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½ December 9, 2017
As far as heist movies go, this was better than average. Great diverse cast and stylized action sequences.
½ December 4, 2017
bad movie. lots of dumb stuff. so many cliches and copying from other movies. so many typical and predictable parts. card board characters. it was pretty fast paced with some exciting scenes and some a mixed bag of action. some was decent. some was horribly done with quick cuts and shaky cam. why is chris brown in this movie? (2 viewings)
October 28, 2017
Seems intense and epic but I was not a fan of this movie I saw part of it on tv
August 11, 2017
It a movie that has been done already and Takers was not done well. The chemistry between characters is non-existent. The acting is lazy. Not a horrible movie, but not as interesting as it could. A+ on the action, though.
July 7, 2017
They tried to make a movie like The Italian Job but couldnt make it.
July 3, 2017
Too complicated of the movie to understand so I'm not a fan of this movie I thought some of the fights where good.
June 4, 2017
A disappointing movie.
½ June 1, 2017
Some good action for a movie with an unbelievable plot.
April 9, 2017
This movie could have been better if worked on more. It could have been one of my favorites. The story is weak and you don't really get connected to any of the main characters. The plot is thin and feels as if the writers only cared about the action sequences towards the second half of the movie. Don't get me wrong if the movie had invested better drama into it and made us feel more connected to each character then hands down this movie would have been way better. This movie is only saved by it's cast and it's action sequences.
March 10, 2017
Oh my, 28% critics? For real? Were you smoking crystal meth during the movie?? Stop being racist. Ok the truth now, the movie is five stars hands down! An amazing all star cast! Ti truly played the role of a former friend turned scornful, jealous, ruthless, and back stabbing! You really want to see him get it in the end! If you like movies like HEAT with DeNiro, you should go bonkers over this! Let's go!
February 5, 2017
Too complicated and uninteresting. It almost put me to sleep. (First and only viewing - 8/31/2010 in theaters)
January 31, 2017
It's good movie to watch
January 5, 2017
Fun action flick, just turn your brain off for a few hours and grab some popcorn.
½ October 25, 2016
The action and pace of this heist thriller are its best parts, the story is below-average.
½ August 17, 2016
what had the potential to be a great crime film falls apart in the second half. no real conclusion to the story.
May 8, 2016
It was ok. The plot was basic and very predictable. The main draw of the movie was the excellent cast. But they can only do so much.
April 20, 2016
A lame MTV style knock off of 'Heat'.
April 5, 2016
Great action packed movie!
½ February 28, 2016
Many unnecessary subplots, characters we don't like or care about, horrendous directing, stupid dialogue, formulaic, over stylized, and possibly the worst villain in action history (at the very least, the worst acted), but it's an action movie. And there's plenty of action. As for the acting, if Elba wasn't in the movie I don't think I would've been able to make it to the end.
January 30, 2016
Best Mexican stand off since, "Tombstone" Yup, we were well over due!
Psccch, give us a sequel'
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