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August 28, 2018
There's triumph amidst the pathos here, and it's frustrating to try and figure out how Darius' life could have been filled with more of those victories.
August 28, 2018
Irving tackles the difficult subjects of mental illness, criminal behaviour, trauma, and a revolving door justice system with strength and dexterity.
June 26, 2018
Off the Rails succeeds in giving us a glimpse into a mind too easily labeled as "troubled" or "different" and paints Darius as a sympathetic figure following a passion.
February 7, 2017
Writer-director Adam Irving and writer Tchavdar Georgiev, provide a comprehensive, bittersweet portrait of a man who is a round peg that society keeps trying to force into a square hole.
December 22, 2016
In addition to being a character study of a tragic figure, Off the Rails is an indictment of a justice system that hasn't been on the rails for a long time, if ever.
December 20, 2016
[Off the Rails has] such a charismatic protagonist and such an interesting conundrum at its core.
December 8, 2016
In a notable directorial debut, Adam Irving's Off the Rails shakes the salacious overtones that have dominated coverage of McCollum for decades.
November 28, 2016
A bittersweet documentary about a man who lived to drive subway trains and buses under false identity, the kind of work real employees regard as oppressive.
November 18, 2016
If nothing else, Off the Rails, which includes a few too many reenactments for my taste, does what many good documentaries do. It provides us with a window into the psyche of a person worth caring about.
November 17, 2016
An assured and thoughtful debut.
November 16, 2016
A compelling documentary with a fascinating, heartbreaking story.
November 16, 2016
Watching this film stirs a mix of delight in the depth of McCollum's train fascination and pity for how neglected he's been by a system not built to recognize that the root of his crimes is not simply criminal impulse.
November 11, 2016
Though the film eventually grows as repetitious as its subject's habit, this odd tale has an undeniable bizarro human-interest fascination.
November 4, 2016
Off The Rails uses interviews, animation and dramatic reconstructions to tell McCollum's strange story but these devices are never flashy or distracting.
November 3, 2016
[An] excellent documentary ...
November 3, 2016
A Must See
November 1, 2016
Irving offers a mostly sympathetic portrayal of his subject, interspersing interviews with cute animations of McCollum as a kind of MTA Superman, and highlighting the inability of the U.S. justice system to deal with such eccentric criminals.
November 1, 2016
While we fret over a situation offering no easy solutions, Irving alternates between colorful anecdotes from McCollum's illicit career and examples of the way the courts have failed him.
October 10, 2016
Rather than the liar the state paints him to be, Darius proves a troubled soul who the system transformed into an unwitting example.
October 7, 2016
It goes beyond its fascinating subject to ask all of us what value we put on our passions and if we might not reasonably expect the world to bend a little, just sometimes, to make room for those unreasonable things that keep it interesting.
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