERT!

Cons of the movie
-The actress and her brother takes away from the protagonist. She is a burden and dead weight in a situation like this.
-The dialogue between the "Count" Zaroff (Supposed to be General Zaroff) and Rainsford was very weak. The writing int he short story was so captivating.
-The actual hunt was 3 days, not 4 hours. The real General Zaroff used a pistol and .22 Rifle
-Ivan was nowhere near as menacing or intimidating as in the story
-The final encounter with Zaroff was like three brothers wrestling for a dirty magazine
-And much much much more was wrong with this movie.

-"Count" Zaroff looked pretty darn crazy, it was awesome.
-The actual final hunt chase sequence was very intense, I did enjoy the score for it and also the action shots they chose.

All in all, it has been 84 years since someone attempted this movie and for good reason. It is not like it would take a lot to bring it life, but the issue that Hollywood tries to change things too much and really takes away from the authors original direction of the film. The dilemma that Rainsford finds himself in is much deeper and should be explored in a better way than what was shown for the 60 minute run-time.
May 23, 2016
A lurid pre code adaptation of Richard Connell's 1924 story of the same name. Very low budget and it shows in the technical side but only adds to the eerie/horrific tone.
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April 26, 2016
The 1932 film "The Most Dangerous Game" is directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack and Irving Pichel and stars Joel McCrea and Fay Wray. It is based off the short story by Richard Connell.
Bob Rainsford (Joel McCrea) is aboard a luxury yacht with other guests. He is a world renowned big game hunter and he talks about it with the fellow passengers when one asks if it's any fun for the tigers? The passenger makes a suggestion that it would not be so fun if he was in the tiger's place and being hunted. Rainsford replies there's only two types of people, those who hunt and those who are hunted. The ship then runs aground and Rainsford is trapped on this mysterious island where he finds a chateau.
A Russian expatriate named Count Zaroff (Leslie Banks) lives there after escaping the Revolution with all his money. He tells Rainsford there are others who have become shipwrecked and introduces him to them. Zaroff then talks about how he has travelled the world hunting animals, even receiving a scar from a buffalo. He then talks of how he has become bored with hunting. He tried using a new weapon, but then decided he needed to hunt a new animal. Rainsford asks him if it's tigers to which Zaroff replies that it's the most dangerous game.
Another shipwrecked guest named Eve Trowbridge (Fay Wray) is suspicious of Zaroff and tries to warn Rainsford. She tells him that the Count is keeping them from returning to the mainland and that there were originally four, but two Sailors were taken to the Count's trophy room and never seen again. Rainsford doesn't believe her. But once Eve's brother goes missing and the two find Zaroff's trophy room full of mounted human heads. It becomes obvious that humans are the most dangerous game.
The movie is only 63 minutes long and the last 25 minutes is extremely exciting. Leslie Banks as Zaroff is pure evil and he really is the best part of the movie. It has some amazing sets that were originally built for the movie "King Kong." The ending is unsatisfying, but exciting. Decent enough movie to view at least once.
½ September 14, 2015
Very suspenseful, enjoyable, and fun.
½ March 22, 2015
This pre code horror classic, despite being a little hokey and melodramatic is an effectively chilling and suspenseful film.
February 24, 2015
an impressive adaptation made in the early years of the "talkies"
September 1, 2014
Pretty cool for 1932. Filmed before Hollywood instituted "standards" for movies relative to sexuality. Therefore, Fay Wray came off a little "hotter" than one might expect. Count Zaroff gave the flick a bit of a creepy feel.
½ April 29, 2014
Of course, "game" has two meanings here and an incredibly young Joel McCrea fits one of them. Based on Richard Connell's well-travelled short story (see, for example, the episode of Gilligan's Island), the plot finds McCrea shipwrecked on a supposedly uninhabited island which turns out to be run by an insane Russian count who uses humans as prey for his big game hunting. The second meaning of game involves the contest to stay alive until the sun rises at 4 AM. Fay Wray, a victim of a previous planned shipwreck (yes, they are planned by the count to secure his prey), is along for the ride as a scream queen. Leslie Banks is wicked and creepy (or wicked creepy) as the count. Very brief at only 63 minutes but full of action and evocative enough - and filmed simultaneously with King Kong on many of the same sets.
½ April 1, 2014

- Long before 'The Hunger Games ' and 'Battle Royale', there was 'The Most Dangerous Game'. This black-and-white 1932 horror adventure, based on the short story by Richard Connell, is about a wealthy man who hunts humans on his private Island. Starring 'King Kong' actors Fay Wray and Robert Armstrong. Funny to know is that a part of 'King Kong's jungle set has been used in this film. I love these stories and must say the film, although dated and with a length of only 62 minutes, is still very good.

Hunter and author Bob Rainsford is travelling with a group of friends aboard a luxurious ship. When the vessel hits a riff, it explodes and sinks. Everyone except Bob dies. He manages to swim to a nearby Island. Going through a jungle he finds a castle. Inside he is welcomed by the owner, Count Zaroff, who tells him that he's not the first person who arrives after a sinking accident. Two of his guests are also survivors of a previous sinking: the beautiful Eve Trowbridge (Wray) and her brother Martin (Amstrong). Zarloff reveals to Bob that he is also a fanatic hunter. He loves to hunt 'the most dangerous game' on his island. Bob thinks the man means tigers, but later learns from Eve that the Count likes to hunt on humans.
March 16, 2014
This 1932 adaptation of the short story doesn't do it justice. A modern day remake would be great to see.
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January 20, 2014
An impressive classic suspense thriller. The Criterion disc release is a treat.
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