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September 17, 2015
Anthony Hopkins is the titular character, hired to straighten the kinks in an industrial town mainstay going under down under. At the same time his own marriage is going south as well. Can he turn the shoe factory around, save the jobs of the curiously eccentric locals who depend on the economy the plant provides and keep his self-esteem intact? And what about those locals, eh, what breed of animal are they? The answers to these questions are what make this particular clock tick and its in viewing the working of it that pleasure is gained. Toni Collette, Russell Crowe and Ben Mendelsohn, name stars now, all contribute freshman efforts here, which is one reason to see this, but the overall redemptive tone of the work is satisfactory all on its own.
½ March 28, 2014
The Efficiency Expert is a decent film. It is about an expert on productivity shows wacky workers in 1966 Australia how to run their moccasin factory like clockwork. Anthony Hopkins and Ben Mendelsohn give good performances. The script is a little slow in places. Mark Joffe did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama.
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February 21, 2014
"An everyday story about loyalty, betrayal, lust and footwear."

The Efficiency Expert is an extremely lame movie on most levels. It has a few things going for it, like Anthony Hopkins who is really good and Russell Crowe in a very early and small role. It's easy to see why I had never heard of this film before. It's pretty unlikable. The characters outside of Hopkins' are terrible, the story is a mess, and it's all rather dull, weird and for long periods, extremely boring. The only thing that keeps it going is Hopkins.

Errol Wallace is an efficiency expert who goes into businesses that are failing and figures out what they need to do to start making money again. Most the time, that means downsizing. The main story is Wallace going to a Moccasin factory, where the owner is very loyal to his employees. Then there's little love stories going on and a side story with Wallace and his partner getting backlash for firings at another factory.

The Efficiency Expert isn't worth the short hour and twenty nine minute runtime, unless you're like me and just want to see everything Anthony Hopkins has ever done. If you're not a completist, then this is definitely one to skip. 
December 28, 2013
full of clichĂ (C)s. Hopkins looks bored, Crowe's arrogance steals the show in his small role.
½ April 2, 2013
Nice Aussie flick. Dennis Schwartz criticized it for being like the Ealing Studio Brit flicks of the 40s and 50s, but in my opinion that's a compliment. Like this movie, they were quiet, warm little pics about human values--goodness, helping your fellow man and the humor in living--feel good movies that were truly entertaining, and that's what films are supposed to do for us. Seeing very young stars Russell Crowe and Toni Collette was icing on the cake. And Anthony Hopkins is always worth seeing.
October 11, 2012
Perhaps I am overrating this by a wee bit, but I was immediately won over by the movie's labour-conscious plot and, of course, Mr Hopkins, delivering yet another delightfully-subdued performance. One of the greatest complaints any movie can have is that it isn't long enough--I wanted to see so much more, even if the story is tied up quite nicely in a bow.
January 12, 2012
Unheard of yet with Anthony hopkins and Russell Crowe (birthday present) and actually half decent
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November 6, 2011
Pretty lame for a film that had some top notch familiar faces in their earlier careers. Such a waste...but I guess that they had to start somewhere.
½ September 9, 2011
good well acted drama about down-sizing
August 15, 2011
My home town - Melbourne - enjoyable movie as well.Great to see the early days of successful actors - Especially Toni Collete. Angela Punch McGregor, Rebeca Rigg, Ben Mendelsohn and even Russell Crowe playing his own personality. They were keen, hungry, naturally talented young adults that time has shown were able to continue distinguishing themselves from among the crowd.
November 13, 2010
This is an often overlooked but very charming film with excellent performances from the cast.
September 13, 2009
A movie that fits a current economic climate, showing the way to save a non-performing factory.
February 6, 2009
lovely story and one too look out for. excellent crowe and hopkins.
½ February 3, 2009
An obvious tale of the melting of an icy heart. Anthony Hopkins plays an efficiency expert who sees employees as just another resource to cut if they get in the way of the bottom line. When he's hired by a failing show company he actually gets to meet and understand the workers and realises they aren't just a cost on a spreadsheet.

A bit schmaltzy and sentimental, and you have to know where this is going very early on, but watchable nonetheless.
November 22, 2008
Trevlig och mycket snÀll komedi om en effektivitetsexpert (Hopkins) som kommer till en nedlÀggningshotad, mycket ineffektiv, fabrik och blir omvÀnd. Lite vÀl enkel, men ÀndÄ sevÀrd.
½ June 26, 2008
A simple comedy, with a very human touch. A great cast really help build the layers, and the story of people over business - while it may not blow you away - is well handled.
March 25, 2008
i just love this movie, so aussie. totally love ben mendelsohn, i miss seeing these great oz actors on a regular basis, well except russ of course who is everywhere
January 30, 2008
This is a minor comedy, in the style of Ealing films from the 1950s, of the little man against the bureaucrats.
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