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October 21, 2016
Favorite movie of all time. Hands down.
½ October 1, 2016
If you want the perfect example of crap, then don't look any further than this. this is the first and only Oliver Stone movie I've ever seen and after this one, I'd never want to see another one of his.

It's one of those movies that are made for the masses to make them think they're getting something profound and edgy, but when examined it's just exploitative garbage that's void of any substance or profound message/commentary. It's the kind of thing you'd find on HBO, shows that have a lot of stuff going on to hide the fact that in reality nothing is going on that leads up to anything of importance. It's static formed into images with hip and cutting dialog. There was a reason why Tarantino distanced himself from this film since it's a clear bastardization of what he probably envisioned.

It's too on the nose and obvious for anyone with a brain, leaving you only with the excess that its trying to pass of as a hyperbolic metaphor for society's love of the taboo.

A great modern example of this would be Aronofsky's "Black Swan", or the current hit sensation Mr. Robot. It's something made for the dumb to make them feel smart. It's a philosophy lesson for idiots made by idiots.

I also just have an immediate hate for Juliette Lewis's contorted face and awful voice. There isn't any way to make anything she says not sound awful and whiney.

So in summation, it's like an old man trying to relate to the youth and not realising his finger isn't anywhere near anything that could resemble a pulse. With it's sophomoric philosophy lesson and excess.
½ September 20, 2016
As an avant garde reflection of the ost brutal aspects of American society in the 1990s, it is hard to beat Natural Born Killers. Oliver Stone really ran with Quentin Tarrintino's spelling? story befor Tarrintino made his mark as a director. The finished priduct highlights the strengths and weaknesses if both filmmakers as it is both visionary and ambitious. The humor is dark and uncomfortable to laugh at, but when you examine Americn pop culture and celebrity in general it is kind of fucked up what and who we worship, and I think tjat is kind if the point of this movie.
½ August 1, 2016
Oliver Stone is no stranger to controversy as since 1986 he has been making films about controversial subjects (USA subjects as he is a huge patriot) like USA Presidents, 9/11, ´greed is good´ or historical confrontations (from Vietnam to freaking Alexander the Great) but arguably his most controversial film is the one that doesn't feel like a Stone film: "Natural Born Killers".

Mickey and Mallory Knox are an insane couple that terrorize the country for three weeks as they decide to go into a killing spree throughout the USA.

First things first, when your movie features excessive and glorified violence, excessive use of vulgar language, nudity, rape and plenty of disturbing imagery, you pretty much make your film unwatchable for a large portion of the populous, but regardless of those massively controversial elements you would think that this film has something special/good as it has achieved an almost cult status and I just fail to find that special something. "Natural Born Killers" has very few pros like having Robert Downey Jr and Woody Harrelson giving such over the top performances that they are a joy to watch, a at times amusing dark humor and the last half an hour is just so dumb that is excessively enjoyable (I haven't seen a more fun and bombastic climatic sequence in a while) but sadly the last 5 minutes take away the greatness of the previous 25 minutes. But regardless of those minimal successes "Natural Born Killers" is basically "A Clockwork Orange with Bonnie and Clyde" if it was written by Tarantino and was adapted by a director on acid (to the point of Stone ripping off Kubrick´s sporadic quick flashes but changing it for nonsensical and heavy-handed psychedelia). I mean both films have the same message about the exact same topic and both are extremely controversial but unlike Kubrick´s film Stone throws subtlety out the window and instead goes to an over the top style in case the viewer is dumb enough to miss the themes of the movie, plus his directing is just nonsensical as he goes from obvious 'symbolism' to inserting meaningless shots in-between scenes (sure a couple work but then he just randomly puts Coca Cola ads or badly drawn animations). And lastly this is one of the most 90s films I´ve ever seen thus the reason many people like it as this is a time capsule of that decade due to its obvious inspirations (which in case you missed them Stone puts them at the end of the film), soundtrack, "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" editing, the juvenile humor and the fact that Tarantino´s fingerprints are all over the place.

"Natural Born Killers" is an extremely controversial, juvenile, over the top and desperate attempt to make a statement about violence in society without any subtlety and just keeps hitting you in the face with a hammer in case you missed it. If you are in your teen years or you enjoy juvenile stuff then this is a film made for you, but if you´re not then go ahead and watch "A Clockwork Orange", an actually mature, subtle and more than well-crafted film that addresses all those subjects.
July 25, 2016
The movie isn't great cinema, but it sure is enjoyable. It's Bonnie and Clyde on a whole lot of any drug they can get their hands on. Your mind for 119 minutes turns from violent to sorrowful to regretful to revengeful. The movie is pop-culture touched and drug and violence packed, it's a journey following Mickey and Mallory Knox, the director makes you always want to be on their side on their unique adventure.
July 18, 2016
A satirical perspective of society's view of violence and crime. The action gets into your nerve, and its pretty funny actually, dark humor at its best.
June 25, 2016
An intense satirical view of the way media sometimes glorifies murderers or terrible people, which ironically uses intense violence and over the top way to show you this, which might make people thing it's glorifying everything.
Definitely a movie you should understand as fiction and get the idea of the message it's trying to tell.
½ June 6, 2016
Was I supposed to be hammered in order to get this movie or appreciate all those weird scenes?
June 5, 2016
This movie shows the importance of a movie's visual, with a breath-taking cinematography, directing, editing, art-directing, screenwriting, acting and coreography, Natural Born Killers is a completely underrated film and one of cinema's greatest.
May 22, 2016
"Natural Born Killers"is a satirical, bloated and confusing movie that turned out to be one of the wickedest (and unique) experiences i've ever had as a cinema lover. 4/5 stars
May 8, 2016
It's a Shame.

Eu amava esse filme quando adolescente, e cai na bobeira de rever, quebrando a regras dos 15 anos.

Entendi porque o Tarantino odeia o resultado do seu script nas mãos o Oliver Stone: Filosofia pobre e superficial disfarçada de crítica profunda, takes com efeitos insuportáveis que não acrescentam nada a trama e, claro, a Julliete Lewis implicando em ser sexy com dancinhas bem "White People".

1 horror.
Super Reviewer
½ April 18, 2016
A cult film if I ever saw one. Natural Born Killers is the Rocky Horror Picture Show of crime films and its surprising how many bad reviews it has. The artsy nonsense of the film often drowns the actual plot which is frustrating for a mainstream audience and I didn't expect the film to be so art-house in its approach to two road trip serial killers. It also wasn't as bloody as I'd heard it was. The acting from Juliette Lewis, Robert Downey Jr. and Woody Harrelson is extremely committed and believable. The film is let down by its second half which is no where near as captivating or interesting as the first but I think that this is purposely done to (spoiler alert) show the contrast between the hallucinatory romance of the road and the gloomy insides of a high security prison. The music is really amazing as well and the script is gorgeously written.
½ April 5, 2016
I've seen strange movies before and this is a strange movie. Yup.
½ April 2, 2016
One of the greatest, yet simultaneously fairly underrated as well as visually-stunning, humorous, wild. authentic, most intense, & violent cult films ever made & put to celluloid period.
½ March 23, 2016
Evocative and subliminal tour de force about many social and philosophical issues. Criticised for gore, praised for satire. Powerful performances from the leading actors. Some technical limitations make it seem naive/shallow, but contentwise it's not. Each shot is a statement.
½ March 22, 2016
Mickey Knox (Woody Harrelson) and Mallory Wilson (Juliette Lewis) aren't your typical lovers - after killing her abusive father Ed Wilson (Rodney Dangerfield), they go on a road trip where a killing spree begins. They do however leave one person alive at every shooting to tell the story about Mickey & Mallory and soon enough they become media superstars thanks to the press and as well a ruthless reporter, Wayne Gale (Robert Downey Jr.). At the same time they have the violent and psychotic Detective Jack Scagnetti (Tom Sizemore) on their trail...

I saw "Natural Born Killers" on a very small advance screening back in 1994 and was blown away by the hypnotic, violent, surreal, edgy, fragmented and wild experience it is. Many years have passed since and it has been several years since I re-saw it and now I felt it was time to see this Bonnie and Clyde inspired road movie again. Oliver Stone´s film is one long case study in America's fascination with violence/pseudo-culture and there´s plenty pop cultural gold to wallow in. Critics over the years have panned this film as a 'glorification of meaningless violence', but the film turns the paranoia of a nation into satire and then deconstruct it into a live and direct sopa opera that engages the viewer to the max and almost puts you in the hysteric violence. The sensationalism of the media during the 90s hasn´t changed that much and it saturates most of Western civilization today, where it's more important to see celebrities doing what ever it might be instead of focusing on real issues that exist in our world. "Natural Born Killers" is shot and edited in a frenzied and psychedelic style consisting of black and white, animation, and other unusual color schemes, and employing a wide range of camera angles, filters, film stocks, lenses, and special effects. Much of the film is told via parodies of television shows and commercials which were commonly on the air at the time of the film's release make brief, intermittent appearances. This was truly intense and innovative (The editing of the film took 11 months) in 1994, but does that hold up in 2016? Not really to be completely honest. When watching it today, the idea is there but most of the film feels technically insufficient and the amateurish way the film is handled at times by Stone drags it down (despite the fact that it has been most likely done deliberately). And I don´t patricularly like Harrelson nor Lewis in the main roles as they never manages to make you believe in their existence. I´m not as impressed by "Natural Born Killers" today as I was in 1994. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film four stars out of four and wrote, "Seeing this movie once is not enough. The first time is for the visceral experience, the second time is for the meaning." Other critics found the film unsuccessful in its aims. Hal Hinson of The Washington Post claimed that "Stone's sensibility is white-hot and personal. As much as he'd like us to believe that his camera is turned outward on the culture, it's vividly clear that he can't resist turning it inward on himself. This wouldn't be so troublesome if Stone didn't confuse the public and the private." Janet Maslin of The New York Times wrote, "for all its surface passions, Natural Born Killers never digs deep enough to touch the madness of such events, or even to send them up in any surprising way. Mr. Stone's vision is impassioned, alarming, visually inventive, characteristically overpowering. But it's no match for the awful truth." James Berardinelli gave the film a negative review but his criticism was different from many other such pans, which generally said that Oliver Stone was a hypocrite for making an ultra-violent film in the guise of a critique of American attitudes. Berardinelli noted that the movie "hits the bullseye" as a satire of America's lust for bloodshed, but repeated Stone's main point so often and so loudly that it became unbearable. Trivia: Oliver Stone has always maintained that the film is a satire on how serial killers are adored by the media for their horrific actions, and that those who claim the violence in the movie itself is a cause of societal violence have missed the point of the movie entirely. When producers Jane Hamsher and Don Murphy first brought Quentin Tarantino's screenplay to Oliver Stone's attention, Stone's initial idea was to make a lighthearted all-action blockbuster. His previous film, "Heaven & Earth" (1993), had been a difficult shoot which had failed at the box office, and he saw 'Natural Born Killers' as a way to make a fun movie and play with genre conventions. As he puts it himself in Chaos Rising: The Storm Around 'Natural Born Killers' (2001), he planned to make "something Arnold Schwarzenegger would be proud of." As the project developed however, Stone found the movie getting deeper and deeper, and soon all hopes for a simple action spectacular were gone.
½ March 2, 2016
One of only 3 movies in the thousands that I've watched that forced me to quit halfway. Trying too hard to be different
½ February 11, 2016
At times with this movie the art overpowered the film.
February 10, 2016
A hypnotic exploitation of celebrity and copycat killings
February 5, 2016
Gave this a re-watch on cable for the hell of it, SUCH a great film, definitely one of my favorites, I've found that I can watch it at any time, regardless of when I happen to come in on it, I will sit and finish it out completely.

If ever there was a couple that was meant to be together, it is Mickey & Mallory. I think that this one would make for a great double bill with Sid And Nancy, but which one would you watch first?

Highly recommended.
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