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½ November 13, 2017
In lazy Marsh County events quickly go bad, then descend into terror and grotesque madness with blood, ooze, and gore. Good use of characters' personal stories and their literal and figurative labyrinthine descent into the abyssal underworld. The film also nicely uses dream-like imagery to hint at a dark, mirrored grandiose universe while keeping it personal to the characters. While there are small things to negatively criticize, the film still clearly and effectively accomplishes what it set out to accomplish as a sub-genre work (with practical special FX!). And anything confusing is only the film working its dark magic.
November 9, 2017
I went into this with some optimism but it fell apart real fast.
½ November 8, 2017
Quite frankly, this film is typical of what most people seem to think modern "horror" is, or even should be. There was a time when horror meant a film that was creepy, that filled you with tension or even scared you, but it also told you a story. Sometimes even a GOOD story. But somewhere along the line, "horror" became more about shock value, about how filmmakers could push the envelope, and be as grotesque, and disgusting, and disturbing as possible.

And I'm sorry to say, that is what this film is. An almost random cavalcade of jump scares, gross out moments, and being as fucked up as possible from one scene to the next. All loosely strung together by a paper thin and "vague on purpose" plot with very little real context or substance.

I suppose I can appreciate that some people like this kind of "horror". But I think it also says something terribly unflattering about our modern society, that people would find this kind of stuff "entertaining".
November 8, 2017
Chaos incarnate. A void indeed, and as someone who loves little more on life than a horror anthology film, this one is a mashup of sorts that doesn?t bother to let you know it?s going full tilt into madness whether you?re prepared for the journey or not. That?s a hell of a risky approach to employ, both these days or any time in the history of filmmaking. So if not applauding for how confidently & casually (like it?s totally just going about it?s business, oblivious to how outrageously unique it VERY QUICKLY becomes) [it] ?The Void? bee lines into an unchartered storm of insanity, then brother, you don?t deserve to even know what style is - because every quantum leap is landed somehow, where ~99% of every other Horror film these days would crash and burn.

A slight issue with some minor quirks throughout the narrative, as things get ?Evil Dead II? levels of ridiculous early and often, but The Void doubles down and takes itself far more seriously where as Sam Raimi?s cult classics were always about letting the audience get a wink and smile, being in on the gag of it all with the filmmaker. Here, this comes from left field, where no background or expectations from the writer/director can be gleaned before hand, and it?s this advantage(?) that?s used while the film never blinks once, no matter how much it sacrifices substance for style, or logistical narrative structure for its unapologetic bravura.

This one doesn?t try to spend time convincing you it?s something fresh and well executed - it firmly believes that if anyone is crazy between the screen and an unaccommodating audience member, it?s without a doubt the latter...and you know what? I?d have to agree. Horror fans would be, well...not really Horror fans at all if they dismissed this sleeper-flick of gleeful mayhem in the fullest extent imaginable.
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November 5, 2017
I have mixed feelings on this film, on one hand the tone is dead on but on the other hand the film is flawed by a shallow plot line. The film has a very slow burning plot that doesn't resolve everything, I get ambiguous films but I like some information and conclusion. The filmmakers have a bright future and they accomplish a lot with a slim budget, that basement scene is terrifying, the one before the conclusion. I didn't quite get what the filmmakers had in mind for the storyline, lots of unanswered questions, maybe a sequel might be required. Not without moments, the film has a cult aspect that will help it survive in this current climate. The love for Carpenter, Gordon and Raimi is clear but those films had an intriguing hero at the helm.05-11-2017.
November 2, 2017
Probably one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. If you like horror, this is your film
October 23, 2017
This was actually better than I thought it was going to be. I love those old low-budget horror movies and this film really hits the mark. I got interested in this film when I saw the trailer and it had this very strong Lovecraftian feel to it, and I am a huge fan of the cosmic horror genre. This film was a nice change of pace from the shit horror films I've seen as of late.
All in all, I think it's a great film.
½ October 22, 2017
Despite how confusing the plot is, I couldn't help but enjoy how crazy and downright bizarre this Carpenter inspired film was. 3.5 stars
½ October 19, 2017
Even though it's refreshing to watch a film committed to old school special effects and building the mystery around the story in a very John Carpenter way, The Void loses most of its steam and intrigue around the last act where really I didn't care anymore.

October 18, 2017
At least the acting is good.
½ October 17, 2017
Great film for the H.P. Lovecraft fans!
October 16, 2017
this one really feels like something out of a nightmare
plus it has a 1980's throwback feel to it all
a deputy picks up a man covered in blood to a hospital, soon he's surrounded by figures in white uniforms and they're not about to let everyone leave
a monstrous creature then hatches from another patient and they try to find the source of it all
much of it traces to a void in reality that's been opened to counteract the balance between life and death
the monster effects are quite disgusting but inventive, it's a lot of unknown actors but they do a decent job, and even though all of the answers aren't given here I think most of it can be understood visually
lots of blood and gore, a nightmarish atmosphere, and some psychadellic imagery make the 'Void' an above-average horror film
October 16, 2017
Confusing, and with the confusion comes no impact.
October 8, 2017
Prepare for some dark territory. The Void is an adventure down horror lane that will not disappoint.
½ October 4, 2017
l was suspensfully entertained throughout the movie.
½ October 2, 2017
well done lovecraft type story
October 1, 2017
Action Packed and intense. Pretty good movie when I was expecting some cheesy acting and props looking like some very expired work center lunch. Took me back in time when I first saw The Thing, where the dogs became the that mess you fear of finding under your teenage sons bed. Acting was good, like a King's Dreamcatcher and your feeling like seeing a good hacking this is the movie. Thumbs up.
½ September 29, 2017
One of the better indie horror films I've seen in a while. The story is fun, unpredictable and, best of all, makes sense.
September 27, 2017
THE VOID tries to sell itself as a hybrid-homage-blend of Lovecraft, The Thing, Hellraiser, and a number of other classics. Somehow it manages to be all and none of these. As the tight pacing of the very promising first 20 minutes grinds to a sudden halt, we find ourselves presented with a slow and steady stream of disturbing visuals increasing in intensity, but lacking any substance or sense of coherence. The plot is ultimately abandoned in favor of simply showcasing the very admirable achievements of their practical effects and set design team.
September 24, 2017
I thought I was getting a low budget horror movie. I got the movie baby of lynch and kojima
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