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November 29, 2017
As to be expected, the book by the original Jeanette Walls far outweighs the movie when it comes to detail and emotion. This true story of the life of Jeanette Walls shows what she had to endure with her dysfunctional and abusive family. With no rules, boundaries and very little food and money, Jeanette and her siblings tried to make the best of their parent's disorganized lifestyle. Naomi Watts and Woody Harrelson did a fantastic job as Mr. and Mrs. Walls, but the movie leaves out many instances in which the parents were much more neglectful than the movie displayed. Most everything Mr. and Mr. Walls did that was described by the book in detail seemed sugar coated. If you have never read the book you would perceive the parents merely as free spirits but you would not know the real extent of the things that Jeanette, Lori, Maureen, and Brian had to endure. This movie was slightly unorganized and confusing at times and if you didn't want to be lost you would have to pay close attention. The Glass Castle tugs at your heartstrings but I feel that had more detail and some of the real life instances of neglect by the parents been added it would have been much better.
½ November 26, 2017
The movie pales in comparison to the book. Many of the key actions of the parents can be missed and make the parents just look like free spirits. For example, the truck ride during their move details should have been included to show the fear in the kids when having to experience the danger of their parents ignorance. Also, they didn't show how the girl saved all her dollars before her dad stole it. I was disappointed with the movie, Woody did amazing but felt the movie could have been more powerful if they didn't do the switching back n forth so much...ljust stuck with the books narrative.
November 25, 2017
Gripping human story. One movie that lives up to the book.
November 23, 2017
Great acting. Story was not interesting all the way, only at the beginning.
November 18, 2017
Adaptation de l'autobiographique éponyme, The Glass Castle est émouvant et dispose d'un casting très convaincant mais ne parvient jamais réellement à rendre justice à son sujet d'origine.
November 17, 2017
Not nearly as good as the book but the thing that makes this movie so good is Woody Harrelson's performance as it was incredible and easily the best part of the film
November 17, 2017
Bautiful Beautiful Movie. I goes deep, very deep into the heart of the family. You can see the father and the mother, struggling into their inner problems as they see life goes by, not doing wht they supposed to, what they in the inside wanted to be,, just as we do all the time, figthing our inner fights with things that we keep but we know are not good for us, and make us not good, and as the time goes by, just lose things, time, people, and great actions for that.

I love how the girl, besides his parents ugly and very bad problems, just seems to forget all that, and love them for the all what make them who they are, keeping good things above all, and also realice of how she is so like his dad in many ways.
November 14, 2017
It?s totally hard to beat this book, but this movie did a fantastic job. The book is still better, but this movie does not leave a whole lot out.
November 14, 2017
A compelling story and performances, but needs an umphf to make it a masterpiece.
November 13, 2017
Woody Harrelson at his best, must have to have been good acting because I sure was felling really sorry for the kids. James Welch 11/13/2017
November 12, 2017
Good performances from Woody Harrelson and Brie Larson
½ November 12, 2017
The Glass Castle is a great film empowered by strong cast performances and captivating visuals, but it fails to offer deep emotions although it is based on Wall's remarkable memoir.
November 12, 2017
Love movies about humanity. This was a very big eye-opening taste of reality. Exceptional acting by all!
½ November 11, 2017
Excellent, very moving movie. Terrific cast. Woody Harrelson at his finest. Deserves much higher rating than 49%.
November 11, 2017
Don't believe the critics....good movie..great acting!! Loved Woody Harrelson!
½ November 11, 2017
Minus the virtue signaling about race issues it was entirely watchable.
½ November 9, 2017
I felt that it was a tad bit unorganized. I also had a lot of unanswered questions, but still, this film reached somewhere deep inside of me. I love it. It was beautiful.
½ October 30, 2017
A touch hammy, overacted, with universally dislikeable characters throughout. It's a good, well written story but watch last year's Captain Fantastic instead. It's a thousand times better, and a lot lot more fun.
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