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      Texas Killing Fields Reviews

      Jan 30, 2023

      This could have been a good movie but it didn't need to be broken into 3 episodes. Most of the episodes are memorials instead of how they tried to solve the case. Poorly made movie but it could have been very good. It has no consistent flow, it just jumps around all over the place with too much circling back into previous memorials. Poorly done.

      Nov 21, 2022

      A movie with a decent cast trying it's best to make a bad script works.

      Mar 30, 2022

      I enjoyed watching this though it was a big fragmented.

      Jan 24, 2022

      jumps right into things without much explanation or backstory. Also, there were some supporting characters that weren't really needed. The pace and style in which the story is told... it's really weird, it's able to be comprehended but maybe it shouldn't have been. Still, I don't think this was as bad as reviews suggest. I think it could have been better as a season of HBO's True Detective and it would have been better than season two, at least that's the vibe I was getting.

      Apr 9, 2021

      Good performances and ok story. Never been a fan of Moretz but she does alright. Some of the filmmaking itself isn't satisfactory but it weighs out eventually and actually concludes nicely.

      Mar 13, 2021

      Il film di per sè non è malvagio, ma si fatica a seguire la trama poichè alcuni passaggi non sono spiegati abbastanza chiaramente e così pure i dialoghi tra i 3 poliziotti. Inoltre, trattandosi di una storia vera, inspiegabile il fatto di non aggiungere riferimenti e didascalie.

      Feb 18, 2021

      _Texas Killing Fields_ is strangely detached film, in spite of its heavy subject matter: a serial killer who is capturing teenage girls and stashing their bodies in a Texas bayou, and the two cops who are on the case. I think the main problem is lack of character development. I felt like I never got to know any of the characters, with the possible exception of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's cop. And even he was sketchy. The killer is also completely undeveloped. No motivation, no explanation for the crimes. He's little more than a prop. So, without any characters we can relate to or invest in, we get a police procedural with no real story, just procedure. Not quite rotten, but only a two star movie.

      Aug 23, 2020

      Gritty, good, gut wrenching. Good old-fashioned American storytelling covering a tough to watch plot.

      Jun 17, 2020

      I love this cast but they are given nothing to do in this snore inducing supposed suspense film.

      Apr 15, 2020

      With a great cast list, I jumped into this film with enthusiasm. This was met with a complete plot and some of my favorite actors. The plot is difficult to follow and sone scenes seem completely unnecessary and others feel as though there needs to be more details. I wanted to love it but at the end I just ended liking it only. So for this being an ok film with some good action, I give " Texas Killing Fields " a C.

      Mar 22, 2020

      A prime example of taking a highly interesting factual story and completely changing it while simultaneously creating a slow and crappy movie.

      Jan 17, 2020

      It has a raw grittiness that is authentic and really drives the story. Wonderful acting across the board. Great direction and use of locations. Believable dialogue really allows you to get to know the characters The entire movie has an oppressive feel that weighs on you while you watch the movie. Really surprised it is not better rated.

      Jan 2, 2020

      Just watched this on Netflix.. starts off okay and then gets worse.. it's like a bad 90s action movie, many things didnt make sense, (despite the great cast) the acting was really bad and the scenes didn't flow at all.. it's just bad directing imo.

      Nov 10, 2019

      Worst movie ever completely incoherent PERFECT for people with ADHD if you like this film there's your diagnosis … LOL

      Oct 4, 2019

      Not as bad as the reviews say, it's not that bad of a film if you pay attention and follow the interwoven stories

      Sep 8, 2019

      How can anyone give low scores to a movie based on true events. It is a good movie

      Jun 9, 2019

      It has a good atmosphere and realism. I would have liked more development of the murderers, you know almost nothing about them, not even their motivations. The subplot of Chloe Moretz is pure filler. The personalities of the detectives change a lot at the end, and there is no clear explanation. Even with these problems is a good movie

      Feb 3, 2019

      It was just so boring, plodding, and it didn't really develop any narrative characters at all throughout the entire run time. I'm not sure what they were trying to achieve here? When the baddie is revealed, you begin to wonder if you've seen the character before in the entire build-up of the rest of the film - you have, but literally a brief scene or two that's forgettable. Just a very odd, unfocused police procedural that doesn't really proceed in doing anything at all. It's not that it's a dreadful movie, it's just that nothing really happens. Strange to see a fairly big name like Sam Worthington in here. 1.5/5*

      Sep 17, 2018

      Positives: Atmospheric , great cast in particular Worthington/Morgan/Chastain as the homocide cops. Negatives: Over-saturated genre, slow pace, no serial killer back story , under use of Jessica Chastain. TV movie vibe. Many plotholes. Undisguised red herring which you can see coming. Depressing feeling throughout. Some characters unexplained (Jason Clarke). All in all...Pretty average stuff and if your watching for Jessica, she has limited screentime.

      Aug 10, 2018

      To much quality talent here for such a poor film. A criminally underutilized Jessica Chastain, a plodding pace and horrible character development leave this clunker stuck not in the killing fields but in the mud:\

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