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The late Sam Fuller's feral nightmare about a gung-ho reporter seeking his Pulitizer story inside a mental institution. Sordid, subversive and slyly sobering.

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  • Apr 18, 2016
    The depths that Johnny (Peter Breck) would go to in order to win a Pulitzer Prize is remarkable. He would risk his health and sanity for an award to boost his career. He even drags his girlfriend Cathy (Constance Towers) into the abyss with him. Johnny poses as a mental patient in order to gain admittance to a mental institution to solve a murder. This is the basis of Samuel Fuller's 1963 film "Shock Corrider." Johnny is coached by an imminent psychiatrist to appear insane and to fabricate stories of incest with his "sister" unwittingly played by his girlfriend. Three witnesses witness the murder. All three were productive members of society until the stresses of war, bigotry and nuclear war regressed them into thinking they were Confederate soldiers, Ku Klux Klan members and six year old kids. Johnny is able to receive information from the three in little periods of time when they become rational before they fall apart again into a case of their delusions. This is masterfully directed by Samuel Fuller and it's a shocking, disturbing film that shows in 100 minutes how fragile the human mind can be at times.
    Joseph B Super Reviewer
  • Sep 10, 2013
    While the movie is watchable enough for its content, Peter Breck's acting was ridiculously overdone. Besides, the fillers were yawn-inducing. Appealing as its title is, the movie itself isn't. Watching once shouldn't hurt, though. In fact, like many others, you may even come to cherish it.
    familiar s Super Reviewer
  • Jun 14, 2012
    A gloryhound newspaperman goes undercover at a mental hospital ... and the rest is movie history in Samuel Fuller's 1963 epic of over-the-top, must see, apocalyptic, societal condemning, ravings of a madman. See a stripper portrayed as the most moral person in society, that alone reason to watch, even as Fuller exploits her every chance he gets ...
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Mar 09, 2012
    I've been a stranger to the work of Samuel Fuller, but I'm planning to change all of that as soon as I can get my hands on some of his other films. Shock Corridor tells the story of a reporter trying to get the big scoop by going undercover as a patient at a mental hospital where the truth about a murder rests within the residents, all in an effort to get the coveted Pulitzer Prize award. I was absolutely floored by how good this film is. It gets right in your face with issues that would have been nothing more than subtleties in other films by other filmmakers at the time, yet there's a cleverness to it and the film has more to say than just addressing the issues themselves. Peter Breck gives a great performance, as does Constance Towers. We spend the entire film getting to know all of the patients and the staff at the hospital, and it never gets boring - not ever for a minute. You're constantly engaged in what's going on as Peter Breck's character slowly descends into madness, but you're barely aware of it as the film goes on. I'd love to see Samuel Fuller top this film, and judging by his reputation and the film's merit alone, I believe he can do just that.
    Tim S Super Reviewer

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