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April 25, 2019
A rom-com that while it does not avoid stepping into some cliches, eventually success in both the comedy and drama field.
½ April 5, 2019
This movie was pretty much garbage. Not funny at all. I think John Cena is awesome, but still hated him in this movie. Amy is a sub par actress and a terrible wannabe comedian. FACT IS FACT
March 25, 2019
I wish I could come away from "Trainwreck" saying that I loved it. Unfortunately that just isn't the case. The main thing that ruined this filmed is the predictable and unrealistic romance which is what most of this film revolves around. There was never a point during this film in which I felt as though there was actual chemistry between Amy Schumer's character and Bill Hader's character. It is also very cliche, and you can for the most part predict where the story will go. The humor also falls flat for the most part, and the first ten minutes I cringed at almost every single joke told. The best part of the whole movie is actually LeBron James. LeBron has excellent comedic timing and most of what he says is hilarious. Outside of that and brief cameo appearances from SNL mainstays, there isn't much enjoyable in this film. Playing "BOB" by Outkast near the end was pretty cool though.
March 19, 2019
Although it is predictable at times but it is still an entertaining romantic comedy that Amy Schumer does quite well in. It can be relate able at times and even if you're not a fan of Amy Schumer you will get laughs out of this film. Colin Quinn's performance often stole the show in every scene he was in and it is unfortunate his character was written out but Amy Schumer does her best with the writing to make it as relate able as possible.
½ March 6, 2019
The unfunniest comedy with the most disgusting face on the face of planet earth. Any movie with her in it will automatically get a zero star from me. I would gladly shove negative stars up hr nostrils if rotten tomato allows me to do so.
½ February 26, 2019
abhorrent to the film career of Colin Quinn, run far away
½ February 25, 2019
Crap movie fat Schumer and Larson both stink.
½ January 30, 2019
Not funny Amy Schumer is not funny
½ July 20, 2018
I thought this was a terrible movie. Unfunny, incredibly poor writing. Maybe it's bevause I don't understand Amy Schumer's comedy. It is nothing but foul jokes about sex. In funny and unoriginal
½ July 15, 2018
Really not that funny.
July 13, 2018
I LOVED this movie! It was funny and romantic.
½ June 24, 2018
Amy Schumer's performance is bland at best in this movie. Bill Hader is the only redeeming quality of this copy cat comedy. Don't waste your time.
½ May 26, 2018
It has a terrible ending dint waste 2 hours of your life watching it
½ April 30, 2018
Why can't more rom-coms be like this? Heavy on good "com", and having a more real "rom". All the characters are super relatable in their flaws and inadequacies.
April 26, 2018
Trainwreck is a star-studded romantic comedy from 2015, directed by Judd Apatow, and starring Amy Schumer. This is the first film that Schumer, a former contestant on Last Comic Standing, has ever written. The film can be compared to a movie like The Proposal, because it falls in a sub-genre of lovers who get to know each other through working together.

The film leans heavily on dialogue-heavy scenes with marquee actors and personalities that produce comedic value. This kind of one-on-one writing makes for very hit-or-miss comedy, and the reviews of the film coupled with its box office success show that this film definitely did not break it. The writing is satirical and pushes boundaries, with jokes that fall on the spectrum of political correctness, covering topics such as white people having black friends, smoking marijuana, and unintentional homosexual advances. The high volume of scenes with LeBron James, the best and most well-known basketball player in the world, show the tone of the movie. They seek to underscore the special nature of the fact that LeBron James just happens to be friends with Bill Hader, Amy Schumer's love interest, and their humor constantly revolves around uncharacteristic personal characteristics, like Jon Cena being lacking trash talking ability and James being stingy. The film can be praised for its cinematography and editing, making seemingly mundane scenarios of one-on-one conversations seem much more fun, keeping eyes glued to the screen.

Trainwreck is an impressive romantic comedy because it overcomes the acting challenges that stem from a lack of experience; most of the actors in this film don't act as their primary career choice. The film is comprised of athletes and comedians, and the cast's consistent performances make such a challenge obsolete. On the other side of the spectrum, this kind of a cast allows the film to push the envelope more so than other films do, appealing to a specific, hardcore audience.

Outside of the film's celebrity cameos and emphasis on comedic transcendence, the film also discusses themes of love in the workplace. The drama behind Hader and Schumer's relationship in the film revolves around the fact that Hader is supposed to be one of Schumer's interviewees, along with the fact that Schumer has trust issues from a lack of romantic experience outside of the bedroom. These kinds of issues bring the social significance of the starring character of this film to light. Schumer is a woman, yet she discusses her issues in a means that does not care much for societal female norms; in fact, this idea is what her humor is predicated on. The film gains significance through taking a risk of portraying a woman in this way, which takes away from the idealized image that men want to see in theaters. This kind of comedic value can prove to be influential for female actresses and comedians, proving that female normality and female beauty is getting redefined

With a combination of recognizable cameos, envelope-pushing dialogue that advances the film and award winning team members like Brie Larsson and Judd Apatow, Trainwreck is definitely a home run. Larsson takes an uncharacteristic, antagonistic role as Schumer's sister, and LeBron's impressive debut as an actor will have sports fans in hysteria. Themes of body positivity, free-thinking and workplace culture make this dialogue heavy rom-com an effortless watch.
½ April 21, 2018
Despite constant public criticism of actress Amy Schumer, her 2015 film Trainwreck left me wanting more. Amy's character in the film plays a powerful force to be a reckon with, a young female character that is unashamedly herself. In a world where rom-coms often include the perfect female lead that really seem to have their lives together, Amy's character is a breath of fresh air. Amy's character is complex, yet at the same time does not pretend to be something that she is not. This, coupled with Schumer's comedic ways and a star-studded supporting cast makes for a knockout film.
Director Judd Apatow does a great job of showcasing modern romance in a humorous way. Schumer's script keeps it funny and shows the reality of modern romance. It is not all sunshine and romance, it is embarrassing, complicated and sometimes so awful that it is just funny. The film does a great job of adding comedic effects to otherwise difficult life situations. It also allows other young individuals dealing with the struggles of dating and the stresses it brings to have something to relate to. It allows them to not feel so alone in their situation. Amy shows them that their fears are not irrational, and that they should not feel embarrassed by them at all.
Even if you are not the biggest fan of Schumer, you must give her credit, this film is quite good. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, and in the end it will leave you feeling good inside. Schumer may have struck out in other films, but she hit the sweet spot with this one. Amy's life may be a "Trainwreck", but in the end the movie shows what it is to be real. Apatow and Schumer have made rom-coms relatable to the general public, something many other films have failed to do.
April 18, 2018
April 1, 2018
Whatever happened to romantic comedies that were a) romantic and b) actually somewhat funny without being gross. Oh, and c) had reasonably attractive male leads.

Well, I know what happened - Judd Apatow, who completely destroyed an entire genre, followed closely by Wiig's Bridesmaids, which was about as unfunny and unromantic as it gets, save 'Knocked Up', which was my idea of a horror movie. Seth Rogan as a romantic lead? UGH. Just. UGH.

Bill Hader isn't much better. Can they please call these something besides romantic comedies? Some of us would actually prefer something that isn't a heap of unwatchable Apatow trash.
February 27, 2018
Hilarious and yet surprisingly heartwarming
½ February 20, 2018
Another good Judd Apatow comedy. The best parts of this movie are the relationships between Amy and her sister, father and boyfriend. The jokes don't always land.
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