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November 9, 2017
Koontz's "IT" wannabe is schlock of the highest degree - but with a somehow a-list cast and up and coming stars, manages to be b-movie cheese of the tastiest variety.
½ August 10, 2017
Pure 90's cheese, Phantoms is best watched with your brain turned off but that doesn't mean it's without merits. Phantoms is one of the few true-blue so bad it's good films I have had the pleasure of witnessing.
½ October 15, 2016
Not good. There are much scarier and better movies out there this Halloween
July 29, 2016
Goes down as one of the worst of all-time. The cast is promising but everything else is complete shit!
June 23, 2016
I liked the beginning, suspense and you don't know what's coming... And then... Freaky! Never thought about something underneath us! And intelligent ! To sci-fi for me !
January 22, 2016
Not a good movie, but better than expected. A cliche plot and weak dialogue and acting to be sure, but a few good moments, and some decent bits of practical special effects that fans of films like "The Thing" could probably appreciate (though they're nowhere near as good). The story goes steadily downhill as the movie progresses, though. It's dumb as toast, but flashes of creativity shine through at least.
December 13, 2015
Here's another critically panned film that I've always kind of liked. What surprised me watching it all these years later is how similar the film felt to the "Silent Hill" video game franchise. Based on a Dean R. Koontz, a town is mysteriously abandoned except for a few police officers (Liev Schreiber, Ben Affleck, Nicky Katt) and couple civilians (Rose McGowan, Joanna Going) and a couple government types called in to investigate (Bo Hopkins, Peter O'Toole). The dark abandoned town looks very Silent Hill-like, which quiet whips snow falling and later featuring (spoiler) some unusual monsters. There's some decent suspenses, some solid performances, particularly form Schreiber as a creepy cop. Director Joe Chappelle never made much of a mark in films, but he did on Television as a regular director on "The Wire" and "Fringe." But to sum up the film quite nicely, I'll quote from "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," so in the words of Jay, "Word, b----h, Phantoms like a motherf----r.
½ October 27, 2015
Ben Affleck is the bomb in Phantoms, yo!
October 14, 2015
There was nothing good that I could remember. I was deployed for 6 months in the gulf without much to do, saw this once and never again. I was never that bored to watch it twice.
½ September 6, 2015
A freaky movie, it got me. Good cast.
July 31, 2015
I know this is generally shit on by critics, but i saw the cast and that it was based on a dean koontz novel and figured it couldnt be that bad right? Sadly it is, while the premise i thought had potential, and there were some creepy scenes early on, the problem was just the acting, affleck is way miscast as a sheriff despite being like 25, schriber goes way over the top as an asshole, and mcgowan has some weak readings, i think it could have been way better if it had a better director and better cast, but alas twas not the case
½ July 14, 2015
Its has such a lame 1990's feel to it. I am not sure what vibe it was trying to find....horror I guess? Or just bad. This includes a terrible 1990s Ben Affleck. There is a nice sense of mystery to it all and SOOO much potential once you realize the specifics, but in the end falls short of becoming something memorable.
June 5, 2015
Rewatch."Affleck, you da bomb in Phantoms, yo!" Really liked this. Schreiber is the balls, a double twitch from McGowan and Going. The special effects are fairly shit, the script is wank, but the enjoyable cast and the legend that is O' Toole make this an enjoyable horror comedy.
June 4, 2015
Story keeps it simple, the monsters are pretty good, and the ambiance keeps things going along. Fits in well with the X-Files theme popular during the 90s. This was an adequate adaptation of Dean Koontz's novel.
½ May 15, 2015
The last movie I watched at my all time favorite movie theater before it closed was not really the best way to go out.
April 18, 2015
Yes, I've read and enjoyed Koontz's novel; and while I know the film adaptation of "Phantoms" is bad, it entertains me all the same. This is a "good bad movie."
½ April 5, 2015
Good book but a lousy movie (how the hell did they get Peter O'Toole in this?).
February 14, 2015
I like Dean Koontz as a writer, but the movie versions are awful...and this one is no exception.
February 6, 2015
If you are in the mood for a B movie, this could be a good one to watch! ahaha poor ben affleck, not his best work!
January 30, 2015
Affleck was the bomb. Decent premis but mostly a disaster, poor peter o tool.
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