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½ September 8, 2017
The film has its moments of charm and delight, but ultimately falls flat on too many levels. The music was exceptional
August 23, 2017
Summary: This movie is a feel good movie, that is a highlight of the 'Kings' acting career, while not unique its enjoyable to casually watch.
positives; its fun, its not boring, well paced, and got great music.
negatives: its a not a complex plot, typical love story and one awkward scene where Elvis is lip-syncing badly his own song.
August 11, 2017
I was actually really bored during this. It didn't seem to have a big point or drive, so sadly found it hard to get through
½ March 18, 2017
It's a musical/love story(heavy on the musical, not much of a love story really) that doesn't really have much to do with Las Vegas other than it just happens to be the setting. The two main characters are essentially unlikeable. Elvis plays a selfish character who sometimes acts like he geniunely wants Ann-Margret's character(and va-va-va VOOM is she smokin!) and other times he's only interested about winning a singing competition or getting his car fixed for the race. Plus he's a bit of a dick too. The race scene at the end made up for all the singing as it was pretty damn awesome. The ending was tacked on as hell though, seriously WTF? All in all, meh.. average score at best.
½ September 16, 2016
A not entirely well made but like able Elvis film where you saw a rarity ...Elvis completely upstaged by Ann Magaret.

The plot is unbelievably one dimensional basically a race car driver (Elvis) trying to woo Ann Magaret with occasional unesscery musical numbers.

A perfect example of a typical Hollywood Crowd Pleaser that I'm sure will appeal to Elvis Fans. It's fun fast & cheeky.
½ July 16, 2016
traditional Elvis movie with great music and pretty girls, great to see how Elvis & Ann-margaret worked together in this movie. Didn't like the quick ending, but, still good overall
July 7, 2016
This film would never get made today. At least not with intents this transparent. It serves to glorify Elvis Presley and his embodiment. But back in 1964, these types of B-movies were just accepted. Nowadays teen cinema consists of a post-apocalyptic love triangle. Much more realistic. Not quite as blatant.

Elvis plays Lucky, a race car driver who's in Las Vegas to compete in the Vegas Grand Prix. He needs a new engine but is strapped for cash due to contrived reasons. He falls for Rusty (Ann-Margret) who seems to be abruptly against his racing ways.

This movie is all over the place. About halfway through it becomes disjointed, making it obvious what its purpose is. For a pointless, plotless story, it's way too convoluted.

For an 84 minute film, it takes its sweet time, attempting to thin itself out to cover the short runtime. But then, once it realizes it's home free, the story progresses ridiculously fast and things never get resolved.

Elvis and Ann-Margret have undeniable chemistry, but their depth is almost non-existent. Lucky's motivations are unclear, and Rusty goes from a likable, independent worker woman at the beginning of the film to an incompetent bimbo by the end.

The songs and dance numbers are impressively catchy, but that's all this movie is. The few glamorous Las Vegas shots are nice, but there aren't nearly enough in a movie with the city's name in the title. It almost seems like a blown opportunity to make a cool story about gambling or mobsters. Instead, it's about racing--something few of us think of when talking about Vegas.

It's a dated movie, but that's perhaps the best thing this film has to offer. There are some cool shots of the Vegas of yesteryear. There's one in particular showing the front of the Flamingo as it used to be--alone, with nothing on either side. Contrastingly, we get a shot of Fremont Street in all its garish glory--busy and crowded, sans the 1,500 foot canopy movie screen overhead. While watching this, my fiancée turns to me and says, "You used to be able to drive down Fremont Street???" My, how things have changed.

Twizard Rating: 57
June 4, 2016
My favorite Elvis Presley picture and I think a lot of the film's charm can be credited to Ann-Margret, in only her fourth film appearance. Elvis plays race car driver Lucky Jackson, who moonlights as a waiter at a hotel. At that hotel he meets singer/dancer Margaret and the two begin their flirtatious affair, complete with lots of song and dance numbers and the two facing off in a talent show. The film features an undeniably classic Elvis song and Margaret is probably Elvis' biggest co-star of any of his films. Margaret's wild gyrations are so fun they even rival the King's gyrating hips. Overall, the film is utter fluff, but it is very entertaining fluff that features a very winning couple and a very winning Ann Margaret in particular.
March 29, 2016
Elivis Presley movies have always been a matter of taste. Still I had high hopes for this one since it is generally considered to be one of his best. To me it ages terrible the musical numbers should have been a high point, but they are tedious and with the exception of the title song, they are forgetable. The plot is silly even gy Elvis standards. I liked seeing the old shots of Las Vegas best.. I will say that Ann-Margret is one of Elvis' better leading ladies. Still, her part is pretty routine.
March 19, 2016
Charming, funny, and likeable, although the editing is choppy and the end is haltingly abrupt. I have mixed feelings about the horrific car race sequence at the end were a minimum of 4 men die terribly.
October 9, 2015
Love the VEGAS GRAND PRIX footage in this movie. Great balls of fire!
August 13, 2015
Despite some great songs and music, this is a fairly dull film. I can't say that Elvis Presley ever feels natural on screen in scripted fare. He doesn't seem to have much chemistry with Ann Margaret either. I feel like this film is only watched for the music, because otherwise it's not very good.
August 13, 2015
i think this is my favourite Elvis pix
May 16, 2015
Ann-Margret is so far superior or all other female leads in Elvis movies I gotta bump this one up to 3 stars. Elvis also finally has some decent material to work with and really owns his comedic role with great timing and a real sense of fun. His pouts in this are perfect. Otherwise, a fairly run of the mill Elvis movie with breakneck pacing and terrible editing.
½ March 28, 2015
I only saw this film due to the presence of Elvis and his music talents but that is it
½ February 25, 2015
Great musical numbers, Elvis's energy is superb, Ann Margaret a great co-star for Elvis. Movie has no depth....just pure fun with great music and dancing. Fun, classic early 1960s stuff.
January 15, 2015
"Viva Las Vegas" is so winning, so immediately alluring that it only takes about two seconds for it to work its delirious magic. To be fair, those two seconds only consist of lazily hitting the play button, only to immediately hear Elvis Presley's iconic crooning of the title tune. After those two seconds end and we're lifted into a Technicolor cloud of 1960s pop art smoke, we are amazed by the aerial shots of a nighttime Las Vegas, all neons, all gaudy, and all fun. We feel welcomed. Presley has made plenty of vehicles, varying from godawful to brightly enjoyable, but it doesn't take long to realize that "Viva Las Vegas" won't be another "It Happened at the World's Fair" or a "Change of Habit." Simply, you can't have Ann-Margret and George Sidney at your side and expect to fall down with an echoey thud.
Few musicians have made it as big as Elvis Presley - there are only a handful that can admit that they've had a successful music career, a profitable acting streak, and have remained as globally recognizable as Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, or, to be broader than broad, God himself. By casually uttering the word "Elvis," you evoke a tidal wave of feelings. For most, he's a hero, a connoisseur of jubilant sentimentality. We don't automatically think of 1977 Elvis, fat, pill-addicted, hopeless and dying - we think of Jailhouse Rock Elvis, Viva Las Vegas Elvis, In the Ghetto Elvis. In 1964, did people realize just how much of an impact he would still make 50+ years later?
"Viva Las Vegas" is certainly his finest hour in film. It epitomizes everything we love about him, but it also stands alone as a better than average movie musical. It bursts with color and talent, and has a rock 'n' roll edge that makes it a hell of a lot less annoying than those clichéd romps than make sure to have at least one dramatic scene where a character sits by a windowsill and pours their heart out to no one.
Presley plays Lucky Jackson, a race car-driver aiming to compete in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Coming from Los Angeles, he has all the materials needed to become a champion except for (a) a new motor, and (b) a girl to wear on his arm when he receives the grand prize. But people named Lucky Jackson don't walk around only to discover that they are actually unlucky and should instead be referred to as Unlucky Jackson; since they look like Elvis and have Elvis' talent, they, more often than not, will find a way to buy a new motor and win an all-American girl.
The skirt of Part B doesn't take too long to track down and ultimately chase. It belongs to Rusty Martin (Ann-Margret), a shapely swimming instructor who isn't just a swimming instructor but is also a singer, dancer, and, as we discover in a locale jumping courtship montage, an excellent shot. She has it all. Lucky wants Rusty, and Rusty wants Lucky. Could things be better?
Enter Conflict #1: Lucky accidentally loses all the money that would have paid for his car engine, forcing him to become a waiter at the same hotel Rusty works for (though you would think that, at some point, Lucky would realize his immense singing talent and ditch his foremost ambitions). Enter Conflict #2: Rusty is so frightened by the idea of the dangers of race-car driving that she presents Lucky with an ultimatum - he can pick racing or he can pick her, but he certainly can't have both.
If "Viva Las Vegas"' story sounds clichéd, then maybe that's a good thing. It isn't the story that matters. What matters is Presley and Ann-Margret, and the way Sidney frames them in every shot. Presley has acted with Nancy Sinatra, Mary Tyler Moore, and Ursula Andress, but no one matches his universal appeal as well as Margret. With her flaming red hair and larger-than-life personality, she is less of a love interest and more of a force of nature, sometimes so off-the-walls that she upstages Presley himself. Their chemistry is so powerful that if one is alone in a scene, it doesn't bear that same energy that fills the room when they're together. Sidney drenches "Viva Las Vegas" in a visual style that is almost deliberately artificial: the clothing is only ever hued with loud primary colors, the lighting sometimes resembles a stage show brightened by traffic lights, and the scenery looks like something out of a brochure. But all the glistening duplicity makes the film even more confident and self-aware - it doesn't feel like an average Elvis vehicle because it has a nailed down tone and look that gives it an irrepressibly specific temperament.
With 12 songs on the soundtrack to boot, it's impossible for "Viva Las Vegas" to lose. Can anything this much fun, with Elvis Presley at its center, really lose? Repeat after me: No! No.
October 5, 2014
Enjoyable dreck. Bright, colorful, unconditional fun.
½ September 14, 2014
Good Song Bad Movie.
This is movie is one of Elvis Presley's bad movies from the early 1960's. The only hit song from the movie was the title song. They only used it three times. It's used once in the opening credits, once about two thirds of the way through and then in the closing credits. It's a musical with the character's singing for no reason. They do show Las Vegas the way it was in the 1960's before all the old hotels were torn down. Ann-Margret looks good. The story has two parts, the love triangle between Elvis, Ann-Margret, and Cesare Donova who plays an Italian race car driver, and the car race at the end of the move. It's a typical Hollywood car race where everybody crashes except the hero. Somehow Elvis with out any money enters a car and wins the race. In the real world car races are sponsored by several corporations that plaster their ads all over the cars. This movie is just a musical fairy tale.
August 23, 2014
Despite its sometimes dull script and being frustratingly anticlimatic, the exuberant performances from Elvis, and especially Ann-Margaret, along with some catchy musical numbers make this cheese-fest worth the while.
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