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January 31, 2019
Honestly, a perfect film filled with flawed, yet loveable characters, and beautiful cinematography.
½ January 14, 2019
Più guardo i suoi film e più me ne innamoro, Wes Andersone, per me, è un genio. Il film è del 2001 ed è il suo terzo lavoro da regista; il cast è d'alto livello, partendo da Gene Hackman fino a Owen Wilson, tutti bravi, soprattutto Gwyneth Paltrow, Hackman e Luke Wilson. La trama è questa: una famiglia composta da padre, madre e tre figli; quest'ultimi tre geni e soprattutto talentuosi, da ragazzini sono fantastici, mentre crescendo, a causa dei problemi familiari provocati in particolare dal padre, diventeranno degli adulti insicuri, infelici e pieni di problemi. Così il padre decide di rimediare ai suoi errori, cercando di risanare i rapporti coi figli e anche con la moglie, arrivando a comprendere definitivamente cosa ha perso per tutto quel tempo. Alla fine, Royal Tenenbaum (il padre) si riconcilierà con tutti e "salvò la nave che stava affondando". Anderson ci dona un affresco di una famiglia allo sbando, salvata da colui che aveva creato tutti i problemi. Il suo stile c'è eccome, è maturato rispetto alle due opere precedenti e si avvicina molto a quello delle opere più giovani. Pellicola divertente ma anche drammatica, tant'è che ad un certo punto c'è una scena che mai mi sarei aspettato di vedere in suo film. La fotografia è fantastica, accesa e illuminata soprattutto in alcune parti. Bellissimo, Wes mi sorprende ogni volta di più.
½ November 11, 2018
A perplexed comedy drama filled with unique characters and a complicated family structure. Anderson creates a odd dynamic that sometimes falls flat but comes together nicely.
Super Reviewer
September 16, 2018
quirky and dark storytelling from the rushmore creators, one of the most favourite films. Anderson grew into a masterful filmmaker with this film and Rushmore, The Life Aquatic is a great film but that remains divisive to everyone. Hackman is the key here and he delivers a character who is deeply lonely and flawed. The cast of everyone is impressive, they all shine in roles that are well suited to them. The film is part indie and studio, but Anderson keeps things from being too mainstream and I feel he was starting to grow into the filmmaker he is now. Great film and further evidence Anderson is one of the greatest filmmakers in modern cinema. 16/09/2018.
September 3, 2018
Probably one of the worst movies I've seen. Why it was given so many stars is a mystery. Great actors following a boring script which also called for several parts with wooden acting.
August 11, 2018
My favorite Wes Anderson film. Its a quirky yet delightful comedy-drama about a broken family with many quirks and wonderful characters.
August 9, 2018
The Royal Tenenbaums is a 2001 American comedy-drama film directed by Wes Anderson.
I really enjoyed the first part of this comedy, which contains strong performances from the talented cast. However I felt that it lost direction in the second half, and some scenes towards the end were overdone and silly. Overall it is a unique, quirky, and interesting movie.
August 7, 2018
8 8 8 8 7 7 8 7 7 8 = 76
Not the best of Wes Anderson's work, but in this film we see his most original style in motions of camera (of course, the famous pan), editing or movement of characters.
July 29, 2018
A Wes Anderson classic with all the Wes Anderson-isms and eccentric quirky humor that I really enjoyed and has great performances from the entire cast.
July 20, 2018
This is the only Wes Andersen film that failed, and the reasons that it failed are relatively simple (appropriately enough): It strays from what makes Wes Andersen films so great.

First of all: the characters are unlikable. Not only are likable characters crucial for most films, they're essential to Wes's. These characters' quirkiness, unlike in all other Andersen films, is not charming or endearing.

The central premise is that the Tenenbaums are, basically, the Incandenza family from Infinite Jest (There's even a tennis prodigy connection), albeit less remarkable and more messed up. Or, at least, messed up in a different way.

Royal Tenenbaum himself, the patriarch and central figure to the story, is written to be insufferable. The problem with unlikable characters is that I do not enjoy watching them because they are unlikable. Unfortunately, Royal gets the most screentime.

The rest of the family inherited his personality flaws, and it doesn't outweigh their redeeming distinct character traits. Following their hamfisted journey to reconstruct the family felt like a chore gone awry.

Secondly: there is a bizarre lack of signature Wes Andersen-y shots. I won't rattle off what qualities a Wes Andersen-y, shot has, but film lacked them. Or, at least, they were too subtle to be remarkable.

In summation, this doesn't feel like a Wes Andersen film, and that's bad. In an ensemble piece, the characters are unlikable and uncharming and the cinematography lacked the director's signature, lovable style. Therefore, I did not like or love this film.
½ June 12, 2018
enriching into a cathartic release..

The Royal Tenenbaums

The symmetric world and the camera work has always been the maker's signature that lures in the audience through its stunning visuals and pleasingly light and breezy tone of the feature; contradict to its premise. As mentioned, it is rich on such technical aspects like costume design and cinematography but is short on sound department. Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson; the screenwriters, has done an excellent work on offering concrete material that is flat out hilarious and keeps the audience engaged where no one can defy that he or she isn't entertained. Wes Anderson; the director, as always, is excellent in his work on execution and the primary reason it always works is his awareness of the vision that he wishes to implement on screen. The performance is of course, amazingly done because of such a great cast especially Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow and Gene Hackman. The only minor conflict in here, is that the material hits on screen all together and offers very little time to breathe to the audience which can be off putting at times. The Royal Tenenbaums is a family drama enriching into a cathartic release where even though there isn't much to connect to the world depicted in here, it certainly is supremely entertaining.
June 9, 2018
Really great and weirdly unique adult comedy.
May 26, 2018
One of Wes Anderson's first successful comedy drama movies, where we learn not to take him very seriously about his way to tell stories. Royal Tenenbaum and his wife Etheline had three child prodigies and then they separated. The children grow to become failures and it is considered to be their father's fault. Everyone is quite eccentric, sarcastic and funny and the plot is full of unexpected twists, a dark comedy that managed to be nominated for the Academy Awards.
May 15, 2018
Así es la Familia. Muy divertida.
½ April 9, 2018
The narrative is episodic and choppy, but the flawed, eccentric characters are irresistibly endearing.
April 7, 2018
Amazing...My favourite...Though all are tops!
April 3, 2018
Recently, I've been seeing more and more people start dismissing Wes Anderson. They think he's all about 'quirkiness', and feel he has nothing original to offer. Yet, I dare you to watch the first few minutes of this film, and tell me it could have been made by anyone else. This is someone who, much like Edgar Wright with editing, and Tarantino with dialogue, has something so distinct and unique about his approach to filmmaking that you can't miss it. And by no means is his style a gimmick, in any way. The story of 'The Royal Tenenbaums' is sweet and quirky - indeed like most of Anderson's filmography - and were it made by anyone else the end product would have turned out fine, but likely wouldn't have been anything more than that. With Anderson at the helm, however, he elevates this material to more than it has any right to be. The little nuances, the great direction, the beautiful cinematography - along with the typical bevy of great performances his work always has - allow him to make something we've seen before feel wholly original. And if that isn't talent, I don't know what is.
½ March 29, 2018
Love Gene Hackman in this film, probably would have given it a 5 star a few years ago, I went back and watched it, and it did not hold up as well as I remembered. But Hackman's character is a must see.
½ March 7, 2018
Puntaje Original: 7.0

Una despampanante propuesta visual y una divertida y genial historia con excelentes personajes.
March 3, 2018
Im not a huge fan of Wes Anderson movies as a genre. I think they're playful, artistic, but I often feel that the stories are pointless and lack dimension and emotion. Not in this case, though! Royal Tenenbaums I think did a great job of handling real emotion with the classic Anderson drawl. A treat!
Although, I wonder, does a Wes Anderson movie always require that the characters stay so static? So one dimensional? always representing a single characteristic like "a son of a bitch" "a businessman" "a depressed beauty". Its funny to me that it works for Anderson movies, but in other instances it deemed a negative attribute. Maybe thats the allure of his movies.. They seem to defy the classic screenplay requirements.
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