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April 17, 2017
Capitalises on all of the worst parts of its predecessor.
½ April 10, 2017
Atrocious in every respect. It may generate a few unintentional laughs but even then it's difficult to enjoy this in a so-bad-it's-good sort of way.
March 20, 2017
Very un-scary waste of 90mins
½ March 17, 2017
We see Jill Valentine!! That's gotta worth some points, right?
March 16, 2017
One of the best zombie films!!!
February 21, 2017
Awesome Movie. There all awesome!
February 12, 2017
A staple of my childhood, and a piece of trashy, B-cinema gold. Paul W.S. Anderson is a man who likes what he likes, and I suspect all applying do as well.
February 10, 2017
Es la saga de zombis q mas me gusta
February 7, 2017
A pretty terrible sequel light on scares and story but high on action (yawn). Barely more than cardboard cut out characters plod their way through this watchable but tedious hogwash.
January 30, 2017
The integration of more elements from the games was promising but it's a mess of a film that gets worse and worse as it progresses. More of the same pg-13 action disguised as horror. Nemesis was an ungodly disappointment.
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January 30, 2017
A good sequel, Not as good as the first but it has some great but over the top action scenes, Also it finally takes place on the streets of Raccoon City this time so it's hordes of zombies time, Literally the first half of the zombies taking over the city was exactly like the opening scene from the game Resident Evil 3 I mean it's like a live action remake of it, We do finally have some characters from the game this time which include Jill, Carlos, Nicholai, The entire S.T.A.R.S. Team make a cameo before being owned by Nemesis that looked exactly like he did in the game, Apart from a few plot holes and something's that were silly it's great fun and will bring back memories of playing the old games.
½ January 28, 2017
Easily, by far the worst in this terrible series. In the end, almosf the entire plot ends up being completely pointless, not to mention the less than stellar acting, and the film's low budget definitely shows.
½ January 28, 2017
1/20/2017: A really good sequel. This is one of few sequels that may be better than the original.
January 26, 2017
This is a bad film, I know that right off the bat. Some pretty bad acting, camera work and scene slow-mo, ridiculous action parts, like Alice jumping 30 feet in the air over a fence. But, these Resident Evil films are pure guilty pleasure films. I loved the Nemesis creature (Matt). That all this movie is, pure guilty pleasure.
January 24, 2017
Poor performances, bland characters, unoriginal writing, and lame action leave Resident Evil 2 feeling like the sequel that never should've been.
Grade: F
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January 23, 2017
No matter the genre, a second film in the franchise is always expected to up the ante. Whether that entails expanding the scope and scale or just developing your characters to a new point of awakening is up to each film individually. Resident Evil Apocalypse adds nothing new to what the first film already established. In fact, besides a slight setting change and some new faces, this is the exact same movie.

It's unfortunate that Milla Jovovich got so tied up with the Resident Evil films for all those years. She's a talented actress, and quite good in the movies, but she's never given much to do besides wear inappropriate clothing (especially in an apocalypse) and throw some punches. Alice's character arc is the same as the first film. She initially finds herself estranged to her surroundings, she finds companions, punches are thrown, guns are shot, bad people try to take her and shake her world to the core, and then she revolts. It's quite laughable.

For whatever weaknesses the first film had, at least it felt original and grounded with reality. 'Apocalypse' has a ton of action and new set pieces, both of which may wow the casual filmgoer, but those sequences are constantly tied down by fast and lazy editing. A lot of films in the mid-2000's fell victim to jump cut fight scenes where you don't actually know who's punching who, you just get caught up in the excitement. With 'Apocalypse', not only do you not know who's punching who, you honestly don't care where the punches are landing anyway. It's not that I overtly disliked any of the new characters we were introduced to, such as Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, Angie Ashford, L.J., or Terri. But I found nothing unique or interesting about them, especially compared to the original gang in the first film.

Sure, Jovovich is always entertaining to watch as Alice, but with nothing new added since the last outing, I can't possibly give the film a positive review.

+Jovovich keeps it watchable

-Lazy editing

-Rehashed plot

-Nothing unique about the new team

½ January 3, 2017
Pretty much the same as the first film with a bigger budget
½ January 3, 2017
Disgrace for the game
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December 21, 2016
Just about everything is unforgivably awful in this unoriginal zombie sequel, an enormous wreck with a terrible direction, stupid characters, lame dialogue and no imagination - and it feels and tastes like a video game, only it is the director, not us, who gets to play and have fun.
December 19, 2016
insane batshit nonsense with hilarious over the top action
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