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½ January 12, 2017
"The Station Agent" is a great example of simple, subdued, character-based yet touching indie cinema. Discreetly nuanced and realistic, Tom McCarthy's debut is a winner, with an excellent leading trio (Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale) and an admirably melodrama-free script.
October 21, 2016
It's special meaning for me.
½ October 19, 2016
Tom McCarthy's directorial debut about the unlikely friendship of a reclusive dwarf, a garrulous snack truck owner and a troubled woman with marital woes warms hearts with an understated optimism and human kindness.
October 6, 2016
As beautifully authentic as it is simple, The Station Agent provides sincere and pointed commentary on the relational needs of humans. Far more than merely an examination of the woes of being a dwarf (different), this film explores the thrills (and dangers) of sharing hurt, joy, and all of life's experiences with people who want to invest in you.
July 9, 2016
Peter Dinklage is excellent in this. Very good movie.
½ June 29, 2016
Beautifully written, The Station Agent is a wondeful tale of solitude and friendship bolstered by a mesmerizing performance from Peter Dinklage on the lead role as an introspective dwarf.
May 31, 2016
Well acted, very original and unique, and the characters are great, but it's a little dull, it's pretty slow most of the time, and it's a little boring at times. I don't think it deserves the 95% certified, but I definitely understand why it has it.
May 7, 2016
Well done, inspiring, and loving - this film uses its limited budget to its advantage. With wonderful acting, and an equally wonderful screenplay, The Station Agent has you satisfied, fulfilled, and pleased to have taken the journey along the rails.
Antonius Block
Super Reviewer
May 1, 2016
A short, sweet, and quirky story of an improbable trio who come together in a small town - an antisocial train aficionado who just inherited an abandoned train station, an artist coping with the death of her son, and an extroverted food truck operator who provides comic relief. It's a great cast, led by Peter Dinklage, who is a fantastic actor. Tom McCarthy's script has all the right touches, and his direction is simple yet beautiful.
½ April 27, 2016
When I think of small independent films, this is often the kind of thing that I picture. The Station Agent is an extremely simple film that is quiet and slow moving. In that way it mirrors the main character who is extraordinarily soft-spoken, and spends large amounts of time in the film walking along the rails at a leisurely pace. The story is about an introverted man (played by Peter Dinklage) who moves into a dilapidated train depot in a very small town in hopes of escaping to a quiet and solitary life. However, there are people who live in this small town that refuse to let him remain in his solitude. It's a simple arc for Dinklage's character, but I like how subtly he plays it. You slowly see the cracks in his personality and can sense when things in his life and personality have started to change without him knowing it. Dinklage is just fabulous in the movie, Bobby Cannavale plays a nice counterpoint to him, and Patricia Clarkson adds the heart. To be clear, though, not much happens in this movie and I struggled with that several times while watching. The pace is very deliberate, and therefore the run-time felt longer than it was in reality. However, I did connect with the characters and I was invested in how their stories would end. If you're looking for a simple film to watch while you relax, then dial The Station Agent up on your Netflix and give it a shot. But if you are easily bored, or need more than simple character development for an hour and a half, then this will do about as much for you as a Hallmark movie and I'd suggest you give it a pass.
April 24, 2016
Apparently McCarthy, in his years as an actor, paid close attention to what goes on behind the camera. With an economy of shots, he captures the desolation of a town bypassed by progress. There are unexpected images that stay with you, like Joe's foot reaching out to the makeshift stool on which Fin's feet rest, while Fin defends his turf.

"Station Agent" has overtones of Carson McCullers. But McCarthy resists making his characters so weird that they lose their humanity. As Fin puts it, "It's really funny the way people see me and treat me because I'm actually just a very simple boring person." The movie shows us that Fin is much more than that while arguing for his right to be as boring as the next guy.
April 12, 2016
Thoroughly engaging. Great cast. A big role for Peter Dinklage and he slays it.
½ April 12, 2016
for some odd reason, i wanted to see this since it came out. it just stuck with me. i think it was the scene in the previews when the cashier takes his picture. anyway, i LOVED this movie. perfect casting!!!
April 11, 2016
Great little indie film about a train watching man with dwarfism who attempts to become a hermit when his friend and boss dies and leaves him an abandoned Train Station depot. His attempt at solitude doesn't last long as he is befriended (pretty much against his will at first) by a talkative Food Truck operator, and a woman who almost runs him off the road twice in the same day (as it turns out, she is suffering from depression after the loss of a child). It is a great dramedy, that blends genuine sadness with warmth and real laughs. Peter Dinklage gave a career making performance. How rare to have a film lead by a little person, and how even rarer it is for that film to not to be a fantasy. Dinklage carries the whole movie well, and the support from Bobby Cannavale and Patricia Clarkson is top notch. Highly recommended.
April 9, 2016
The Station Agent is the directorial and writing debut of Tom McCarthy, who later on direct and co-write the Academy Award winner Spotlight, and it stars Peter Dinklage, Bobby Cannavale, and Patricia Clarkson in a comedy/drama about a man with dwarfism that works in a train store with his friend, until something happened to his friend, and his store is getting bought, so he lives in an abandoned train station, and meets a guy who works in his father's snack truck, and a painter. After watching Spotlight and Win Win, I figured that I should watch his previous films like The Station Agent and The Visitor, so in further due, let's get to his first film, which is also one of the film debuts of Peter Dinklage, and this is the right movie to start with. Everybody gave a great performance in this and was not phoning it in. I seriously didn't know where it was going, and when it keeps going, I got invested in the movie because of the characters that feel like actual people to me, thanks to the realism script by Tom McCarthy who gives out human characters with a sense of heart and dignity to them that make them feel inspired on what they are. I haven't seen a film this human in a long time, and it's always nice to have a laid back film with some hilarious moments in it. It's interesting to see a character that has to deal with dwarfism, as I don't think I have seen a film that takes upon the issue of it, which makes me think of whether that's one of the reasons why Peter Dinklage accepted a main role like this one. I like the conversation that the three characters have with each other, and I never thought I find trains a bit fascinating as Peter Dinklage's character is a fan of trains. The Station Agent is a very sweet film that I'm glad that I come across this movie as it has a very small budget, and it's short too, so it probably made a bit of an impact on me too.
April 3, 2016
A beautiful and simple film, for people who appreciate good filmmaking.
½ March 25, 2016
The Station Agent follows the story of a man who has dwarfism played by Peter Dinklage. After his best friend who ran the train shop he worked at dies, Fin inherits an abandoned station home in the middle of a deserted railroad. There he meets an affable food truck driver, Joe, and sweet, but shy, Olivia. Both Joe and Olivia both try to help Fin get out more and feel more welcome, given his dwarfism. What this movie does really well is give a spotlight to dwarves. As weird as that statement is, not a ton of people are aware that dwarves exist and still do the things we do. This portrays a great message of how we are all the same despite what our appearances may say about us. Throughout this movie, Fin is treated like an outsider and an alien of sorts. He gets stares walking down the street, he gets laughed at, and even scares people, but always manages to keep his cool which shows how used to this treatment he is and that's honestly really tragic. This message is really due to the really good writing by Tom McCarthy. I feel like the characters were characters and not just actors, I've met people like Joe who are extremely outgoing and respectful. I've also met Olivias too, who are content regardless but have a bit of a fractured past. The three main stars, Peter Dinklage, Bobby Cannavale, and Patricia Clarkson, were all very good leads. The problem I have with this film is that I didn't care for the way it wrapped up. Everything just kinda goes into a quick downward spiral, we never get the information about Olivia's husband, and the complete end just kinda leaves me thinking "Okay what now?". Once everything wraps the way it does, it feels like there should be five more minutes somewhere in that ending where things needed to be explained. I did think this film was short very well, had quirky vibes on its setting, good dialogue, memorable characters, and a good commentary on dwarfism. The ending made me feel kinda empty however and that's not what I expected from a movie that I had been enjoying for 90% of the time. B
March 17, 2016
Such a beautiful film. A great cast and lots of light humour. A wonderful tale of friendship and their importance.
March 11, 2016
Like a sunny day in the middle of spring, The Station Agent has an undeniable but not overwhelmingly positive mood about it. Many may find the film too mild for their taste but to those who don't always seek out the action-filled or hyper-dramatic, this film is worth watching.
February 29, 2016
I think I waited just long enough to finally see this.
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