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½ July 8, 2018
7/5/18 I really liked about the first hour of this film. It felt realistic and we were wondering if it was based on a true story. We were doubting it from the beginning, but later it becomes VERY obvious that this is fiction. It gets very cheesy in the second half, and kind of ruins the story. It would have been better if they stuck to the plane story and added more interesting elements to fill up the usual hour and a half.
July 5, 2018
Dont do it to yourself.
½ July 5, 2018
I guess no one cares about her poor fiancée? I totally didn't expect a "love story" to develop between two smelly, cold, and starving people. Hollywood will take any ridiculous chance though to promote the destruction of marriage as an institution, as well as taboo race mixing.
Well, she did get an unexpected bath when she fell through the ice into that lake! I didn't see anyone brushing their nasty teeth after eating cougar like a piece of chicken. Cougar must be a delicacy! I bet it's not gamey at all. They seemed to get sexier the more they trekked. Finding a cabin complete with a bed too! Wow, what are the odds. All that and still having the strength left to get a little forbidden lust quenched. I just sat there thinking, "What a slut!". I mean really, that's total slut behavior. The dog had a more developed character than the man betrayed and cuckolded by his fiancée. Poor guy! He tries to be supportive. He told her he would always love her even if she came back missing limbs. Don't worry about that, bro, instead she had an extra one inside of her. Now things won't be the same and your devotion means nothing compared to her lust. Good one, Hollywood.
July 4, 2018
For a survival story there sure is a lot of napping and chatting.
July 4, 2018
My husband and I absolutly loved this movie. It was so much better then I expected. My only regret is that I saw it on cable and not at the movie theater.
June 30, 2018
I liked it but didn't love it, an average survival romance.
½ June 27, 2018
Labored and boring, The Mountain Between Us is a soap opera in the snow that fritters away the time and talents of Kate Winslet and Idris Elba for all the wrong reasons.
June 23, 2018
This could have been a great satire; cabin shows up equipped with pillows and pillow covers, and two cans of soup; dog never eats, fire always available, flashlight handy at all moments. It was fun predicting the predictable events though
June 22, 2018
I loved this movie!!!!
June 21, 2018
Two of the best actors in the world and a dog. The survival aspect of it is interesting, but the mental battle between themselves makes it iconic. plus the dog.
½ June 20, 2018
They were able to take something I love and make it boring and painful to watch. Nature, wilderness survival, adventure and romance. Somehow the joke of a director and writer took these great things and messed it up so badly.
½ June 19, 2018
For a survival story, there never seemed to be any real sense of peril. They always had firewood, despite the snow. Nobody appeared to be all that hungry. Even the cold wasn't much of a bother. Add on a love story and a blah conclusion and you get a movie featuring two excellent actors who shouldn't passed on this one.
June 18, 2018
This actually turned out to be better than I was expecting. There were parts that were predictable, but also parts that were deeply moving or even just surprising that kept this film interesting.
½ June 17, 2018
I found myself rooting for the mountain lion to eat Kate Winslet's incredibly annoying character. This is fantasy in the worst. 1/2 star is too generous.
½ June 17, 2018
Very unexpected love story. Despite getting off to a slow start, the end was gripping and emotional. I could watch the second half of the movie over and and over.
June 17, 2018
I loved it. I cried at the end. I thought it was a very touching story. That entitled Raper fellow is very unfair with his beleaguered description.
June 13, 2018
This movie was amazing!!! Wow I haven't watched a movie this touching in a very long time!! I cried my eye out at the end and that's very rare for me. These actors were amazing!
June 10, 2018
The Mountain Between Us is a tale of survival. Sadly it's more for the audience than for the two lead characters. Two professionals are stranded at an airport during a snowstorm and in desperation they hire a plane to fly them to their destination. It starts badly when the plane crashes and they are left to attempt survival in harsh and freezing conditions. But the film errs into becoming a romantic melodrama rather then a gripping story of survival. And the ending is close to embarrassing.
June 10, 2018
Truly dreadful script with turgid dialogue and romantic cliches, plus predictable and unbelievable contrived action sequences makes this quite the worst movie I have ever seen Kate Winslet in.
Where have all the decent scriptwriters gone?
½ May 26, 2018
Poco creible romance, lo mejor cuando el aviòn se estrella.
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