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½ June 29, 2016
Not an amazing film. But an enchanting message.
February 8, 2016
Carolina del Sur en 1964 a˙n se mueve con todos los prejuicios propios del racismo. En esa Úpoca, una ni˝a, Lily Owens (Dakota Fanning) decide ir tras la memoria de su madre muerta junto a su mejor amiga Rosaleen (Jennifer Hudson). Investigando de a pocos, Lily va a dar en la granja melera de August Boatwright (Queen Lattifah) quien vive junto a sus hermanas June (Alicia Keys) y May (Sophie Okonedo) empezando una tierna historia de sobrevivencia, valores, amor, y aprendizaje junto a mujeres que rompen el estereotipo de la Úpoca por ser independientes, inteligentes, cultas, siendo afroamericanas..
December 9, 2015
A classic in the making still: wow!
Super Reviewer
½ November 18, 2015
Paul Bettany is miscast in his role but Dakota Fanning proves again that she is very talented, only it is frustrating to see a relevant theme such as racism in the South Carolina of 1964 be used as a means for a white girl to resolve her issues in a sappy, reductive way.
July 20, 2015
There were a couple nice moments with some refreshing quotes, but nothing more than that.
April 12, 2015
Sentimentally filmed no doubt, however, The Secret Life of Bees is a touching and heartfelt adaptation with solid, powerful performances of its main female cast.
½ April 1, 2015
Not much related to bees at all. Emphasis was placed on racism and a young girl's troubled past instead.
April 1, 2015
I've owned this dvd for five years at least. I didn't view it until now. Very good movie.
½ January 10, 2015
What a cute little movie. Very uplifting, good acting (I could've use it without Alicia Keys), but overall, quite good. Dakota Fanning is so amazing!
January 10, 2015
Looks like an interesting piece. Very cultural from my perspective. Queen Latifah always entetains
November 12, 2014
Really Enjoyed This Feel-Good Story. Has Some Interesting Characters & A Few Twists In The Story That Shifts It All Along Nicely To Its Inevitable Conclusion.
September 27, 2014
September 24, 2014
August 5, 2014
Its very inspiring. The movie is spectacular. Hard to find words to describe it.
July 22, 2014
wow.....fantastic.....amazing.....i have just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is such a really sad movie 2 watch.......its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie.....i think that dakota fanning, jennifer hudson, queen latifah, sophie okonedo, alicia keys, play good roles/parts throughout this movie........i think that the director of this drama movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie.......i think that this is such a really sad movie 2 watch........its got a good soundtrack throughout this movie........

Production began on January 7, 2008, in Lumberton, North Carolina and Watha, North Carolina. and ended a few months later. The film was screened in September 2008 at the 33rd Annual Toronto International Film Festival, and had an October 17, 2008 theatrical release.

i think that this is such a really powerful drama movie 2 watch.......i think that Paul Bettany as T-Ray Owens, was brilliant throughout this movie......i think that this is such a really powerful drama movie 2 watch it is such a really sad movie 2 watch......i think that tristan wilds (from the brilliant tv series the wire), was great throughout this movie.......i think that this is such a really powerful drama movie 2 watch it is such a really really sad movie 2 watch......i think that dakota fanning was absolutley brilliant throughout this movie its such a really sad movie 2 watch but its such an absolutley brilliant movie 2 watch with a great cast throughout this movie.......
July 20, 2014
another good book adaptation
½ July 6, 2014
good story im not saying its bad but from my perspective it was boring
June 16, 2014
What impressed me most with "The Secret Lives of Bees" is how the film managed to capture a piece of the complexity existing in black/white relationships. Make no mistake, however, it is fully a Hollywood movie with soft and cozy sugar-coated touches throughout. That said, though, this film goes further than many of its recent counterparts attempting to deal with a similar theme. And, unlike most Hollywood movies exploring black/white relationships, I respect this story doesn't serve up a whitey riding in to save the day. The saviors in this story are a group of strong, powerful and loving black women. Much more substance here than cheesy flicks like "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." Adapted from the book of the same name, it does a better job of staying true to the story than most novel-inspired films.
½ June 9, 2014
Fairy tale atmosphere was somehow not enough.
June 7, 2014
falls short of the book, as most movies do. though still enjoyable. good cast.
i read this book back when i was in hawaii in 2009. rented the dvd from blockbusters (back when people still did) never returned it, took it home with me, and only now in 2014 am i watching it (via netflix). ridiculous.
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