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November 13, 2010
Really hard to decide what to think. It seemed like this owuld have been better on SyFy as saturday movie. Than it would have been worth more a lot more. But as a full on movie yeah just cant cut it.
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November 25, 2010
Now I liked this film despite numerous numerous bad reports from virtually everyone, yes it has clunky acting and yes the plot has lots of holes but its actually a good fun sci-fi romp. As said the plot has its problems agreed, aliens come down (for no real purpose it seems) to nick every humans brain (it seems) and that's it. There isn't really any other explanation. The aliens themselves are a hybrid of many other movie creatures eg. 'The Matrix', 'ID4', 'Cloverfield', 'The Mist', 'Monsters' etc...although I admit it isn't easy to create a unique original alien anymore, these aren't too bad but maybe the brothers should of stayed away from the usual tentacle option again. So despite the aliens not being too original looking they are effective and do create tension throughout...although how they pilot their space cruisers and star fighters is beyond me.

The effects are a mixed bunch much like the acting, on both counts there are times when they are both pretty decent and do the job well, other times both fare rather badly and show this up for the cheap B-movie stuff it really is. That's not a problem to be honest as if you accept this as purely B-movie guff and you will enjoy it a whole lot more. Again though I must oppose the mass contempt for this film and praise the brothers for some neat CGI from the comforts of their bedroom. It is effective if maybe a little bit close to a videogame sequence, but that's not really a huge shock is it.

Acting is very average yes but its not as bad as people make out, the cast are unknowns which works well for the film and makes it more realistic (unknowns are always a winner) or that little bit more believeable. Personally I thought all cast members were quite OK, apart from the odd moment of dialog with some hammy lines (David Zayas), nothing really detracted from my enjoyment of this 'War of the Worlds' clone. There is a nice sense of being trapped, isolated and alone, forced to hideout within this building which many have moaned is cheap or weak story telling. But in my opinion it works and the cast do a sturdy job in bringing that across.

A slightly more serious take on 'Independence Day' with added 'War of the Worlds' plus bits of various other films. Its completely unoriginal even with one sequence involving US jet fighters going up against the alien mothership (total rip of a film mentioned). But an intriguing little ending which could lead to interesting things in the future did grab my attention. Its rather silly and hokey but lets remember this is a sci-fi B-movie affair right, question is why is it called 'Skyline'?
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August 11, 2010
Even though the effects this alien invasion has to offer are top notch, every minute feels like a student film. The minimum of dialog or character development show that someone wanted to create cool action scenes and alien attacks but knew little about how to tie them into a story. So while the look of the film is major league, it never manages to grip you or make you care much about anything that's going on. At least the ending is somewhat surprising and fresh, but may infuriate viewers for all kinds of other reasons. Wasted opportunities all around.
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August 11, 2010
"I have been on a roll at picking shitty films lately. I seriously only picked this because I wanted to watch an Alien flick. Again I have chosen a film with a crappy cast, a crappy script, crappy everything. I kinda liked the concept, but the conclusion was messy and unexplained. You never find out why they are there and why they are doing what they are doing. It's another messy crappy sci-fi flick."
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½ July 9, 2011
Skyline is a horrible mess of a film, one that had the potential of being a great film, but failed due to a bad script and a very bad cast. This film lacks anything compelling that might be of interest to the viewer. I hated the film, and thought it was a fine visual feast, but lacked substance to really make it a good, entertaining film. The film had so much potential, and it might have succeeded if the script would have been a bit more developed and had a much better cast that could actually act. The film looks great, don't get me wrong, but like I said, it lacks any real emotion, and it just ends up being silly, pointless and dumb. This is a film that simply isn't worth your time. The effects might have been nice, but everything else was poorly done, and did not work. This film came out the same year as Battle L.A, that film was far superior to this, and it succeeded where this film failed. Skyline is just a dull, loud noisy film that has nothing going for it. This film could have been very good, but it fails. I think it's too bad that they had to have a film with good looking aliens, but it had to have a very poor plot and a bad cast. Skyline is just a film that had wasted potential. It's a shame because this film could have been a great action Sci Fi film that delivered, but instead offers up only a paper thin plot with a cast that clearly can't act. This film was a waste of time, and it may have looked good, but the paper thin story really brought it down as well as the cast. Watch Battle L.A instead, though it lacked in a great story, it had a few decent performances, and it was way more exciting and fun than this train wreck.
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½ March 24, 2012
The good and bad parts of the film go on to weigh out the sane, with CGI used well but the acting is not, the plot seems to running wild but the action seems fine.
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November 14, 2010
Awesome special effects in this alien invasion flick with nice designs for the monsters and the alien ships and tech, but the script is average. I see how focused the plot is on the few main characters. The acting is good and bad, in some places, that dialogs needed some working, but doesn't ruin the movie.
It's not a masterpiece, and not original, but I found it entertaining. I don't know why people are complaining about a lack of plot, it's basically a slasher movie - lots of dislikable people get knocked of in entertaining ways.
The ending is crazy weird, not one a person with a closed mind would appreciate.
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November 10, 2010
A fleet of alien spaceships appears in the skies above L.A. and begin harvesting its inhabitants. Skyline is a bit like watching the events of Independence Day unfold, except instead of in the thick of the action bathed in the charm and charisma of everyone's favourite Fresh Prince, you're watching it with a bunch of bickering, obnoxious, self-obsessed F-listers from a window three miles away. It has all the originality and depth of sophistication of ID4 combined with the sharp, witty dialogue and likeable, beautifully performed characters of Cloverfield (and for those of you poor, deluded fools that didn't realise that Cloverfield was a huge, festering pile of Godzilla sized steamer, just TRY and imagine the sarcasm in my voice...) It really is the worst of both worlds, and as for that ending, don't even go there. Seriously, for the love of all that's holy, just turn the damn thing off. If District 9 renewed my faith in the modern sci-fi movie, Skyline makes me want it thrown down a disused missile silo and sealed in with re-enforced concrete.
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January 21, 2011
The Brothers Strause's Skyline is a sci-fi B movie that uses great effects to sneak into the realm of the blockbusters.First things first, the story is shallow and unimpressive. The characters are uninteresting. The dialogue is crummy. All this makes the under 90 minute run time a plus.The initial introduction wastes no time at hooking the viewer, but soon thereafter the hook comes loose as the second-rate character development comes into play. Fortunately, the second half of the picture offsets the first as the film turns into an action packed extravaganza.As previously mentioned, the effects are solid and The Brothers Strause are not afraid to let it out. These obviously become the highlight of the film and that's all there is to say about that.The cast try their best to deliver good performances, but along with many other things, it is flawed. Eric Balfour shows he isn't the best guy to carry a movie. Scottie Thompson is one of the only tolerable people in the film. The rest of the supporting cast and characters are forgettable.Despite its defects, Skyline still manages some points for effects. Other than that, take caution when approaching.
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½ November 14, 2010
There's no getting around it, Skyline is a terrible movie. It boils down to one question for me; just because you can make a sci-fi movie for 10 million dollars does it mean you should? There was nothing being said with this movie, the effects look mediocre at best, the acting is bad and it's not even rewarding. Most of the time it's just funny how bad the movie gets and how unoriginal it continues to be throughout. I mean none of the characters were the least bit likable or even entertaining and all the movie centered around was them. If it tried to do more with the alien invasion and have some other things going on I could appreciate it, but there wasn't. The one thing I did find fascinating about the movie was the focus around brain sucking and literally going as far as having a human brain operating an alien as a finale. Overall, it's not as bad as you might expect, it's just extremely dull and uninteresting. Mostly though, it's just poorly made and not worth anyone's time.
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½ July 16, 2011
Jarrod: What are you going to do when all the blinds fall down? It's not exactly like we have a lot more bedsheets!

I had this pre-conceived idea that there was no way Skyline could be as bad as I'd heard. I was wrong. Skyline has got to be one of the top 5 worst movies of 2010. It was excruciating to sit through. I almost turned it off about 3 or 4 times, but I did want to see the notorious ending, which is as bad as you've heard.

The cast is complete garbage. I guess that's what you would expect when they throw together a bunch of tv actors and hot girls that have absolutely no acting talent. Scottie Thompson is so bad, it's almost unbelievable. She has no acting talent whatsoever and hopefully she won't get another role.

The only thing that upscales the travesty that is Scottie Thompson is the dialogue; if you can call it that. Every word that comes out of somebodies mouth is complete shit. I guess you could argue that the effects are cool. But who really gives a shit. They don't make up for everything else that is so dull. The Strause Brothers should stick to special effects because as directors they are extremely bad. Skyline is as close to unwatchable as any movie I've ever seen. It is in the company of movies like The Happening; it's that bad.
michael e.
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July 16, 2011
I don't get it. Why do so many people hate this movie, the effects are really impressive, and I really didn't mind the acting at all. Sure it starts out like an MTV TV show which I thought was really stupid, but overall it wasn't that bad. Sure the ending was really cheesy but it was a very interesting film.
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½ October 19, 2010
Ok, first of all, to enjoy this movie, one needs a appreciation for B movies because this is a B movie with a budget!! lol The cheesy effects help with the pleasure of the b-movie experience. This movie will not win and Oscar noms, but get some chips and enjoy the cheese, but expect that from the start! The cast of B actors is the jalapenos that make the cheesy dip even tastier!
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½ August 15, 2010
The trailer attracted me to see this a bit like the pretty blue lights in the film, despite the bad reviews. It was far from terrible, but I understand why most people didn't like it. I was hoping for something of a modern take on Independence day. In truth this only feels like one long drawn out segment of an alien invasion film. The SFX are pretty darn good, the cast was ok although hard to picture Donald Faison in anything but Scrubs. Then it ended abruptly in a rather strange way?! Let's hope the sequel feels more like a whole film.
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½ May 8, 2011
Well even the trailer let me know that the acting wasn't going to be that great but I was still intrigued by the premise but it was just not a good movie. I was so bummed that the acting was so bad. The story surrounding the characters is forgettable. It would've been a TV movie but the special effects were actually decent. Only catch this if it's for free or if you have nothing better to do.
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June 14, 2011
Not even Scifi enthusiasts can enjoy this terrible movie. It's a poorly directed suspense thriller, on top of completely unlikable characters, played out by a cast of terrible actors all thrown on an absolutely ridiculous premise that only video-game playing children can enjoy.

Just complete utter garbage without so much as an engaging scene to draw you in.

The only redeeming factor are the concept artists behind the alien designs but that hardly makes up for this mess.
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January 23, 2011
Not nearly as bad as everyone says. People are hailing this as the worst film of all time, I didn't hate it! I didn't love it, but it was a really fun movie. It was mindless action with very cool effects, definitely worth a one time watch.
Nate Z.
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½ May 18, 2011
This movie is out-of-this-world terrible. Who wouldn't want to spend an alien invasion stuck in some L.A. condo with a load of insufferable Los Angelinos? From a storytelling standpoint, watching characters I don't care about talk about amazing and horrible things happening off camera is not the best use of anyone's time. Skyline is a movie that keeps surprising you with the depths of its stupidity; just when you think it couldn't plumb any deeper, the aliens have invaded to eat our brains. Yes, they're after our brains. So that explains why gigantic monsters will claw away at a building, scrounging for the tiniest morsel of human (that still doesn't explain it, really). That does not explain why they targeted L.A. if they're after brains. The special effects are notable for a $10 million dollar movie, but due to the budget restraints, that's probably why most of this alien invasion is spent indoors and behind trusty sets of venetian blinds. The pacing is as shoddy as the character work. I kept waiting for these nitwits to step into the light and be vacuumed up into the alien mothership. The end almost looks like it might redeem part of this monstrosity, with our survivors accepting a doomed fate together. But then... I can't even put into words how shocking, dreadful, and groan-inducing the true ending is for this junk. Suffice to say, it ends with zero resolution, a jagged plot left turn, and setup for a sequel that I'm absolutely positive not one person will be demanding.

Nate's Grade: D
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September 27, 2010
Good lord...what a piece of crap. This film had the trifecta of badness. Bad actors playing bad parts in a badly written movie. The aliens have invaded, and they are all over Los Angeles blowing everything up. Despite some stunningly well done special effects, this movie has the worst storyline ever..and the dumbest ending.
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