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July 24, 2017
I was actually disappointed. Simple animations and a rousing 1920's retro score (which mostly took the place of any speech) fill this film with emotional appeal of a music video. A very long arte haus music video. Perhaps this is best watched by the under 10 crowd or the over 30 crowd - with the latter being 3 wine glasses soused.
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July 21, 2017
An inventive bit of 2D imagineering all about how a grandma cares for her grandchild. The ending is not as strong as the wonderful opening but it manages to sustain interest.
May 30, 2017
Not afraid to look ugly, Sylvain Chomet's debut animated feature is quirky and weird and unpredictable - in other words, great! Highly stylized with its own look (not the homogenized animation we're now getting used to) that experiments with mixed media and unusual camera angles (among other directorial flourishes). The soundtrack, featuring 1920s era jazz plus classical plus diegetic effects (but no dialogue of any consequence) heightens your pleasure. The plot seems to involve the mafia kidnapping some Tour de France riders and the efforts of one's grandmother (and faithful dog) to track down and rescue him in a distant city called Belleville; they are aided by a trio of ancient jazz performers (the Triplets of the title). The result is funky and fresh and also very French. Highly recommended.
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½ December 24, 2016
A wonderful dialogue-free animation - funny, odd and quite enchanting - that relies on a superb artwork and fabulous sound design, paying an enormous attention to its eccentric details, surreal touches, inventive scene transitions and extremely imaginative character traits.
October 8, 2016
I love Sylvain Chomet's style. This movie is certainly not for everyone, as it is incredibly odd in terms of visuals, story, and voice. If you like weird things, this is a fun watch.
June 12, 2016
Astonishing graphics and original plot! A "mute" 2-D animation you WILL love!
March 1, 2016
Imensa qualidade técnica, no apuro visual e trabalho sonoro e, sim, bem inteligente em seu simplório roteiro.
December 14, 2015
No dialogue required for this film.

This film features the worlds greatest grandmother and she goes to rescue her grandson from the mafia. Along the way she meets up with her childhood idols, the Triplets teaming up.

While it's cool to see the creative visuals, there is not much going on. Some slice of life, some commentary on the treatment of Athletes and American obesity but nothing that profound.

It's still worth a watch.

Finding Nemo did the same story but done better.
November 23, 2015
A mindf**k adult cartoon with truly repulsive character designs.
November 2, 2015
The animation is beautiful, but the story is rather pedestrian. A young cyclist in the Tour de France is kidnapped by the french mafia, and his mother teams up with a trio of retired singers to get him back. There's grotesque design and lots of poking fun at chubby Americans and things like that, but other than the animation it has nothing else. It didn't do anything for me.
½ August 1, 2015
The Triplets of Belleville offers a surreal, unusual atmosphere, limiting dialogue to create a bizarre, but original animated experience
July 19, 2015
Outlandish story appropriate for animation. Animated very well with lots of artistic details. Many references to french artists. Pieces of stories well imbricated although out of this world. Not much talking done, making it more easily internationalized. Very affective.
July 19, 2015
Outlandish story appropriate for animation. Animated very well with lots of artistic details. Many references to french artists. Pieces of stories well imbricated although out of this world. Not much talking done, making it more easily internationalized. Very affective.
½ June 21, 2015
So weird, but so charming.
½ June 4, 2015
I'm not sure if I've ever appreciated an animated movie as much as I did this one.
½ May 31, 2015
Beautiful animation. Story gets a little long-winded.
May 30, 2015
There's Miyazaki, there's Aardman, and then there's Sylvain Chomet. A modern master animator. He's top of the heap in France. The film that gained him notoriety in the States, and the worldwide community of art, is The Triplets of Belleville. It's such a wonderfully strange film. The characters are so, distinctly, odd in their own special ways, and they inhabit a beautiful, pseudo-France landscape, that has it's own Manhattan. If you love classics from Disney, Pixar or Miyazaki, you need to see this. This is the best looking hand-drawn film of the 2000's. I really had a blast.
½ May 13, 2015
Delightfully charming in its simple story even with no dialogues, but that's nothing compared to the superb animation. The animation is incredibly detailed and delightfully quirky. Every character is greatly exaggerated and makes it interesting to watch.
May 10, 2015
One of the most french things you'll ever see, and every second of it is amazing
April 7, 2015
Quirky, standout French animation about a boy, his grandmother, his dream of competing in the Tour de France, and his kidnapping midway through the race. Somewhere along the way, they latch onto a trio of retired songstresses (the titular triplets) and from there, the ride grooves to a catchy, incessant makeshift beat. A free-flowing adventure in every sense, it's never half as serious as the premise seems to imply - even when the crew is dodging bullets in New York aboard the equivalent of a parade float. The artwork is wonderful; organic and over-exaggerated in the very best ways, and all-too willing to poke fun at its own eccentricities. Stylish, funny and emotive, with a colorful soul and a restless spirit, I was especially impressed by its ability to convey the story without a shred of essential dialog. No subtitles necessary, just enjoy the show.
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