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½ October 15, 2017
Brilliant loved this
September 15, 2017
I absolutely love this film and its characters!!!!
September 12, 2017
Ms. Plaza at her best in a very charming and witty comedy.
September 10, 2017
What a great, funny movie. I loved it from start to finish.
½ August 23, 2017
It's like that time machine bit from Napoleon Dynamite, if you stretched it out for an entire movie.
June 17, 2017
Entertaining, unpredictable and moving. Also funny at times. Really strong.
Super Reviewer
½ April 17, 2017
Extremely amusing, entertaining and quirky comedy about reporters following the story of a man searching for an aide in time travelling. That's not as much based in Sci-Fi as it sounds, but can rely on great performances and interesting characters. Unfortunately the ending comes a little sudden, while you would have loved to follow those characters around a little longer. No wonder director Trevorrow went on to much bigger films soon after this.
March 13, 2017
Original storyline, engaging characters, and hard to predict. Everything you could hope for in movie.
½ February 16, 2017
As bad an actress as Plaza is and as cheerfully try-hard this flick turned out to be, I'd still happily watch Duplass doing his taxes. On that basis, I found this movie underwhelming but still providing enough points for my attention to cling onto -- hence the most favorable rating.

That aside... I mean... it's only just another formulaic, quirky rom-com. Cute at times, cringeworthy at others, characters a little flat, narrative contextually askew in order to fit the love-story. Nothing that hasn't been done before or won't be done again -- a 'take it or leave it' effort.
½ December 10, 2016
A little slow at times but overall great acting and a good story behind it.
December 1, 2016
Such a weird quirky movie. The ending was pretty bad, and it was a little boring most of the way through.
November 28, 2016
This well-paced, offbeat dramedy with a pure and simple plot is hands down one of the best indie films I've seen this year. Brilliantly written and carried out well by Duplass, Plaza, and Johnson. This film keeps the viewer on it's toes, even with the limited budget, and it never looks back. Despite what some may say about the final set piece, it was built up well enough to where it worked for me. While the comedy is never there in droves, nor will the humor have you on the floo -- when the funny does come, it's with a set-up and a clever punch. This is not one to skip over because you don't recognize the actors. In fact, that might be the very reason to see it. Reviewed 11/2/12. Rated 4.25 out of 5.
September 20, 2016
The feels bro, the feels.
½ September 12, 2016
Quirky & weird. It's odd to think that the same man directed this and then went on to do Jurassic World. The two movies could not be more opposite. Wacky, but everyone once in a while you need something like that for balance.
½ September 10, 2016
Not your average time traveling flick. Good rapport between the 2 leads. Very good indie film.
½ August 29, 2016
Quirky little comedy that asks you to believe in the impossible. Some good chuckles and some sweet scenes between Plaza and Duplass, but nothing really of substance. But it's easy to sit through.
August 24, 2016
Strong performances made this movie worthwhile. It had a not so great ending but I didn't mind. I had already been entertained! It did leave me wanting more but that is a good thing!
August 15, 2016
Less laughs than I expected given the casting but works very well as a fun little sci-fi movie. I have no idea how Trevorrow went from this to Jurassic World to Star Wars IX though!
July 18, 2016
The title of this movie is the warning included in a strange advertisement that requests a partner for a time-travel journey. A reporter from a big Seattle newspaper convinces his boss that there is a story there. A story big enough for him to head to the small town and also enlist the help two interns; an nerdy Indian, and a antisocial girl (our protagonist, played by Aubrey Plaza). After the reporter fails to establish himself as a potential time-travel buddy, it is the quirky girl's turn, and sure enough, her odd ways click with our mad scientist (our second protagonist, who works at a super market).

Aubrey plaza plays exactly the same character she plays in the early seasons of Parks and Recreation. For those you who haven't watched it (shame on you, please do) she is an eye-rolling, constant-sighing, late teen, who dismisses everything and everyone. A pretty endearing character (if you give her a chance).

After our protagonists' initial click, he slowly begins to trust her and reveals to her fragments of his time-traveling plan. She in turn becomes engrossed with the plan (and him). Their escapades bring laughter, but for some reason the movie decides to make her fall for him, and it feels weird and forced.

As the plan (and the movie) progresses, we get to laugh a lot and also wonder what's the guy's real deal; is he a harmless weirdo, or a misunderstood genius? Unfortunately, between the good scenes there is a lot of fat; apart from the forced romance, we have the subplot of the successful outside / empty inside reporter, and as a form of triteness apotheosis, the scenes where the nerdy guy must score. The bad news continue; the climax lacks bite, and the creepy plot-twist is simply ignored in order to achieve a happy ending with a (superficial) bang.

You will get a fair share of laughs and a couple of heart-warming scenes, but nothing more. 6.0/10.
½ July 12, 2016
"Safety Not Guaranteed" has an interesting concept and commits its focus onto its plot that benefits from strong performances from the cast who portray characters with depth and multiple dimensions, and manages to be heartfelt through character development.
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