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½ September 19, 2017
Solid, intense, violent, well-performed, and well written.
September 19, 2017
A captivating and intriguing story with a very unexpected but thrilling ending.
½ September 17, 2017
Every three seconds, we were reminded of sexism. I thought, ok, the director has a real problem with women's roles back then. That's fine. But it actually goes right to the end - "You think a woman can pull off this?" and other jabs. Girls were underestimated back then. We get it. Just seems like virtue signalling to me. It was actually painful to watch, because it was so poorly scripted at times.
September 17, 2017
Quite simply put, this blew me away.
½ September 16, 2017
'The Limehouse Golem' is an engaging thriller which despite being a little under-written is very enjoyable.
½ September 15, 2017
A good storyline and well acted. The only downer was the was it jumped back and forth in time continually. I'd watch it again
½ September 13, 2017
A mediocre costume film based on Jack the Ripper story with a above average actress. Surprising creations, poor stage design and even worse editing, but I did not expect anything more.
September 12, 2017
A straight up detective/murder mystery, that brings nothing new to the table, and has some predictable plot twists.
September 12, 2017
Good film, very cleverly dramatised and kept me interested throughout. Fantastic acting.
September 11, 2017
Limehouse Golum is a well-constructed murder mystery only let down by an unnecessarily confusing climax.
½ September 11, 2017
and that name was crap.other than sing a decent tune I could not believe Olivia cooke was capable of hurting a glove puppet and bill nighy can play bill nighy quite well.
September 10, 2017
Really enjoyed this. The right amount of effects and anticipation with excellent characters and acting. Much more thought provoking and interesting than the average mainstream film!
½ September 10, 2017
A proper scare fest, with a quite decent twist!
September 9, 2017
Before Jack the Ripper,was The Limehouse Golem. I love Victorian time. So much dark,overpopulated and dirty with plenty of rats,anything could be happened in this place. Plus the performance of De Lino " Here we are Again" ,great match
September 9, 2017
Superb script, excellent acting with a sublime storyline. Faultless. I was cast back to Victorian London.
½ September 9, 2017
Gripping suspense even if you guess the ending ahead of time. Great art direction, costumes and ambient scenery. Believable dialogue and performances by all the main actors too, therefore all in all, above average.
September 8, 2017
I've been looking for a good british horror to rival the likes of From Hell and I think this one does the job nicely. It did seem a little sluggish in places but had a good plot twist and plenty of great actors. This would really appeal to fans of blood and gore too. It was a little hard to ignore the complete lack of any black people however.
September 7, 2017
Overblown and tedious.
½ September 6, 2017
You'd never guessed that this film, a Sherlock Holmes-esque mystery with a tinge of Hammer Horror, is directed, rather ably in fact, by a Floridian with the name of Juan Carlos Medina, though the other pedigree of the film are thoroughly British. Intelligently and sumptuously adapted by Jane Goldman based on a novel by Peter Ackroyd, it also boasts a very capable British cast led by the charismatic and captivating duo of Bill Nighy and Olivia Cooke, with the latter being a particular joy to watch here. A series of macabre murders that the film has no qualms showing, has rocked the Limehouse district of London and Nighy's Detective John Kildare is assigned to find the culprit which the press has christened the Limehouse Golem. Involving characters from the dazzling entertainment business found in the music halls of the time and a certain philosopher called Karl Marx, the script is peppered with social commentaries on very modern themes such as discrimination and inequalities; sexuality and sexism, while providing the very exciting thrills of a whodunit. The frequent use of expositions and suppositions in the narrative structure belies its literary roots but they are calibrated stylishly to avoid making the film too talky and keep the audience guessing of their reliability or is there a sting coming next. While I was totally enchanted until the very end, the film may have got one too clever by half in the final scenes and I come out not totally convinced they all add up. Nevertheless, that minor vexation aside, this is a mostly satisfying romp that subtly manipulates its viewers to great effect in the name of (what else?) Entertainment.
September 5, 2017
Saw this film today with my best friend and my son Bill Nighy did a great job The Limehouse Golem was quite like Whitechapel and Ripper Street I think all 3 of us liked it a lot ?? ?? ?? ????
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