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November 5, 2015
So so sex adult comedy about a couple trying to conceive. No Apatow but not too bad
½ January 11, 2015
Unfunny piece of garbage
September 22, 2014
My expectations were fairly low and the story was mediocre but I ended up laughing quite a bit by the end.
½ July 31, 2014
So yeah, The Babymakers pretty much sucked. The plot had potential but was poorly executed, the acting was terrible, and the camerawork was crap. The only thing even remotely decent about this film is that Olivia Munn is in it and her insane levels of hotness don't make the movie worth watching. There are also a few funny parts scattered about but not enough to consistently deliver laughs.
½ July 7, 2014
Oh What Have We Here?? Minimal Laughs, That's What! ..Grown Men Trying To Channel Their Inner Jackass/Superbad Youth To Land With Such Bland, Drab, Tired Comedy.. Everyone Looks Like They'd Rather Be Somewhere Else..And With Good Reason. This Seriously Sucked.
½ June 28, 2014
This movie actually had me laughing at times. I went in with low expectations and was pleasently surprised.
Some good actors and Olivia Munn looked good.
June 13, 2014
For being a comedy.. it isn't very funny..
½ April 4, 2014
it was actually good.
½ March 7, 2014
I love Broken Lizard and I love Jay's directing skills. Nothing like watching all the Lizards together, but still funny.
½ January 10, 2014
Broken Lizard is broken. Skip this one. The plot is contrived and struggles to get from one dick joke to the next.
January 5, 2014
Funny ideas just not executed well at all, there just wasnt enough laughs it a comedy.
December 30, 2013
Not the worst comedy out there, but it doesn't offer much in laughs or story.
½ November 6, 2013
Wow, the professional reviews of this movie are absolutely brutal. About as brutal as anything I've ever seen (I think Movie 43 or whatever it was had worse reviews). It's the Super Trooper guys...Broken Lizard. And Super Troopers was funny maybe the first few times I watched it, then got old. The rest of their movies have been terrible. This, I thought, was slightly comical, but lame in many regards.

Schneider is typically not a bad actor. He's terrifically awkward and plays that same guy in all his movies. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. smokeshow but she can't act. She's distracting in both ways. One, I don't care that she can't act, but two, every scene that relies on her is weak. Finally, the Broken Lizard guys are not that good. Farva will forever be Farva. I guess they're an American comedy troupe. I guess...

I suppose not the worst premise: couple trying to get pregnant, he finds out he is infertile, he tries to recover a donation he made years ago at a sperm bank. That's as realistic as it gets. So many times, the story is furthered by something ridiculous. I have little patience for that more than once in a movie, but then again, one just never know what Ms. Munn would be wearing in the next scene. That and I did laugh a few times. But I totally see where all the hate is coming from.
September 26, 2013
An interesting heist; very funny!
½ September 23, 2013
despite Mark from Parks and Rec and Sloan from Newsroom starring in this, it was rather painful watching.
September 14, 2013
Same group from super troopers. How could it not be funny?
August 30, 2013
very blah but decent enough cannon fodder of a film, some bits are funny though not a total waste of my time!
Super Reviewer
½ August 16, 2013
I did NOT have high hopes for this, but it turned out that I enjoyed it. Not the best movie around, but it definitely produced more than a few laugh-out-loud chuckles from me...
½ August 14, 2013
This Movie Is Hilarious I Loved It,However Probably My 4th Favorite Outta The 5 Broken Lizard Films!
July 11, 2013
The comedy "The Babymakers" did not inseminate me with a sheer comedic orgasmic sensation, but it did have its feel good moments. The movie was directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, who also helmed the 2011 cult hit "Super Troopers". And undoubtedly, he needed some super troopers for "The Babymakers" ride as the film did include some extreme gross out moments. The movie stars Paul Schneider as Tommy Macklin, a suburban professional who is married to the beautiful Audrey, portrayed by the beautiful Olivia Munn. After three years of marriage, Tommy & Audrey decide to plan out a conceived plan of having a baby; however, after 9 months of constant sex, not an embryo in sight. Tommy & Audrey decide to visit a fertility clinic to alleviate Tommy's shooting blanks situation; when its discovered that Tommy has a low sperm count, Tommy goes to all ends (not literally of course) to sperm it out, including planning a heist to a sperm clinic to seize his donated sperm of a few years back. Chandrasekhar's concept of the narrative was enticing and had a few comedic risers throughout the film, but when he incorporated too many silly slapstick scenes it caused it to lose its potency and authenticity. The climax of the movie was not too enthralling either. The supporting players in "The Babymakers" included Tommy's crazy friends; Kevin Hefferman played Tommy's chubby obnoxious pal Wade, and another Tommy peep was the stoned-out Zig-Zag played by Nat Faxon. Chandrasekhar himself has a supporting role in the movie portraying the "over the top" Indian theft-orchestrator for-hire Ron Jon. Peter Gaulke & Gerry Swallow's screenplay of the movie was tough to swallow at times, but then again it did have its good vibrations when it tried not to be so exposing; but then again, it did come from the screenwriter team of "Peter Swallow". Moving right along! The acting of the picture really did not give birth to any performances to laud about, but it did carry on in a mediocre fashion. Sure, somebody should have babysitted "The Babymakers" more to make it a better film, but it is marginally worthy enough for you and your baby to check out; especially if you are into semen, I mean seeing men look silly on film.
*** Average
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