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January 15, 2018
love this movie. one way to go sky diving without really doing it :)
January 14, 2018
This film had no right to be as good as it was, or carry such strong performances and original music.
December 26, 2017
Largely overlooked on release and became a big hit to the video renters.
A brilliant cops and robbers movie. Patrick Swayze steals the show as the existential bank robber.
Some brilliant action scenes and a film to go back to time and time again.
½ December 16, 2017
The kind of movie perfect to catch if you're just channel surfing. Dumb, over the top, incredibly homoerotic fun.
December 14, 2017
No way you can hate a film that's meant to be for the adrenaline junkies here. It's a cop film where sometimes being good at your job means being bad. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze, the best frenemy bromance put to film, and a great showcase of extreme sports putting the most charismatic actors on screen. Kathryn Bigelow brings this altogether in such a beloved wave goodbye to the eighties while also saluting hello to the nineties. It's intense for a film being stuck in an awkward transitional period, but I can only commend it for such a feat. Vaya con dios!
December 12, 2017
This is the only Katheryn Bigelow film that I have seen and I like like this film because of its stunning visuals, there are few scenes in which the main characters jump out of a plane, these scenes have the most originality among all similar movie scenes. The acting is also good.
October 29, 2017
It can be aimed as corny, but I don't see that. The character dynamics are wonderful and realistic action makes this underrated in my book.
½ October 16, 2017
A classic like Bank robbing movie that takes place in the early 90's. Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves really put a lot of effort into this film to make it really entertaining, great chase scenes, fun adrenaline rush moments, and just enough action!
October 16, 2017
Great 90's action film. Swayze at his best.
October 16, 2017
This action full of adrenaline is a classic.
September 29, 2017
I've personally always found this movie insanely underrated. The movie is directed so well with so much tension but also an astounding amount of detail in the smaller scenes as well as in several of the most intense sequences in the 90s. The amount of depth given to its characters and story also separates this action film from many others and creates a genuinely unique experience.
September 7, 2017
Respect to Kathleen Bigalow. This film is not iconic but does have some iconic moments. It's loud, brash, and full of action but is also so corny it could sell its own popcorn . However, the stunt work is amazing.
August 28, 2017
Very entertaining, classic
August 21, 2017
Every bit as dumb as I remember
August 20, 2017
This movie is unlimitedly rewatchable. Not only is it a well composed, fixating thriller, it has an unexpectedly full emotional range for such a testosterone-driven film. I suppose we maybe owe that to Kathryn Bigelow.
Keanu Reeves his his awkward stiff self in this movie, but it doesn't really detract from the whole story. It's hard to buy that the surfers wouldn't be suspicious of his blunt and stunted manner as an undercover cop, but ultimately this doesn't really matter. You learn to love him as a guy who may not be the brightest bulb but is a real action jock and really just wants to have a good time.
Patrick Swayze is at his most charismatic best as the thrill-seeking Bodhi, and could talk a cat into learning how to surf.
Gary Busey makes a truly laudable appearance as Keanu's partner, frequently taking the shots at Keanu's midwest quarterback good-old-boy character that are needed to assure the audience that he knows his partner is a bit of a doofus.
Meanwhile the rest of the surfer characters are very real, due to the fact that they are actual surfers plucked up off the beach.
The action sequences are exhilarating and fresh, and in the end it's hard to really pick a side as both the criminals and the law that is chasing them have such charming characters constantly upping the ante on the action.
August 15, 2017
Instant classic from the first time I saw it back in the 90's
now that cast are deceased maybe now immortalized as a classic!!!!!
August 6, 2017
There are some great moments!
August 2, 2017
Point Break takes a ridiculous premise and manages to get every ounce of fun out of it. Both Reeves and Swayze are terrific leads, selling audiences on them as action stars and their bromance.
Super Reviewer
July 19, 2017
As far as undercover cop films go this is pretty good, Yes all the macho cheese is too much at times and Keanu Reeves acting was pretty bad but it's got a pretty fun story with some ok action scenes but it focused too much on the surfing than anything else, The strong cast help things along but a few more twists and turns were needed for this to be a great movie.
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