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August 14, 2017
Tropical Thunder is a hilarious movie, especially to watch with your friends. The acting and writing are on point for this one!
August 12, 2017
Probably my favorite Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr movie. The
August 3, 2017
How messed up is this movie? Yet it still manages to be brilliant. It's a very unusual comedy and I think the best bit is the first 10 minutes when it actually looks like a real war movie. But there are lots of good bits in this film, although the ending is a bit laboured. Robert Downey Junior and Jack Black are amazing, and Tom Cruise steals the show. Good film
½ July 28, 2017
Very strange movie but pretty damn good. At times I laughed at times I rolled my eyes. Acting was interesting as was the storyline. Not a bad Ben stiller movie. His recent stuff has gone the way of Adam Sandler.
½ July 18, 2017
Robert Downey Jr makes the film.
½ July 16, 2017
Waste of time and money.
July 13, 2017
I get the satire and its a great concept but it never really made me laugh. Still worth a watch if you like this generation of comedy actors but I am not as high on it as others.
July 11, 2017
Robert Downey Jr. steals the show. Funny, creative and entertaining.
July 9, 2017
Method actors, Flaming Dragon
July 9, 2017
The movie has a great storyline. It's very funny, but also eccentric. Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. gave terrific performances.
July 4, 2017
This is one of the most underrated movies ever, this movie is genius and epic at the same time it's also hilariously funny, it will blow your mind!!!!
June 20, 2017
Funny, smart, and kind of creative!
June 17, 2017
The cast is stacked with awesome, but I'm still not a fan because the story is just not interesting. No doubts there are some funny moments (and Ben Stiller is never involved in them) but not enough to really make me like this money. The small parts by Tom Cruise and Matthew McConaughey are money.
½ June 16, 2017
This satire on Hollywood can actually be a guiding light to the creators of Disaster Movie on how to make a spoof without taking exact ideas and characters from different movies and passing it on as your own. Downey and Cruise offer the best moments of the 21st century in this raunchy comedy.
½ June 13, 2017
While being very silly, this film pulls off some great offensive humour that is entertaining largely due to its absurdity and the star-studded cast that is behind it. Did not get a lot of re-watch value out of it, but still has some memorable moments.
June 9, 2017
LOOOLL !!! Tropic Thunder pushes more buttons than most comedies dare !!! HILARIOUS ! The whole cast was amazing but Robert Downey Jr. gave an unforgettable performance ! A must see
½ June 4, 2017
Amazing. So hilarious. Weird, but hilarious. That scene with the little kid stabbing Ben Stiller did it for me.
June 4, 2017
Laughing my ass off.
May 30, 2017
Great film. Really funny and well directed by Ben stiller.
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