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January 6, 2018
September 18, 2017
Watchable romp but I won't be adding it to my collection!
September 8, 2017
One of the top ten best comedy-romance films. Makes me laugh everytime. Great script and casting, so perfect.
August 30, 2017
Joan Wilder (Kathleen Turner) is a successful but lonely romance novelist in New York City whose editor believes she is waiting to meet a romantic hero like the ones she writes about. One day Joan gets a call from her sister Elaine, who has been kidnapped by antiquities smugglers, cousins Ira (Zack Norman) and Ralph (Danny DeVito). As Joan leaves her apartment to meet her editor, Gloria (Holland Taylor), she is handed a letter containing a map, sent to her by her late brother-in-law. Returning to her apartment, she finds it ransacked and the apartment supervisor dead. Joan then receives a frantic phone call from Elaine (held at knife-point by Ira), who instructs Joan to go to Colombia with the map she received; it is Elaine's ransom. Flying to Colombia, Joan is detoured from the rendezvous point by Colonel Zolo (Manuel Ojeda), the man who killed Elaine's husband. He tricks her into boarding the wrong bus, heading deep into the interior of the country instead of to the coastal city of Cartagena, where Elaine is being held. When Joan distracts the bus driver by asking where they are going, the bus crashes into a Jeep, wrecking both vehicles. As the rest of the passengers walk away, Joan is menaced by Zolo but is saved by the Jeep's owner, American exotic bird smuggler Jack T. Colton (Michael Douglas). For getting her out of the jungle and to a telephone, Joan promises to pay Jack $375 in traveler's cheques. Together, they embark upon an adventure that could be straight out of Joan's novels...

"Romancing The Stone" was a big hit back in 1984 with a Indiana Jones-like adventure/comedy/romance set up. It´s hard to not compare it to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981), however the original screenplay to "Romancing The Stone" had actually been written five years earlier around 1979. The plot is ok and the general vibe is very 80s in many ways and this sort of action adventure hero was seen both on the movie screen and the tv-screen in the early and mid 80s. Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, Richard Chamberlain as Allan Quatermain and Bruce Boxleitner as Frank Buck on tv. To be honest is was only really the Indiana Jones character that was interesting of all of them. I do like that director Robert Zemeckis use the lovely surroundings (Mexico standing in for Colombia) and both Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas graps their roles in a proper manner. There´s an on-screen chemistry between the two which adds so much to the film. It´s entertaining, humorous and action-packed (despite flaws), but "Romancing The Stone" is maybe not as good today as it was in 1984.

Trivia: Studio insiders expected Romancing the Stone to flop (to the point that, after viewing a rough cut of the film, the producers of the then under development Cocoon fired Zemeckis as director of that film), but the film became a surprise hit. It became 20th Century Fox's "only big hit" of 1984. Zemeckis later stated that the success of Romancing the Stone allowed him to make Back to the Future, which was an even larger success.
August 17, 2017
The plot is rather unrealistic with action sequences that lack imagination and the characters are cliché to the extreme, neither of which you can ever take seriously, but with great chemistry between Douglas and Turner along with the funny dialogue, and Zemeckis' adept direction that does a good job of balancing the tone somewhere between comedy and danger, 'Romancing the Stone' still manages to be a light-hearted, fun little film.
August 14, 2017
Romancing the Stone is a wonderful movie I give it a *4* star Rating!!!
June 28, 2017
Adventure and comedy complete this entertaining romp about a diamond.
June 18, 2017
this has got to be one of my favourite movies although it's quite stupid I enjoy the simplicity of it and how so melodramatic
May 18, 2017
By today's standards, this would be a pretty predictable movie. Despite that, as a movie of the 80's, it is still a fun entertaining adventure film that pays homage to classic serial series. Well-directed, well-acted, and just all-around entertaining, Romancing the Stone i would give a watch if your into watching something a little old school.
April 23, 2017
An entertaining movie all around due to its quest and the two leads.
April 16, 2017
Whyyyyyy did it take me so long to watch this?!
April 14, 2017
A hidden gem. I might even like this more than Indiana Jones I love my obscure movies that nobody really talks about.
January 26, 2017
A playful attempt for duplicate the adventures of Indiana Jones, with the straight dose of action. Just for a evening.
January 20, 2017
Romancing the Stone has its flaws such as some stereotypes, sometimes overwhelming action and a somewhat typical and predictable story, but the film is so adventurous and charming with quite likable Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, endearing romance, some very memorable set pieces and shots and a genuinely well crafted, intriguing plot.
Super Reviewer
December 30, 2016
I've sure been putting in a lot of time with 'older' movies. And I say it like that because, I believe, that I haven't seen a movie that was released prior to 1984 on this run. This is thanks to an add-on subscription, or at least a trial for one, for HBO. Honestly, they don't have many movies that I haven't seen and this was one of them. I've always wanted to see this movie anyway, so it ended up working out in the end. Another thing worth pointing out is, obviously, if you play video games, the influence that this movie has had on a video game franchise like Uncharted. A lot of people point out the similarities between Uncharted and Indiana Jones, what with its quick-witted sarcastic hero, but the exotic locations, perhaps even more so than Indiana Jones, seem more inspired by this movie. Granted, the Uncharted franchise goes to far more exotic places than this movie, and its sequel probably, did. Honestly, while I had a lot of fun watching this movie, I think the Uncharted franchise does a better job at actually making you care about their characters than this one. But I think that's due to the fact that you can tell a story in games through multiple releases, so you end up growing attached to the characters. Whereas this movie was really more of a one-and-done, even if the sequel did come out a year after this. But the sequel wasn't as favorably reviewed as this one, so there's that. Anyway, the point is that there was no denying the fact that I think parts of the film don't age as well as they probably could have and, to me, I felt the pacing could have been tightened up a little bit, like maybe have Jack and Joan meet earlier in the film and have their relationship be more antagonistic. Not necessarily even more antagonistic, just let it go on for longer is what I mean. Once Joan and Jack do meet up, however, the movie does pick up quite a bit and kicks its action-adventure and pulpy thrills. The story is as such, Joan Wilder, a pulp-romance novelist, goes to Colombia to save her sister from these thugs who want a map that Elaine's, Joan's sister, husband had that will lead them to the stone in question. Elaine's husband mailed the map to Joan, which is where she fits in. Once there she immediately gets into trouble, before she meets up with Jack Colton, played by Douglas, and she hires him to help her get to Cartagena, where she is to meet the thugs. Joan leads a lonely life, the novels she writes are more of wishful thinking of her part as to what she'd wish her romance life to be. Of course, as if you couldn't have already predicted, Jack Colton doesn't end up being anything like the hero in her novels. And that's the basis for the majority of the movie. The journey to find this stone to save his sister while, simultaneously, falling in love with Jack. I do think, however, that this aspect of the film isn't as well-developed as it could have been. I don't wanna say that the romance is forced, because it's not, there's an obvious attraction between the two, only helped by Kathleen Turner's excellent chemistry with Michael Douglas. The problem is that there's only a few teases of a developing romance, before they're downright fucking. And I realize that films have far more time constraints, particularly this type, than other forms of entertainment. Like in a book you can build a romance between two characters that feels organic and interesting. Or in a game where, again, a romance can build for hours, like in Mass Effect where you put in 40+ hours into the game before the romance pays off. In a television series you can build the romance across several episodes or even an entire season. Films are obviously more limited in that regard and I think that hurts the overall film. It's not that the characters wouldn't have gotten to that point eventually because, again, the leads' chemistry is apparent right from the moment they meet each other. It is what it is. There are sections of the film that are really fun. Like the scenes with Juan, who's like a friendlier Pablo Escobar, are the clear highlight of the film. There's also this scene right after the stone where everyone, from Zolo and his army, to the mountains all following Jack and Joan, who are driving away in a stolen vehicle. That scene was actually really cool and something that I would have hoped they showed more. Though I guess that would contradict what I said earlier about the pacing. I think the movie's third act, while not without its highlights, does drag a little bit and it hurts the movie somewhat. If the pacing was a little tighter, I'd have no problem giving this 3.5 stars. As it stands, I'm definitely more comfortable giving it 3. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good 'good' movie and I really did have a blast watching this. But I can't overlook its flaws. With that said, I'd still give this a recommendation if you haven't seen it yet. It's not a perfect movie and, really, no flick is, but this is a fun popcorn flick. Good movie here.
December 14, 2016
Love it. Great chemistry.
November 7, 2016
This film deserves more attention.
November 6, 2016
11/5/2016: I love this classic 80's adventure movie. Douglas and Turner are great together and made it a fun flick.
½ October 24, 2016
While funny at times, I kept finding myself wondering why they couldn't get Kurt Russell to play Colton. Michael Douglass is awesome now that he is old, but here, he is creepy.
½ October 17, 2016
An action comedy from the director of Indiana Jones. In fact, you can almost take Jones into a jungle instead of a desert and this is the movie you'd end up with. An entertaining time, but a bit ridiculous. Rating: 7 / 10
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