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½ September 4, 2017
Kurt Russell, Mel Gibson, and Michelle Pfeiffer get involved in a convoluted love triangle in this romantic action thriller that smolders with sexual appeal but contrives itself with a ridiculously layered plot. Russell is a cop and Gibson is a career criminal who happen to be life long friends; they both become enamored with Pfeiffer after eating at her restaurant a number of times. There's also a plot about a drug smuggler who Russell is tasked with tracking down with the loyal aide of Gibson. Needless to say things get way out of hand before we get a conclusion; one that leaves us wondering what all of the twists and turns were about. Charismatic performances outshine the ludicrous pacing.
January 26, 2017
Three great actors... one lame movie. I couldn't wait for this bore to end.
January 7, 2017
Cop and former cocaine-smuggling boyhood friend duel over the same woman as the drug pushing friend has troubles from being dragged back to his past occupation. Three top stars of the day headline this well-financed effort. Never reeled me in. Would seek out these stars' other efforts.
½ November 13, 2016
This movie had actors in it that I like, but it was just torture to watch. This might have been the slowest 2 hours of my entire life. I do love some of the cinematography, but the script is just pure garbage. I could not recommend this movie at any cost.
October 16, 2016
This could have been great with a cast this strong, however it was dull and when there was action it was needlessly over-the-top. Rating: 6 / 10
April 5, 2016
Saw this some time ago and it was almost forgettable.
½ October 23, 2015
Its Not Really A Thriller At All But A Character Study Following Two Men And One Woman Through A Very Dull And Dark Passage Of An Almost Like Con Game That Turns Out To Be Nothing In The End And It Tries To Hard With Its Story In The Depth Of What This Romance Movie Is And Where It Will Go From One Stand Of Story To Another,This Isn't A Thriller At All But A Romance Movie With A Silly Hardness To It That Never Becomes Anything Or Inspires Greatness Through The Film, I Found The Film Empty And Out Of Place And Very Out Of Line Not Making Much Sense As Well. "Two Thumbs Down".
July 7, 2015
Some confusing character development and some seriously dated scriptwriting left me hanging and wanting more.
½ March 20, 2015
The shot glass is half empty in this Gibson driven 80's action flick.
½ August 20, 2014
For as seriously as the actors took this it turned out as such a big joke.
½ July 6, 2014
All right lets get this over with, Tequila sunrise. Yes, out of all the Mel Gibson films I was going to watch and this is the one I wanted to see the least. And let me tell you folks, this is one of my boring films of all time. Oh god do I hate this film. This is the first film that I think it's boring instead I like the theme song at the end credits. I love this song but I hated the film. This is definitely one of my least favorites.
½ February 26, 2014
This movie is a real disappointment- I was expecting something here. TEQUILA SUNRISE is an incredibly boring and dull motion picture- the film goes down a seemingly endless alley, and it never deviates. This is the work of Robert Towne, the writer of CHINATOWN. It's also quite dated- almost 30 years out of date. This movie starts off great, but it goes nowhere. Nothing happens at all. Witty dialogue throughout, good performances by Mel Gibson and Michelle Pfeiffer and great cinematography by Conrad Hall, but this is barely watchable material, simply because it's soooooo boring. A movie that is boring is fucked. There is no way out if a movie is boring. That is the lowest of the low in terms of a movie experience- boredom.
January 11, 2014
Good Watch, Good Twist. Mel Gibson Was Immense As Always
½ January 5, 2014
With enough thrills to keep you guessing, Tequila Sunrise rises above the passing level with support from solid performances by Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer and Kurt Russell.
January 2, 2014
A cop gets is assigned to bring in his old high school friend, a drug dealer who is trying to get straight. Complications arise when the two men fall in love with the same woman. This is a lazy depiction of the 80's fast lifestyle, rather disappointing from the man who wrote one of the best screenplays ever with Chinatown. Furthermore, it is a waste of an amazing leading trio with a charisma that could have made this a cult film.
½ August 26, 2013
2013-08-26 confusing and hard to follow for quite a while. but well acted.
July 2, 2013
Remember watching this film, when it came out. And thought it was okay.

But it's a typical bad 80's film, Although it has some good 'Stars' of the day in it.
June 10, 2013
Robert Towne wrote and directed this crime drama that drips with 1980s style and atmosphere, but with the story is a pure 1930s Warner Brothers gangster film, with of two childhood friends, now on the opposite sides of the law and vying for the love of the same woman. Mel Gibson is an ex-con trying to go straight. Kurt Russell is is his childhood best friend, no a crusading cop. Both are vying for the attention of beautiful tough cookie Michelle Pfeiffer. What "Body Heat" was to film noir, this film is to Warner Brothers crime drama. Because of the throwback nature of the story, it's hard for me to objectively look at this film on it's own without geeking out over it's deep roots in classic film. However, Towne knows how to write some sharp dialogue and how to interestingly structure a story, so I believe that taken on it's own, this is a solid piece of filmmaking. There gorgeous photography by Conrad Hall and featuring production design by the great Richard Sylbert. You also get some terrific supporting performances by Raul Julia (who I really miss seeing in movies), JT Walsh and Ann Magnuson to name a few. It's a simply story, but told with an incredible amount of style by those behind the camera and with a considerable amount of charm by those in front of the camera.
April 28, 2013
Slow Burn Romantic, Crime Thriller Which Doesn't Amount To Anything. But I Found It Watchable But Sadly Predictable Which Is A Shame As I Found That This Film Showed Some Promising Material, Which Sadly Doesn't Get Built On.
April 26, 2013
Not a very engaging story
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