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½ April 30, 2018
If you ever wanted to know what would happen if Steven Seagal was given 60m to make a movie...here you go!
Seagal's Directorial debut is laughable at best and cringe worthy at worst. but still oddly watchable! more so bad its funny though.
Seagal wanted to shrug off his cop movies and after the success of Under Siege was given money and allowed to make this movie, a film he described as his passion project.

The opening scenes of this movie are terrible. First, Seagal is clearly shown fire fighting and being drenched in water but when he walks away he is barely wet! this sets a tone...of bad directing and Seagal being more obsessed hiding his bald spot than directing a good action sequence.

The bar fight, or Seagal bullying a redneck who picked on a drunk is a humourless affair. It does neither Native Americans or Americans much good!
and Seagal comes across as a dick.
Seagal decided to wear native American shirts and jackets in this movie and sympathize with their noble cause, but it comes off hackneyed at best and paints them in a bad light. It all seems exploitative.

These can all be laughed at along with most of the movie.
Michael Caine slips in and out of character and has no consistency other than he is really bad but it is his underlings that make you laugh. Seagal never establishes this evil corporation, Caine plays an evil oil tycoon and he gets his goons to kill people but everyone else just works for an oil company...They hire maybe 10 mecenaries but everyone else works for an oil company shitty to the environment but just a job.
Seagal attacks an oil rig and is killing people left, right and centre...people at work!! its madness!

he finally kills Caine but instead of jail he is giving a speech (pontificating) about how bad oil companies are...lets remember at the beginning of the movie he was a fireman, he killed lots of people and blew up an oil rig...how is he not in jail???

Seagal's career killer.
March 29, 2018
One star for the location and one for Michael Caine. This is what happens when a "Star" has too much control over their own vehicle. The badly implemented spiritual and environmental elements come off as forced and preachy and slow the movie down terribly. The start of a slippery slope for Mr Segal.
March 28, 2018
The film suffers from a lack of self-awareness, misunderstanding that it's sappy environmental message is downplayed and at times contradicted by it's violent, revenge-fueled storyline. Nonetheless, if one can get over it's ridiculousness it really is a fun watch for a mindless action flick.
December 4, 2016
12/4/2016: Meh. There were some good fight scenes and the message was good, but that was it. Everything else was pretty bad.
½ May 16, 2015
Bad and boring. I literally fell asleep during the last like 10 minute speech about the environment. This movie takes itself far too seriously and never really gets fun- a couple of cheesy scenes aside it feels more like a hazy lecture on how not to be a corrupt oil magnate? Okay, Steven.
April 19, 2015
When even Micheal Caine's well played villain can't help this movie.....that's a bad movie
½ February 4, 2015
I like this as a guilty pleasure film. Yes I know why so many people don't like this movie, but the problems don't bother me. The action is good and so is the is the score. I will admit the line he says at the handslap was awful it the spiritual journey was silly. It is dumb over blowing up the oil rig is how to stop it instead of just shutting it down. Still none of that bothers me enough to hate the film. Its my second favorite guilty pleasure movie. Second only to Deep Rising.
January 29, 2015
Even if all of the explosions, action and martial arts sequences had been done well, they would be hopelessly drowning in one of the most blatant and over-the-top environmental message you will have ever seen. "On Deadly Ground" is a preachy mess of a film. The antagonists are one second away from growing curly mustaches and twirling them while clubbing baby seals and the protagonist is kind of a bully that prefers solving his problems with violence rather than common sense. There are also plenty of ridiculous over-the-top sequences that feel completely out of place with the pro-environment message that it's trying to shove down the audience's throat. There's ham-fisted and then there's "On Deadly Ground" who take the ham off of your plate, shows you the pig's family before it was slaughtered, beat you to death with it the chunk of meat, tosses your ravaged body out of the window and onto on gas-guzzler that explodes due to the impact and reduces the nearby winter coat store to a pile of cinders. (On VHS, January 2012)
January 19, 2015
This is a very good Seagal film. Worth the watch.
½ October 28, 2014
The dialogue is laughable, the overall tone is glum, and the environmentalist message is so preachy the film may as well be a bumper sticker that reads "Save the Planet".
July 21, 2014
The last of the decent Seagal movies of the 1990s (and barely at that).
½ July 20, 2014
Although On Deadly Ground had no positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and 24 negative, its semi-ensemble cast and the fact that it was directed by Steven Seagal pushed me to watch it.

Steven Seagal considers the film On Deadly Ground to feature the most important moment of his career where he gives a long environmental speech at the end, so it is clearly a film he is proud of while not many others are proud to watch it because many people consider it to be a vanity project of his disguised as a social statement. So that is what I was prepared for, but the one thing that I was not so much prepared for was the quality of the script.
On Deadly Ground is Steven Seagal's Citizen Kane as it is a project that he has directed, produced and starred it. The one thing he did not do was write the script, and coincidentally the script is the weakest aspect of the film because the dialogue is just awful. Full of deadbeat lines and cliches, On Deadly Ground supplies nothing to its cast and wastes many talents. Some actors actually work through it, but it is hard to survive a script as bad as the one in On Deadly Ground. The collaboration between Ed Horowitz and Rubin U. Russin shows that neither of them can write dialogue or handle a decent story sensibly, and one wonders if each person was put in charge of each of these two script aspects while forgetting to collaborate together.
On Deadly Ground doesn't write up the finest story either.
The context of the story is poor. The first scene in the movie shows Forrest Taft blowing up an oil rig to put out its fire. I know this is the appropriate way to so it because somebody told me on the way back, but the film does not explain how this works and on the surface it is ridiculous to put out a fire by blowing something up so it sounds like an unintentional comedic theme, and the moment when Forrest Taft stands in front of an explosion looking the other way is a serious action movie cliche which gives it a generic start. And although it didn't bother me, apparently protagonist Forrest Taft is a former high level CIA operative but the film never explains this and leaves him as another random action hero who hasn't got his background explained. It would explain his confidence in blowing up oil rigs, but I had to learn it from the back of a DVD cover which is weird.
And although the story uses Eskimo culture as a theme, it touches upon it simply on surface level without going into depth with it, focusing simply on the places they live in and the naked women of such ethnicity. It captures the stereotypical visual aspects of the culture but is too unintelligent to actually look into the culture and plays it off as an expendable commodity.
Some scenes just don't make sense such as when MacGruder randomly begins smashing the cupboards and pulling the dishes out of the washer that belong to Hugh Palmer while his partner Otto tortures and murders him. Why was Doctor Cox throwing dishes around? I don't know.
Lastly, despite attempting to be a story about nature, the writing in the film barely emphasises it. The negative way that antagonist Michael Jennings' actions are affecting the environment are barely referenced and instead On Deadly Ground attempts to make itself a nature story by splicing in random moments of Steven Seagal fighting wolves and bears as well as a lot of random nature scenery. It is left to the implications but left out of the story, so On Deadly Ground touches upon its environmental theme worse than its Eskimo theme, so its desperate attempts to try do nothing but prolong he the film with appealing but pointless imagery. I'll admit that I like the sight of animals and that Steven Seagal harnesses some excellently beautiful scenery for his film which keeps it up ok a larger scale and makes it a mostly convincing story, but there are random moments of scenery which contribute nothing to the story.
Steven Seagal doesn't do too bad in his independent feature, but a large scale film and a $50 million budget is too much weight to place upon his shoulders. Steven Seagal is an inexperienced director, so his debut feature can not coincide as a film about the importance of the environment and a serious action film which proves to be its secondary ultimate flaw. I will give it to him that it isn't bad because many people have done a lot worse in their directional debuts, and he does make On Deadly Ground entertaining in parts while delivering quality action, but the weak material is simply not what he was ready for. If Steven Seagal started with smaller profile work then he could make a good action film which is bad in other areas, but due to the large scale of On Deadly Ground and the way it desperately attempts to touch upon so much when it is rooted in poor writing, it is not something that Steven Seagal can save. I can admire him for trying and I would say that the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director that he won was more deserved at Oliver Stone for directing the awful Natural Born Killers which is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and the prestigious Razzie award should instead have gone to the script. Many people discredit Steven Seagal, but I saw his potential as a film director in On Deadly Ground and while it wasn't the best film, it is by far one of his most underrated films.
Overall, I half enjoyed On Deadly Ground because from an action perspective, it wasn't too bad. Although the quantity of action isn't really enough, the quality of the action in On Deadly Ground is impressive. There is plenty of blood and explosions without going overboard, and with all the awesome shootouts, fight scenes and tactical ways of killing the enemies that Forrest Taft executes, Steven Seagal kicks some major ass. It is all captured with some firm cinematography and strong editing against the backdrop of a strong musical score, so On Deadly Ground delivers the action and had some fine technical qualities which makes it a decent visual experience even it it's a shallow one.
The only real bad visual aspect is the occasional use of slow motion effects. It isn't excessive, but it's notable and the quality of it is weak.
And when it comes down to the cast, some of the actors simply cannot shine while others manage to do it just fine.
It's not hard for anyone to say that Steven Seagal is not a great actor. He is convincing as an action hero due to his extensive aikido training and as an environmental hero due to his legacy as an outspoken environmentalist, but as an Eskimo he is simply not convincing. He makes a half assed attempt at an Eskimo accent which is so weak that it almost isn't there, and yet it is and it is reinforced by the style of the jacket he wears. Granted I'm not too familiar with the accent, but it is clear that what Steven Seagal spoke with the tongue of was not the right answer. Once you're able to make it past that, that is when you realise that the true fault in his performance is the way he reacts in intense situations for his character. When he tries to act intense, his physical acting is mostly ok but his facial expressions refuse to change and his line delivery has excessive restraint on it which keeps him out of touch with himself. His only redeeming moment is his final speech. Although a widely criticised moment, I admired it because Steven Seagal stepped out of the character Forrest Taft and said something which he generally cared about as a person. For this one moment, Steven Seagal is the actual Steven Seagal without his action movie facade or his cocky demeanour. Although his final lines aren't great because the script is dull, it is at its finest moment during Steven Seagal's monologue simply because you can tell that he really has passion for what he is saying. Despite it being nothing but another vain attempt to reconnect with the vague environmental theme of the film, it is one of Steven Seagal's finest moments in delivering lines. So Steven Seagal does enough to pass.
Joan Chen doesn't deliver all that much either. Although she has proved to be a fine actress in works such as the TV series Twin Peaks, her acting in On Deadly Ground is so repetitive and unimpressive that it is easy to forget that she is even in the film. By the end of On Deadly Ground I had completely forgotten of her existence in the film and in comparison to all the other actors, she just faded away. On Deadly Ground pretty much doesn't even have her in it but she isn't especially bad so she doesn't really deserve a Golden Raspberry Award nomination. But it is hard to remember Joan Chen's presence in On Deadly Ground whatsoever.
But the rest of the cast prove to do a decent job.
Michael Caine is a very convincing antagonist in On Deadly Ground. He's proven before that he can play a character mercilessly in the 1971 British crime thriller Get Carter, and in On Deadly Ground he returns to that notion for the part of antagonist Michael Jennings, the ruthless CEO archetype. Yet the thing that elevates him beyond the role is the fact that it is Michael Caine in the role. The high profile Academy Award winning actor had a difficult time finding roles in the 1990's and On Deadly Ground is an example of one of the limited roles he could get. But he completely nails the part. Without stopping to think about the script, he just delivers his line with fierce aggression which makes him more than convincing. He is the one actor able to make the script not sound so bad because he takes a lot from it and makes a memorable villain, elevating On Deadly Ground above potentially being too melodramatic.
But the most impressive actor in the film is John C. Mcginley. The actor who is recognised nationally for his hilarious long running role as Doctor Cox on the comedy series Scrubs takes his charismatic aggressive persona and pushes it over the edge in On Deadly Ground so that he goes into very convincingly intimidating territory. I was very impressed with him because you can tell that many of his lines are weak and he doesn't try to change that. He simply delivers them so strongly that it is hard to notice it. I mean, if you study his performance very closely you can tell that the material is terrible, but he says the words so naturally that it is easy to miss. John C. McGinley's performance is impressive and proves just what kind of talent he has on board years before he went on Scrubs, and his intimidating demeanour is fiercely strong in grabbing the attention of viewers. I feel like any fan of Scrubs should watch On Deadly Ground for his performance if nothing else, because it is actually one of his finest film performances to date, and if he can work with bad material so well then good material should earn him many awards. John C. McGinley is thoroughly impressive in On Deadly Ground.
R. Lee Ermey is also a good touch simply as his legacy as a soldier and the fact that On Deadly Ground capitalises on that, even though it gives him too little screen time to do so.

So despite On Deadly Ground having a terrible script and Steven Seagal's direction being unable to balance the story's intended themes with a good quantity of action, it is a mostly well acted feature which is visually great and boasts some awesome action scenes.
January 29, 2014
Moonbat movie if there ever was one. Protect the environment or I'll muthafuckin kill you. Even if you ignore the movies in your face politics which is hard because the movie is constantly shoving them in your face its still an incredibly dumb action flick. Just one of the worst movies ever made and a look into the sick fantasies of environmental extremists. The biggest question is why on Earth is Michael Caine in this movie?
January 6, 2014
Killing people paid to guard the property is no problem because he's "protecting" the environment. But wait, didn't his way of shutting the thing down cause just as much contamination to the environment as letting the dang thing run? I want movies to entertain, all this thing did was make me extremely angry!
Super Reviewer
½ November 23, 2013
full of wrist snapping and seagal craziness this film is fun if you don't read to much into the central message.
August 14, 2013
Hilarious, an absolutely unmissable film. If it had been conceived as irony, it would have won Oscars.Unfortuantely, it seems to be serious, in which case it isso bad that it is well worth watching.
August 8, 2013
Really bad. Like bad, but the action parts are still pretty good.
August 6, 2013
After finding success in Above The Law (1988), Hard To Kill (1990) and Under Siege (1992), Steven Seagal had become one of Hollywood's biggest action stars, and for his next film, he convinced Warner Bros. that he should direct it. It was the chance Seagal had been waiting for, and was fully in charge of his own film, but it was a troubled production which went over schedule and over budget, and it alienated audiences too, and despite Seagal's best intentions, it doesn't work. Aegis Oil, which is run by Michael Jennings (Michael Caine), and it owns several oil rigs and a new oil refinery in Alaska, after a fire delays the opening of the refinery, oil fire expert Forrest Taft (Seagal), arrives and puts it out. Foreman Hugh Palmer (Richard Hamilton) tells Taft that there's been cutbacks with safety equipment and Taft decides to investigate further, but Jennings gets to find out about his activities, and sets up a trap, setting Taft up. But Taft, badly wounded, manages to escape with Masu (Joan Chen), who comes from a tribe of Eskimos, who sold their land to Jennings years ago, he recovers with them and plots payback. For a film that promises so much, it's a very maudlin, melancholy affair, even the action seems uninspired, and the environmental message doesn't belong in a film like this, as a result, Seagal has never directed another film again.
August 1, 2013
Steven Seagal's environmental film failed me in turning green.
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