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October 5, 2017
I was just the right age for this movie so I guess that makes me a bit biased but I really did injoy the even now so yeah lol
September 15, 2017
Best Disney princess film. I'm not a fan of these films (regarding the princess stuff) but the amount of charm this film has is what saves it for me. It also has some depth that even surprised me at times. Easily my favorite Disney princess movie and worth a watch
½ September 9, 2017
With gorgeous and very unique animation that mixes traditional and computer animation with the style of Jean-Honore Fragonard's paintings, a very good soundtrack with a couple of terrific songs such as I See the Light and I've Got a Dream and many memorable, heartfelt moments, Tangled truly is a modern Disney classic. It is touching, it is also very funny and highly romantic and enchanting. But the reason why it works so well lies in its characters: Rapunzel is so wonderful and one of my favorite Disney Princesses, Flynn Rider is a lot of fun and Mother Gothel is so menacing, manipulative and smart that she's one of Disney's finest villains. It is ultimately the best Disney movie of the 21st century so far and so much better than either 'Zootopia' or 'Frozen'.
September 6, 2017
Heres what I like. Tangled is visually stunning, has good comedy (I love when Maximus the horse is on screen), a very smart story set up (Rapunzel's backstory) and though I think the songs is one of the weaker points of the film, I do like "Now that I see you", its a nice, sweet, romantic song.
September 2, 2017
Now we have a new fairytale movie it's Rapunzel and I found this movie funny I know kids liked this movie because when I saw this in the theater I saw kids laughing it seemed as if they liked it. My favorite character was Flynn Rider he was a cool character! Hear the music as well it is good singing!
September 1, 2017
Not one of the best disney films i've ever seen.
½ August 16, 2017
Tangled has the best computer graphics and visual effects for water and hair animation that any animated movie can ever ask for. The story's not too lazy, but it's also not too shiny. I felt the movie's team did better on the visuals than the creative writing components, and they made the songs (especially the DREAM song) go on for too long, but overall I enjoyed Tangled.
August 6, 2017
Thoroughly enjoyed this. Great story, lots of laughs all the way through. Cute characters, good songs, lots of fun...and Disney looks great with the digital touch. Watch it when you get a chance :)
August 4, 2017
Visually stunning, the 50th Walt Disney Animation is a pleasant return to form with a rich and creative story with a lot of twists.
As well good songs, incredible and vibrant characters like Rapunzel, of course, Eugene or Pascal, a great antagonist, and some beautiful and touching moments. It's the perfect movie for all family to watch!

|It's a 9,0 out of 10|
July 27, 2017
story and characters are interesting, songs are great and animation is nice.
½ July 1, 2017
Only little girls will find a touch of happiness in this thing called a film
½ June 27, 2017
Lots of fun on Disney's subversion of Rapunzel.
June 21, 2017
All Disney Magics will come true :)
June 20, 2017
Tangled is a fun movie to enjoy thanks to it's great voice performances and animation.
June 13, 2017
This movie has a great soundtrack and great acting from Mandy and Zachary. This movie has so much heart! It'll make you want to be a Disney princess.
½ May 31, 2017
While Tangled has a lot of familiar threads to other Disney classics it still has that Disney charm from the characters to the songs.
½ May 30, 2017
Tangled is fun, sappy, and full of those crazy-catchy, instant-classic songs that Disney is famous for. Worth a watch.
May 26, 2017
Walt Disney Animation Studios did a great job for their 50th theatrical feature. Tangled is beautifully animated, greatly scripted, and has a cast of lovable characters.
May 8, 2017
The characters are very funny and likable, the songs are all good fun, and the animation is gorgeously rendered, but the story, as good as it is, feels a bit too similar to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Either way, this was the film that officially proved that Disney is able to make great computer-animated films without the help of Pixar.
May 5, 2017
Other than the great animation I did not enjoy this film. I found some of the characters to be annoying and not funny at all. I didn't enjoy any of the songs and the plot is the same old same old. I could pick this film apart to death but it would make this review too long. I do not recommend you seeing this. See the new Moana instead, it is 100- better.
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