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½ February 21, 2019
Slow buildup to a tense ending
½ February 18, 2019
I wish I could leave negative reviews. This is the worst movie I´┐ 1/2(TM)ve ever seen. I didn´┐ 1/2(TM)t know what the fuck the plot was ever. I have no idea what I just watched, just random pieces of information. The cinematography was so dramatic, they tried way too hard to look like the shit. It was embarrassing. Waste of time. Useless and boring characters. No action until the last 20 minutes. Should have stopped watching it after five minutes. Don´┐ 1/2(TM)t waste your time watching this pos film.
February 10, 2019
Twist was not too bad though very end was poor. Acting decent.
February 7, 2019
Depressing with no relief and no redeeming qualities. Awful
½ February 4, 2019
This was a big waste of time watching this movie. The only reason I finished it was because my husband kept saying something was bound to happen. Terribly written, horrible acting, and I really can´┐ 1/2 1/2 1/2(TM)t believe the got backing to make this crap of a movie. ´┐ 1/2 1/2 1/2'´┐ 1/2 1/2 1/2' (C)
½ February 3, 2019
What makes a psychological thriller great is that it is unpredictable. This movie isn't. The slow burn and great acting by Logan Marshall Green (Will) was perfect. Off topic, Logan should definitely play Tom Brady's brother in a movie. Getting back to the subject...the problem with many psychological thrillers that fail to be worthwhile is the writers aren't smart enough. They need to set up the scene to get to the scary ending and they create unrealistic parts to lead the characters to their carnage. Or at least that is what they did in "The Invitation". No one would embarrass themselves at a dinner party and then not leave immediately. While some may stay after watching a weird video, most wouldn't. Bringing me to the major fault of the video, it was too unrealistic in critical parts. Those awkward parts were too awkward to continue as normal but I am guessing they needed to extend the movie time. They could have filled some of the gaps with the back story of the individuals if they needed to kill time. The characters also seemed more like strangers than old friends who have been reunited. Maybe they should have started in the past and then come to the future two years later.
January 29, 2019
Just like Will, I was left questioning whether my suspicions were real or imagined for nearly the whole movie. This film encapsulates perfectly how tragedy and grief affect people differently, and ensures that audience members will trust their gut the next time they feel something isnÔ(TM)t right.
½ January 20, 2019
It's just too slow.
January 6, 2019
This deserves 100%. Tense, creepy as hell - terrifying!
½ January 3, 2019
"The Invitation" is a solid slow burn thriller that has a lot of eerily tense buildup. From the moment this movie starts, you feel that something isn't quite right. However, the movie goes back and forth and made me feel unsure about how it was going to play out. It eventually does lead up to a tension-filled sequence but not knowing what will happen creates a genuinely tense atmosphere throughout the movie. Since the movie has a lot of build up, it feels like the payoff comes a bit late and that makes the movie drag in places. I also felt the dialogue wasn't always the most convincing. Despite these two flaws, I enjoyed watching this movie and thought it was a tense and well-made thriller.
½ January 1, 2019
I loved this film! While there are quite a few characters to keep track of, the dialogue manages to flesh them out enough so that (spoilers!) when they die, I cared - which I though was quite impressive what with, as I said, the fact that there are many characters. And while it took a while to get to the really dramatic parts, the wait was suspenseful, and the climax thrilling. I'm scared of houses now!!
December 29, 2018
Really slow movie. Wasted my time.
December 22, 2018
One of several psychological thriller/horror films of mid 2010s that is not boring and quite beautiful.
½ December 12, 2018
Give me back my 1.4 hours please
½ December 7, 2018
An often bizarre and glacially slow film with a so-so twist ending. The payoff isn't really worth the wait.
½ December 5, 2018
Phenomenal watch. Great movie overall.
½ December 1, 2018
It takes most of its time trying to be suspenseful and mysterious, it tries to make you care about the main character's grief, but it ruins itself when it turns into a cult horror film in the third act. It destroys everything it was built up upon in the first two acts.
November 11, 2018
Is started off kinda "strange" but once the movie continues, and the plot twist takes place, it starts to all make sense....I only took away one star because that freaky actor "Lynch" aka John Carrol made his way into this overall masterpiece of a horror film(I REALLY despise him in any and EVERYmovie he plays in lol) but it was a really good movie ;)
½ November 4, 2018
Unbelievably bad. How this has 70% or more on rotten tomatoes is beyond me.
Slow, unrealistic, and just dumb.
October 25, 2018
Truly one of the most tedious and boring movies i've ever watched. If you're looking for an LA movie with a predictable plot, an hour and a half of bad buildup, boring scenes of actors sitting in a room and commentating on how expensive the wine is, then by all means, go ahead. The actors were goo though. The secrets were unveiled in the most unoriginal way -- actor getting angry and finally spilling the beans to a room full of people ?? where have you seen this before? everywhere. -- If you're looking for a fun horror movie that will scare you for days, look elsewhere. Possibly one of the worst movies i've ever seen.
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