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½ April 22, 2018
IT SEEMS TO ME THAT TARKOVSKY NEVER HEARD THE PHRASE "YOU HAVE TO KILL YOUR BABIES." There is some stunningly beautiful cinematography going on here, but good lord is it a slog. How long is that ridiculous tunnel scene? My jaw was literally dropping, and not for any good reason. i love 2001 but this bored the pants off me. I don't know how anyone could watch this and not think that 1/4 of it should have been left on the cutting room floor. I think this movie's reputation is self perpetuating... After all, what critic or film snob would dare put their reputation at stake by criticizing it.
½ March 21, 2018
Può anche essere il film di fantascienza più famoso del mondo, può anche essere diretto da un famoso regista dal tocco unico, può anche ottenere punteggi altissimi nei maggiori siti di critica, ma per me resta comunque un'opera lenta, noiosa e di una pesantezza unica. Non ne ho trovato l'originalità, o una qualsiasi forma di coinvolgimento. Ho apprezzato il messaggio e l'idea dietro le immagini ma senza il giusto appoggio emotivo il film per me fatica a decollare. Un film logorante, che con qualche inquadratura riesce a dire a qualcosa, ma che nel complesso annoia e non lascia quasi niente.
½ February 17, 2018
1001 movies to see before you die.
January 30, 2018
Deep existentialism dressed as sci-fi. The Russians and european critics, at that time supported the film as the european answer to the "2001: A Space Odyssey" saga.
January 29, 2018
I watched this over 10 years ago and absolutely hated it, I love the Soderbergh remake so much though that I decided eventually to give it another go. I did engage far more with it the second time round but there's no getting away from the fact this is a nearly 3 hour long Russian sci-fi and that the pace is glacial. There are moments though, certain moments which are really beautiful and moving, in particular the painting scene with his returned wife Khari. You completely have to be in the right mood but it is worth the effort. If you haven't seen it though, personally I would recommend anyone to try the remake first.
½ January 12, 2018
This film is reminiscent of the old Star Trek if the captain was a bit melancholic and targetted by alien intelligence. The theme of the film is as if the planet's intelligence reaches the men on the station to keep them there. It uses love, the rematerialization of loved ones to entrap finally our hero. It's a B movie for us but was an A movie at the time for the Russian empire. Some pretty good effects for the time, looking quite cheap by today's standards. The story moves at snail pace possibly to keep us guessing and show us special effects.
December 23, 2017


[Andrei Tarkovsky]
½ December 18, 2017
A couple of good morals to the story: the need for human connection for one; and the conclusion that "the only thing left is to wait" (like Carlos Castaneda wrote about in his books on Yaqui shamanism). The reward, though, is hardly worth the tedium of sitting through the whole movie, and I was very glad when it came to an end.
November 7, 2017
A good science fiction movie with great visuals, an interesting exploration of what it means to be human, and a compelling plot. Though it can drag itself out quite a bit and some of the more artistic shots are a bit overwrought, which made it hard to keep interest high.
October 27, 2017
A dauntingly complex and emotionally powerful study of grief and human emotion. While it may be quite different from Lem's book, Solaris still shines as perhaps Tarkovski's best movie.

One of the greatest movies of all time.
½ October 15, 2017
9 9 8 8 9 8 8 8 9 9 = 85
October 6, 2017
A beautiful and fascinating sci-fi story that has great visuals and certainly raises meditative questions, but some of the more illogical ones really needed answering, and it stretches itself longer and ambiguously more than it needs to.
August 20, 2017
I'm still lost in space.
August 20, 2017
It is as if we are the aliens or at least, our minds are the source of alien; we are unfamiliar with ourselves, our own minds even. The past, love and loss are all mere concepts we are yet to fully understand, and even in an expedition through time and space we will not find the answers to. A deeply poignant, sobering experience.
August 16, 2017
If you lower your expectations to the max you will still be bored witless by this extremely self-indulgent and bafflingly overpraised hymn to Andrei Tarkovsky's 'muse'. I made it to the halfway point before begging for release. Good luck, movie lover.
July 15, 2017
A MUST WATCH in my opinion, really a great work of literature masquerading as a sci-fi movie. The slow burning story works so well with the melodrama, disheveled characters and discordant music. It fits together nicely. But it is the themes that really pull it all together. Man meets something he cannot understand and in there the story examines the nature of existence, what is consciousness, memory, and our connections with other people. Deep themes expertly navigated. I loved so many lines from the movie: knowledge is useless without morality; We have been friends for 20 years, it had to end sometime; I have offended others, and now you; suffering from the impossibility of loving all of mankind; man has forgotten the cosmic....there must be an element of mystery to keep the simple truths.
½ July 3, 2017
Solaris is something of a spiritual sequel to Kubrick's 2001. It has heavy ideas and rewards patience.
June 30, 2017
Saw the new restoration at Lincoln Center and boy, did my perception of this movie change on my second viewing. I remember it being very depressing and slow the first time around. This time around it came off as far more cynical (and slow. some things aint change).

A psychiatrist who can't connect emotionally, finds peace in a world that he pollutes with his thoughts. The manifestations on this planet are less tragic and more an involuntary defense mechanism, that when faced with a selfish person are unknowingly catering to his whims and desires. Why go back to earth when you can make this planet quite literally revolve around you? It's a grim and disgusting corruption of 'nature' but so is the damage man has wrought in his own name.

I'd be curious to see this again in a couple of years and see if I still feel the same way. I gotta say this time around I REALLY enjoyed the shots of nature and things swirling... and the ending was just as shocking as the first time around as it was the first time. Tarkovsky really knows how to scare the shit out of you without showing anything actually violent or inherently creepy.
June 7, 2017
Atmospheric, Beautiful, Haunting, Melancholic, Insightful are just a few words that could describe this movie. This movie is beyond amazing and destroys everything we know about filmmaking and science fiction movies. It made one of the biggest impressions on me of any movie I have ever seen. Not so much because of the effects (which is what sci-fi movies are known for) but because the questions it asks and the themes it covers. No other movie covers it quite like this one and in such a poetic way as well.

I feel like we all would like to know what happens after death. Or what it would be like to see a loved one who has died and for them to be alive and to be in their presence.

He captures in film what no other director could ever dream of. Tarkovsky truly is the master of poetry in motion.

I will need to revisit this movie again and again.
½ May 4, 2017
Very difficult to follow at times and immensely slow, but immersive and unique, Solaris succeeds on many levels - as a thrilling sci-fi story, a showcase for acting and an intimate human drama. With beautiful cinematography, complex and philosophical story, positively ambiguous ending, creepy and alienating atmosphere and an assured direction from Tarkovsky, Solaris is undoubtedly one of the best films both 1970s and science fiction have to offer.
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