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January 28, 2013
An intense and exhilarating knockout. It's a kinetic, gripping, hard-boiled and electrifying movie. An edgy, very stylish, fast-paced and well-crafted neo-noir that's a terrific interpretation of the original classic. Executive Producer, Nicolas Winding Refn gives full blessing and gladly takes part in this urbanized British version that's packed with style, cool, tension and is one hell of an adrenaline-fueled chase. An explosively entertaining and highly addictive thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Director, Luis Prieto crafts a sharp, tightly-coiled and exciting crime film that stays true to the material of the original and adding its own spin that works well for it. Richard Coyle is sensational. Zlatko Buric is brilliant, giving a fearless and intense performance as his signature character, Milo. Buric takes on the part from the original Danish trilogy that he helped make famous and delivers in his performance perfectly.
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September 20, 2012
This dark drama would be good if it wasn't just an updated translation of the original. Pusher follows the typical storyline of a drug dealer who is in a sticky situation and has to get X amount of money to a ruthless drug dealer or else death is most likely on the cards. So to sum up the plot it is really nothing new, maybe back in 1996 it held weight in that department and the remake may just be the template for some of the modern day films like this. When watching the original after seeing the remake you come to realise that Luis Prieto pretty much just re shot the original shot for shot, line for line. But what really is the worst factor with this movie and the same for the original is that the ending is too sudden and it felt like it needed a good 10-15 more minutes just so the viewer sees what happens next. I have not seen the sequels so I have no idea if they show what happens next or just reference it. Or maybe even never hint anything... which would suck. I did like Richard & Bronson 's performances and I believe Richard was better than his counterpart but I preferred Le Chiffre (Bond reference) to Bronson; and I thought Agyness was better but really the differences in performances are very minimal. But every time I think of this film I just realise it comes out with zilch originality and just takes the original and do it all again with no change. Don't expect a different ending, new scenes, unexpected twists or anything like that. The only big differences I can think of is someone that dies gets killed a different way to the original, Bronson is actually seen after the bat scene when Mads wasn't. Overall Pusher is a cool, dark & bleak look at a week in the life of a drug pusher. Containing a cool almost Drive like soundtrack (but no way near as good bar the Beat & the pulse remix), ok acting & it is a by the book, shot for shot; carbon copy remake of the original.
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½ June 22, 2014
Redundant remake that improves on nothing and botches what was good about the original. The only things this version has going for it are the synth-heavy soundtrack and Richard Coyle's charismatic performance.
June 25, 2013
this brit pic should be called 'trainspotting' II like the original looks at drugs in the UK but from the seller not the buyer point of view all set to the throbbing electro/techno beats
August 6, 2015
Rotten. Watch the originals. Painful to watch Zlatko have to sign up for this shit.
April 17, 2015
Let's take a great Danish small-time gangster movie and give it the 'Lock Stock' treatment shall we? How about let's not? No amount of fancy lighting and camerawork can make this film hide what it really is...pretty pointless.
April 28, 2014
Pusher is highly kinetic and stylish, but never really gets any traction to make audiences empathize or even conversely distain any characters.
December 13, 2013
Well, there are not very many likeable characters in this movie. In fact, it made me feel dirty watching it, like I needed a shower afterwards; it's just very...grimy. The acting, along with the direction, is uneven and its artsy feel just doesn't play well.
October 16, 2013
Another pointless film remake. It didn't contain any of the power of the original and just felt forced throughout.
½ October 14, 2013
It was like watching a 90 minute techno music video. Disappointing.
September 3, 2013
follows the original well. Milo is back as himself and is great but besides having a stellar soundtrack provided by Orbital there is nothing about this remake that revives the trilogy.
July 8, 2013
The Pusher remake shows that a simple story is usually best told when you have the right talent behind the camera directing.
½ June 15, 2013
While it has a vibrant style and a stellar soundtrack pusher ultimately fails due to its slacking pace, weak character development, formulaic plot and an excessive amount of violence.
April 3, 2013
This remake of the 1996 Danish film of the same name by Nicholas Winding Refn can only be described as awful. This is a totally unnecessary carbon copy of the original, but it is retold in such an cliched and amateurish way. Richard Coyle try's his best to carry the film but the constant gormless staring into the camera became visually depressing. The wrest of the cast is poor and completely unentertaining. However I did enjoy the minor involvement of unknown Agyness Deyn. Her screen time and dialogue is minimal, but she was by far the most commanding and engaging performer. The story is pathetically wafer thin and uninteresting from the outset and throughout. For me this film has just misused Nicolas Winding Refn's name and has slapped it on the front of the dvd cover, in hope that people will pick up a copy. And that is exactly what I regretfully did.
April 1, 2013
Love the cast, very modern, fast & fresh, amazing acting ,especially Richard Coyle, for myself it's even better than the original! "Great soundtrack" hats off to Luis Prieto the directer!
March 28, 2013
A very intense and incredibly gritty portrayal of the UK drug underworld, with an unfortunately disappointing ending.
½ March 16, 2013
Terrible casting. Richard Coyle isn't hard or mean enough and the dodgy London accents reminded me of Green Street! Made me think that the people making this didn't have a clue. Just cos Guy Ritchie is posh and made a decent film doesn't mean you can all do it!
March 6, 2013
It's certainly stylistic, and it's got a pretty great score/soundtrack...but the film lacks in just about every other category. The story is fairly simple and fun, but the characters aren't as developed as they could, be, there's not as much action as you would expect (about 97% of the film is Frank running around town and freaking out, crying: "what do I do"), and while the film does tell you what basically goes down at the end it fails to show the payoff. Pusher is a fun film, but it builds to a nonexistant climax, they could have at least showed us what happens at the end instead of ending just before the payoff. In the end, Pusher is a bit like what happens if you were to give money to an actual pusher: The end product is fun while you are experiencing it, but after, you leave feeling ripped off...like the product cost more than it was worth. This says a lot, cuz I actually saw this film for free, so take that as you will.Also, even though Nicholas Winding Refn's name is plastered in BIG lettering on the poster, he's not directing. I hate films that lie to you, take your money, fuck you, then laugh in your face. That little tidbit aside, I guess I'll stick with my 3 star rating because, unlike the marketing campaign, I actually have morals.
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