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June 18, 2017
Sua opulência praticamente grita: "Ei Oscar, olhe para mim.". Apesar da dimensão do contexto histórico, o diretor Tom Hooper evita grandes gestos em favor de reproduzir a história como um pequeno conto pessoal, sobre a superação de medos e ansiedades de um monarca, que tem problemas com a fala. Hooper consegue desvincular o ar de chatice que paira em filmes épicos, e da contornos sutis e delicados que ao decorrer ficam extremamente agradáveis, fica claro o potencial artístico do qual o cinema é capaz.
½ June 17, 2017
The King's Speech is a good movie, but that's it, it does not exceed the limit of a video, it has its merits, but when you think about the possibilities and even the possibilities of the cinema, "the Kings" does not exceed anything .

It is all done on a very shallow scale, a video made to satisfy and respond to the orders of those who asked or even to follow the course of the 2000s, which generated a line of biblio-cinematographic achievements on the reigns, especially the English royalty.
Even the performances follow the same rhythm, Colin Firth is fine, but we know of his ability, honestly here, it was not the time to receive his Oscar as best actor.

Geoffrey Rush goes further, which is the great relief of the film, his good character, can follow a rhythm of his own, but nothing more than something great, and we know that Rush is an excellent actor.

Perhaps this strangeness of being only good is justified by the direction of Tom Hooper, who is more accustomed to television accomplishments, which we can check in "King ...", not only because it is a closed script in internal locations, with a lighting Very clear and at the same time very artificial, but mainly for punctuating plans and against plans, a simple work almost lazy that the TV uses to simplify to the maximum and make clear what is talked about and with whom one talks, not opening spaces for Reflections and possibilities.

Apart from this the scenarios, especially where we have the presence of the character "Lionel Logue", is a clear reference of old age and decomposition that conversely give beauty to the film, however, Hopper (specifically close to the characters seated), abuses in wanting to present Such scenarios with cutouts that even work, but that used too much, tiring and only show that they are there like figurative form of a little explored world.
½ June 4, 2017
The best part of The King's Speech was its acting. As a character drama, the success of the film hinged on Firth's performance and he delivers. The script felt sound as character interactions were interesting and had progression. At the end of the day The King's Speech is a well-made straightforward feel good movie. The film never felt the need to have any flashy moments, but I would have liked just a little something special or memorable to cap it all off this solid period piece.
½ May 31, 2017
This movie will capture you. A respectful, wonderful performance and film showcasing a great monarch in a hard time.
May 10, 2017
Great film! Colin Firth gives possibly his greatest performance ever. Geoffrey Rush is also fantastic. This movie has you engaged from the very beginning in a subject matter that could be boring, that speaks to the great directing from Tom Hooper who did a great job with this movie. A well deserved 4 Oscar wins.
May 5, 2017
been a while since i seen it, could use a rewatch
April 30, 2017
Colin Firth arguably gives his best performance in his career in this masterfully directed film, loaded with humour and poignancy.
April 14, 2017
While watching this movie, it keeps me so interested in the progress of the lead, a real heartwarming movie!
February 28, 2017
It starts out slow, and only gets slower, but Colin Firth brings his best to the leading role.
February 12, 2017
No complaints here. Fan of the monarchy or not, here is a movie wherein the viewer is unavoidably engaged and routing for the aristocratic underdog. Brilliant performances by Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush & Co.
February 9, 2017
Not too bad for a tv movie. Good acting. If this wasn't some sort of important person, not sure there would be any interest in it. It goes well with the lost prince or the forgotten prince, the story of his brother afflicted with epilepsy. Meh, inbreeding. The royals solved that problem in the last two generations.
February 9, 2017
Not too bad for a tv movie. Good acting. If this wasn't some sort of important person, not sure there would be any interest in it. It goes well with the lost prince or the forgotten prince, the story of his brother afflicted with epilepsy. Meh, inbreeding. The royals solved that problem in the last two generations.
February 7, 2017
Great film. Can see why this won the oscar. So well made and Colin firth is amazing in it
February 1, 2017
Had a good plot and storyline to it. Really liked it!
½ January 20, 2017
O Discurso do Rei é um filme ótimo. Consegue tratar da gagueira do Rei George VI e ainda deixar espaço para dramas familiares, problemas políticos e a II Guerra Mundial, envolvendo todos os aspectos sociais e políticos da época. A ambientação é perfeita e vívida, dando quase para sufocar com a neblina carvão de Londres. Geoffrey Rush deu um show e conseguiu trazer alegria para essa história de superação carregada de sentimentos fortes. Colin Firth fez por merecer o seu Oscar de Melhor Ator e Helena Bonham Carter , nossa eterna Bellatrix, atua com o olhar. Com certeza é um filme para admirar.
½ January 18, 2017
This was such an interesting movie! I decided to finally watch it in the most fitting period, as I have recently watched "The Crown" TV series and the Royal family is now one of my latest obsessions. Period dramas are always a favorite pass time of mine, and monarchies and royals always fascinated me, so all I'm trying to say is that there could never have been a better time for me to watch this movie. I loved every frame of it and every second of it was pure agony. Firth managed to portray the whole scale of King George's emotions and all whilst showing us the true nature of the man's problem. Rush was simply amazing and Bonham Carter was astonishing in her supporting role. I love art when it depicts the human side of the royals and this movie does so with the outmost repsect. It was really interesting, very well made and brilliantly directed! I loved it!
January 11, 2017
A story of how one great man took tremendous fear and personal struggles and found the necessary courage to fight evil in the most critical of times. The true story alone is enough to make it outstanding, but the acting and all the parts that went into making this movie a work of art bring it to an entirely new level. Absolutely flawless.
January 5, 2017
Colin Firth guides the film, with the steady direction of Hooper, with an honest and moving dramatization that results in an entertaining drama.

Whether you're grounded on history or not, the on-screen narrative of the Duke of York (Colin Firth) is still attractive to watch because of Firth He takes the role and makes it his own, portraying a debilitating stammer with a sincere tone. As a result, we see a character that's complex and defeated even when he's at his most secured.

We also see that supporting character Geoffrey Rush, who plays the Kings
speech therapist, is a great blend with Firth. When they share the screen together they are effortless, humorous, and unpretentious. They play the student-teacher relationship well, and it's entertaing to watch the dedicated-teacher-and-challenging-student element unfold.
½ January 4, 2017
Nice and elegant picture about self-superation and friendship that counts with great interpretations, photography and artistic direction. I give a particular merit to this movie because for me (not very monarchic and living in a time where kings are just decorative figures), it was difficult to assume that a king´s speech can be important for nation, but the movie achieves to make you think it is (and also, makes you suffer with the task and circumstances of the main character). A good work, for me not the best of the year, but an interesting one.
December 31, 2016
Deserve to see it twice
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