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Overly mushy; tries too hard to pull at the heart-strings.



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From the day he was born, Simon Birch (Ian Smith) was different. He was no bigger than a baby bird, and the doctors predicted that he'd never last the night. But he did. Then they said he'd never last the week. But he did. Weeks turned into months and months into years, until Simon grew into a boy with an unwavering belief that God had a special plan for him -- that He had made him that small for a reason. Simon's only friend, Joe (Joe Mazello), is on a quest of his own. His young and beautiful mother, Rebecca (Ashley Judd), has kept the identity of his father a secret. With dreams of finding his real father one day, Joe is less than thrilled with Ben (Oliver Platt), the new man in his mother's life. But things take a sudden and tragic turn when Simon, in a Little League baseball game, hits a foul ball that strikes and kills Rebecca, sending her to her grave along with her secret. Simon's destiny and Joe's quest for his father become intertwined in the end, when Simon becomes the hero he was destined to be and in the process helps Joe solve the mystery of his father.

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Ashley Judd
as Rebecca
Ian Michael Smith
as Simon Birch
Jim Carrey
as Adult Joe
Dana Ivey
as Grandmother Wenteworth
David Strathairn
as Rev. Russell
Jan Hooks
as Miss Leavey
Beatrice Winde
as Hilde Grove
Sam Morton
as Stuart
John Mazzello
as Simon Wenteworth
Holly Dennison
as Mrs. Birch
Peter MacNeill
as Mr. Birch
Addison Bell
as Dr. Wells
Roger McKeen
as Coach Higgins
Sean McCann
as Chief Al Cork
Guy Sanvido
as Janitor
Gil Filar
as Eddie
Marcello Meleca
as Howard Ellis
Tom Redman
as First Baseman
Mark Skrela
as Third Baseman
Kevin White
as Shortstop
Chrisopher Marren
as Rival Baseball Coach
Tommy Dorrian
as Teammate No. 1
Justin Marangoni
as Teammate No. 2
Barbara Stewart
as Delivery Room Nurse
David Rigby
as Bus Driver
Sam Aaron
as Old Man No. 1
David Chapman
as Old Man No. 2
Wendy Fleming
as Mrs. Russell
Paul De Fibo
as Junior Lamb
Cameron Croughwell
as Junior Lamb
Scotty Leavenworth
as Junior Lamb
Joshua Titen
as Junior Lamb
Joshua Croughwell
as Junior Lamb
Dalton Rondell
as Junior Lamb
Logan Holladay
as Junior Lamb
Devon Alan
as Junior Lamb
Tony Orr
as Junior Lamb
Jeffrey Schoeny
as Junior Lamb
Derek Montgomery
as Junior Lamb
Devon Borisoff
as Junior Lamb
Brian McLaughlin
as Junior Lamb
Sean Flynn
as Junior Lamb
Blake Hubbell
as Junior Lamb
Trevor Habberstad
as Junior Lamb
Sean Sullivan
as Junior Lamb
Taylor Emerson
as Junior Lamb
Nicholas Andrew
as Junior Lamb
Patrick McTavish
as Junior Lamb
Cody Gill
as Junior Lamb
Mitchell Orr
as Junior Lamb
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Audience Reviews for Simon Birch

  • Jul 17, 2017
    Good adaptation of Irving's book.
    Ed K Super Reviewer
  • Jul 26, 2015
    Beautiful story of friendship and one boy's unwavering faith.
    Erin C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 17, 2012
    It is a somewhat columbarium movie is entertaining, a bit "tender" and a bit childish, but at times it becomes something a little stronger. The finish is good and a little emotional.
    Rodrigo R Super Reviewer
  • Nov 21, 2011
    Simon Birch, is a comedy-drama that tries with intensity move the audience and captivate the heart, but the sentimentalist spoiler the entire movie. Despite have good intentions, Simon Birch becomes boring and awfully emotional. Rotten.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer

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