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½ July 12, 2017
Movie about a guy who has a dream to win an arm wrestling competition so he can win a semi truck. Its okay. I hated the boy. Oh my God is he a bad actor. But I did like the ending when they arm wrestled.
½ July 10, 2017
i wanted to watch this as a joke, to laugh at it after i kept hearing the flick pick talk about it. it had some unintentionally funny parts but not too much. i liked the relationship between the father and son. but the whole arm wrestling thing is kind of hilarious. the old 80s music is funny too (1 viewing)
½ June 19, 2017
Not enough ass-kicking, but the world does need at least one film about professional arm-wrestling.
½ May 12, 2017
A cheesy good time about a father trying to win his son's respect through arm wrestling.
April 3, 2017
If not looked at from the critical point of view but from the point of view of a child that grew at the time of this picture, this movie is very good and it has a primitive but strong message for kids: don't give up and believe in yourself.
½ January 8, 2017
Great heart warming father son movie starring Sylvester Stallone. This movie is just so awesome, the characters especially Sylvester Stallone and the kid, and how they get along is just good. This movie is just a timeless classic movie and makes you feel for Sylvester Stallone and how he feels about it, his emotion and how heart broken he is and uses that and his son as motivation to not give up and prevail. You just want to cheer for Sylvester Stallone s character, you loved him in Rocky now you love him in over the top. And when he wins the world championship , it's just like Rocky but instead of a love story and boxing , it's arm wrestling and it's a father son moment.
December 25, 2016
Winner takes it all loser takes the fall
December 12, 2016
Réalisé par Menahem Golan, une des deux têtes pensantes de la légendaire Cannon, Over The Top part d'un postulat si débile qu'il ne peut être que passionnant. En effet, on y suit Sylvester Stallone en champion de bras de fer, qui silonne les USA dans un camion afin de récupérer son fils, que le père (joué par un Robert Loggia de compétition) de sa défunte épouse veut récupérer. Si le film nous offre quelques moments formidablement étranges comme les concours de bras de fer et un Stallone d'une sincérité désarmante (à l'image du film, très chaleureux), il manque cependant un petit grain de folie au film, qui joue le coup du père célibataire et du film de sport sans jouer avec les codes. C'est un peu dommage.
August 25, 2016
Sylvester Stallone takes aim at the sport of arm wrestling in this cheesy and corny film that is also strangely watchable. There is hardly a true moment in the film and, dare I say it? The theatrics is way 'over the top'.
July 30, 2016
Over the top is a guilty pleasure. The acting and story telling is terrible but still lovable!
Super Reviewer
July 30, 2016
Another 80's film that has a soundtrack that all sound the same and an underdog story and who else to play the main role but Stallone, He does well with the low budget and makes the film more exciting than it sounds, Not a classic by any means but it's under appreciated and worth watching.
½ July 27, 2016
Stallone plays a underdog who has to win back the heart of his son by winning in a competition. That might be a fun concept to revisit if it wasn't arm wrestling. The story is minimal, the characters are stock, and Stallone's presence doesn't help the movie much.
June 27, 2016
It was ok. Very different then a lot of other Sylvester Stallone movies. Wasn't really a action movie. The plot was interesting but the movie wasn't very exciting and had a lots of cliche dialogue and a predicable ending.
½ April 2, 2016
It's probably 30 years I saw this movie but the pain I felt watching this idiotic bullshit feels still fresh in my mind...why can't we give negative stars?
March 31, 2016
I once drove a doom buggy.

Lincoln Hawk is a trucker that picks up his son from military school to take him to see his dying mother after not seeing him for a long time. They have their differences and get separated when the grandfather arrives and picks up the son. The father joins an arm wrestling tournament hoping to extend his trucking career. The son comes to his rescue to help inspire him to victory.

"You've never been around when anyone needed you."

Manhem Golan, director of The Delta Force, Crime and Punishment, The Apple, Enter the Ninja, Diamonds, Over the Brooklyn Bridge, and Fortuna, delivers Over the Top. The storyline for this picture is fun and entertaining although unrealistic. The acting is okay and the cast includes Sylvester Stallone, Robert Loggia, Rick Zumwalt, Allan Graf, and Susan Blakely.

"All I want to do is hurt him, cripple him, get him off the table."

I loved this movie as a kid and saw it on Netflix and decided to watch it again for the first time in a long time. This was corny in many ways, but I loved the father son story and how they came together in the end. Overall, this is worth watching at least once.

"You ain't shit!"

Grade: C+
½ March 28, 2016
Over the Top's title also serves for its quality. It's a cheesy, ridiculous crapfest that lessens Stallone's iconic badass roles into that of a Dutch-like style (remember that film?), complete with a dumb premise for a dumb "sport".
Sly plays a blue collar trucker hoping to reconnect with his spoiled rich son by exposing him to his winning arm wrestling talents, all the while trying to be taken by his eeeeevil rich grandfather and his bumbling henchmen during a one to a million shot at an arm wrestling showcase.
You shouldn't expect anything good out of Over the Top just by looking at its poster. The film doesn't take itself seriously nor should it be taken seriously - it's a mess that only could have worked at the box office in the 80s. Sly, at the time, was every 80s kid's badass hero. Rambo and Rocky were very big at the time - Over the Top is less Sly action and introduces a heroic father approach that lessens his badass image. The acting is horrible, overdone and doesn't help with the just as awful plot. It stinks of poor continuity, a hope at exposing the underground sport of arm wrestling to film, and stupidly ridiculous sequences (one that really and hilariously dumbstruck me is literally a nine year old driving a car in a serious, ambitious effort). The plot tends to flip flop between a dramatized divorce soap opera and the hardcore arm wrestling scene. Arm wrestling's popularity at the time was practically nonexistent - why choose it when you could have chosen professional wrestling or something instead? Pro wrestlers like Terry Funk are even in the film. Over the Top serves as a cheap laugh and nothing else - it shows how much some of us really expected from Sly and how much of it really was awful.
March 18, 2016
Over the Top (1987) ?
Stupefyingly awful movie. Sly tries to gain custody of his son while also competing in a world championship of arm wrestling for no real reason (what's next, thumb wrestling?) Boring, soppy, inept, Stallone's attempt at subtley (with him talking more quietly) is actually difficult to hear what he's saying! Turn subtitles on for this one. Actually, read a book instead!
½ February 28, 2016
This movie gets a lot of hate, but it is somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. This is nowhere near as good as some of Stallone's other movies, but it does have familiar heart at its core. Nothing special, but worth watching at least once.
February 19, 2016
So bad, so good, over the top!
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