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½ September 22, 2018
Reinforces every bad aspect of society. And the acting sucks
September 22, 2018
This movie really shows how caring for someone can really change your life
September 20, 2018
The ending was not as expected
September 19, 2018
I did watch it beginning to end, and some scenes were legit enjoyable, but for the most part this is pretty bad. On occasion it's "so bad it's good", but most of the time it's just bad. It's ridiculously over-acted by the entire ensemble and tries to amp up "the feels" in very unnecessary and contrived ways.
½ September 18, 2018
I have never wanted to stab out my own eyeballs. However, after seeing this teenage girl`s atrocious fantasy, I can safely say that I have wanted to stab out my own eyeballs. The protagonist`s priorities are completely out of order. (Spoiler alert) Every friend I talked to said they were so offended that Lee didn`t forgive Elle even though she offered him ``apology ice cream``. May I remind everyone that she was SLEEPING WITH HIS BROTHER? I think he had every right to be angry. Aside from that can of worms, the concept was trite and the execution was garbage. With respect to the actors, who somehow held it together despite the appalling quality of the film, this movie is nothing more than disgusting manipulation of its teenage audience.
September 18, 2018
Miraculously, I managed to watch the film until the end even though it is utterly terrible.
½ September 16, 2018
This movie got nothing on To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Laughed at it. Just horrible. That driving in the rain on the motorcycle was cringe worthy.
½ September 14, 2018
The kissing Booth is an amazing romcom. I highly recommend it
September 14, 2018
Exactly what I want from a teen romance. I was embarrassed for the hunk a little and it was hard to believe but who cares, i loved it. She's adorable. He's gorgeous and his brother would be if they weren't standing next to each other. The guiltiest pleasure.
½ September 12, 2018
Bleh. So, I'm starting to wonder what perv working for Netflix is pushing and marketing this kind of garbage for teens.
First, the male love interest is the brawling, over-sexed "bad boy" that our fun loving, motherless main character can change to a committed, love struck softy. Somehow, after all those wild hookups and messing around with whatever girl he can get his hands on and violently beating on anyone he disagrees with, he just switches and becomes SOOO committed to and in love with little sister-ish Elle. Can we just stop with that whole I'm-the-girl-who-can-change-him plot? It's so cliche and unrealistic.
And Elle, the lead character - did she ever wear clothes? For someone who had never been kissed, she was pretty quick to strip down every chance she got. In fact, she was quick to do everything. She doesn't drink - next scene she's slamming drunk and dancing on a table, stripping and telling everybody she wants to go skinny dipping. She's never been kissed - After her first kiss, she decides to have sex with Mr. Bad Boy the first night they decide to be a couple. And where the heck was her dad in all this? She didn't go home overnight on at least two occasions and does dad care? Nope. Nothing. And Noah's parents? Derp. Derpity derp derp. They're never around. They never know what he's doing. Good parenting, right there.
So many things are ridiculous because they give teenagers a false impression of reality. Having never been kissed, it's doubtful the main character was on birth control, but no problem. She just goes all the way with some guy completely unplanned and things will be fine. And, you know, it was all just great and wonderful the first time even though she's like the size of a six year old and completely new to the whole physical relationship thing and he's at least six foot and slept with every girl in his high school. And they're outside on the ground. Sooo romantic.
And then, my favorite message of all to teen girls - Elle has just confessed how much she loves Noah, handed over her virginity to him like she's sharing an eighty cent candy bar, and hurt her best friend (who was constantly picked on and tortured by Noah) to be with him, but when Noah leaves she's all, "Meh, if things work out with him or if they don't, whatever. It's all goooood." Because, you know girls, you should put out for the guy you like and not really get too attached or expect a deeper commitment because sex means nothing and it's cool to, like, let some hot dude use you (sarcasm).
I won't go into detail over the "mean/popular girls" and how they were just sort of thrown in because every teen movie does that and I won't babble on about how the main characters were all well off and living in L.A. because that's the only place where anything ever happens, I won't discuss how Noah somehow gets into Harvard though we see little evidence of good behavior, good grades, or extracurricular activities besides hooking up with girls, getting into fights, and boozing (we never even know what Noah wants to go to college for even though he's off to a prestigious school like Harvard easy peasy. SUCH good character development), and I won't expound on how Elle looked utterly mismatched next to Noah and how anybody who saw them kissing in the airport would have gotten the wrong idea and called CPS. Never mind, I did talk about all those things. Whoops. Sorry.
This was so dumb on so many levels. Skip it.
½ September 9, 2018
Let me paint you a picture. Imagine going on a first date with the most popular girl in school. Imagine if you were lactose intolerant. Now imagine your extra milky milkshake was laced with 2000 laxative tablets and the nearest toilet was her families main bathroom which has no flush. And you shit so hard you destroy the toilet, sink, bath tub, and their cat and their gerbil. Imagine sitting there whilst the parents, ambulance, social media all find out about that. I'd rather do that every day then watch this movie again.

Hear my warning.

Might just save a life
½ September 8, 2018
Cringey and unoriginal
September 7, 2018
The bad plots and cheesed-out dialogues, made all the talents, hot bods, and fancy sets go to a dumpster
½ September 7, 2018
Absolute fail. If I could give negative stars, I would.
½ September 7, 2018
First of all, I want to present the movie "The kissing booth"
The director of the Kissing booth is Vince Marcello, this movie is a romance film and it was filmed in Cape town on Sudafrica and also they filmed in Hollywood.

As I wrote the background was Hollywood and the principal actors and actress are Jacob Elordi, Joey King and Molly Ringwald. Well, they also performed pretty well because there is a part in the movie where the girl has to exercise and then eat a hamburger and they say that after eating the hamburger she threw up for making so many shots of that part of the movie and we can say of that that she worked harder to not spoil the movie.

Focusing on the topic of how the movie was, i think that the movie was so funny and interesting because it isn't was like other films, it was original and nothing cliche.

I expected a lot more, I think Netflix could have made a much better movie if it had another return to the plot. After the trailer I expected a more entertaining movie. And it's not that it's a complete trick, but for me, what does not work is the plot, because it is the typical comedy of teenagers who have their grace if they did not have such a boring plot. It's very predictable. In favor, he says there are some funny scenes, but I think it's because of the actors, which are not as bad as the script.

Talking about special effects, they were nothing special but it isn't bad so was good but not perfect but I love the emotional effects because was so good.

If I am going to put on a scale this movie from 1 to 10 I will put 8 of 10 because the movie was not perfect but was so beautiful and enjoy so much also the fans of this movie will be happy because this movie has a lot of fans and I think that deserves it.

Teenagers should see this movie because they will have fun and they really enjoy it because a lot of they will identify with themselfs.

The message is that friendship is something very important and do not disappoint a person who has been with you for a long time.

by Gabriela

Joey King has been seen also in other movies like "Slenderman", "Ramona and Beezus" as little, "Quarantine" and others. Jacob Elordi was seen in "Swinging Safari" and "Euphoria". Joel Courtney was seen in "The river thief", "Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn" and others.

Elle Evans is a student of high school but she hasn't kissed. For a collect she and her best friend Lee, decide to make a Kissing Booth. Elle and Lee have some best friends rules, the number nine its "relatives are OFF-limits" and the number ten it's "NEVER break the rule number nine". So when Noah Flynn (Lee´s Brother) and Elle kissed, they knew that they are in love with each other, so they start to date in secret. Elle needs to decide between her best friend or boyfriend.

The movie soundtrack it's very cool because they created their own songs for this movie, in my opinion the best scene it's when Elle and Lee are dancing in a game room and playing at the dance machine. I don't like to much the special effects because they aren't realistics, like when Noah and Elle kissed and they start to do rounds on circle so isn't realistic. This movie can makes you cry if you are sensible and you have passed some situation like this one.

In scale of 1 to 10 I give a 9 because I don't like some effects. In stars I give the movie 5 stars. The fans were to happy and the movie its popular at Netflix right now. People needs to watch this movie if they like the real relationships around the boy best friend of the girl, and the girl. Also if you like the romantic comedies. You're going to love watching this film.
September 3, 2018
Un guion que parece haber sido escrito hace 28 aņos, puede aburrir, puede que reproduzca estereotipos ridiculos en el mundo actual en el que vivimos, tal vez la usen para dar la clase de salud sexual en las escuelas religiosas
September 3, 2018
Sexist, confusing, terrible plot, terrible message, bad acting. This movie isn't all sorts of terrible. Also I just have to put it out there, how in the world did an abusive idiot who skips school constantly (Noah) get into Harvard??? Again just all around terrible!!
September 2, 2018
I love romcoms / even teen romcoms - I give most romantic comedies a solid shot. This seemed to be directed specifically towards the young teen crowd, so much so that at 25 I was physically cringing and had to stop watching. Awful acting, terrible jokes, and cheesy punch lines.
½ September 2, 2018
I cannot fathom how anyone could enjoy this movie. The relationship depicted is one of manipulation and abuse, along with the general treatment of Elle by her peers. She is literally assaulted on campus and the writer still has her forgive her assaulter?? Noah is so controlling and violent, but that does not seem to phase Elle, which shows the lack of care the writer has to portray a healthy relationship. I had to stop watching the film once Noah screamed at her to get in the car. No one should ever scream at someone like that and be able to get away with it?? Time and time again Noah proves himself to be a toxic person in Elle's life, but no one bats an eye or confronts his mistreatment of her. The only redeemable quality in this sexist trash film is how bad ass Elle is and her friendship with Lee, which proves that guys and girls can be friends without romance becoming a key to their relationship. I strongly urge women to look at the red flags that come up with the way the guys in the film treat Elle and be wary, that is not how others should be treated.
½ September 2, 2018
Terrible storyline and unlikable characters
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