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½ April 14, 2019
Poxa, esse filme à (C) muito interessante. Não sei porque notas baixas...
March 30, 2019
I know why Rotten Tomatoes does not care for this...it shows a true depiction of Obama. Just disconnected and seeking photo ops to look relevant.
½ March 27, 2019
An excellent satirical play on anti-war.
March 8, 2019
Thank you for a realistic view of the current state of war.
February 13, 2019
What a pile of shit. If I knew this was from a Rolling Stone POV and Pitt was going to be bastardize
every second he was on screen to make this man seem like an asshole, I wouldnâ(TM)t have wasted the time. liberal horse-shit.
½ January 12, 2019
In its attempts to create a satire it was lead by poor acting and script. It used its supposed fact base to try to paint a completely negative view of the military and the main character.
½ January 11, 2019
This movie was very lost, with strong performances that get lost in the very messy direction and story telling.
November 26, 2018
I know it was supposed to be smart satire with some good laughs - but it wasn't really anything. It was a biopic (kinda) of a man that wasn't interesting
November 3, 2018
A blend of delicious absurdity and poignant realism, showing how well-meaning patriots with a US black-and-white worldview can totally fail to see the wrongheadedness of their actions. Great acting with surprisingly touching personal moments.
October 4, 2018
A biting satire of America's exit of the Afghanistan War.

War Machine (2017) takes its time setting up the situation, but once it gets going, it is consistently funny and poignant about the reality and expectations of modern warfare. The United States had spent over 8 years already in Afghanistan, so this film making fun of the disorder and incompetence may have hit too close to home for many viewers. Well you can draw your own conclusions as to America's intentions, abilities, and imperialism across the globe,

War Machine offers some refreshing perspective on the whole war. It is brutally blunt about how pointless the whole war feels to the general public, including the military that fought it. I found the few dramatic moments to end up rather thoughtful about how sincerely this general wanted to win the Afghanistan War, but how hopeless that cause turned out to be realistically. I wish it focused in on these aspects as War Machine switches from serious political and social commentary about war strategy to outright nonsensical comedy.

As much as I appreciated War Machine's plot to describe the war situation, the comedy is the real gold here. I do not think every audience member will like the dramatic statements War Machine makes about the military, duty, responsibility, hope, perseverance, and guidance. However, I think most people should sit back and enjoy the hilarious comedic moments War Machine has to offer. The biting satire in the script and dialogue is coupled with deeply in tune acting performances.

Brad Pitt is the real star here. His ultra macho general portrayal feels patriotic and sincere without making too much fun of the character. His intensity and charisma is apparent as Pitt carries the movie to comedy greatness. It's too bad War Machine breaks down to funny or serious scenes as the tone remains jarring. I still found the movie fairly well made and quite charming in its own way. I think I just appreciated War Machine's blunt approach in commentary and narration on the Afghanistan War.
½ September 27, 2018
Totally stupid movie.
½ September 1, 2018
An insight into modern war, I liked it. The ending was a little flat, but I liked how it matched the start of the movie, shows 'the circle of life' for the leadership position.
½ June 30, 2018
A good movie - a tough serious subject given somewhat a light comedy direction, but delivers the message well.
½ June 23, 2018
A solid, entertaining docudrama covering a topic that doesn't get a lot of attention from Hollywood.
½ June 13, 2018
Heavy handed satire on a subject, the War on Terror, already so ludicrous as to be beyond satire. Performances range from nicely observed - some of the younger soldiers and Tilda Swinton's brief cameo - to bordering on so OTT as to be self-parodies, the angry General and the 'fat' soldier worth a mention here. Pitt's role lies somewhere between the two extremes. Although Pitt puts in a decent shift his character, McMahon is played almost for laughs from the start, what with that silly running and walking style. Consequently, the intended satire misses it's mark as, like the situation in Afghanistan generally, it's hard to mock such an obvious target. The main problem though, is that the satire is just not funny enough and the serious points are not sufficiently nuanced , and this makes the overall tone uneven. The scene involving the child casualty is hard to take seriously and is, frankly too cliched to be hard hitting. It really needed to decide if it was a comedy or a serious commentary, not that we need any more of those on this subject. Instead, it lacked identity and all led to an unsatisfying experience.
½ March 30, 2018
Gave it a chance because Pitt; but it's just kinda ... dumb.
February 25, 2018
Um general é chamado para a guerra no afeganistão... é um kra cheio de frescuras e o filme não anda, parece mais a história de um general retardado.... a parte boa do filme é quando ele faz uma crítica ao presidente em entrevista, e o presidente tem que mandar as tropas que ele pediu pra não ficar feio....
½ February 24, 2018
Nothing really happens, not the best jokes, the movie doesn't seem to know which direction it wants to take, does it want to be a comedy movie or a political movie? It sure can't do both. It goes from silly to serious and the serious parts are weird and stupid after a silly scene. Well the acting is what you expect with this bad directing and writing.
½ January 20, 2018
not sure what the point of this movie was. super boring and useless. i struggled to get thru it, even on fast speed (1 viewing)
January 19, 2018
(4.5 out of 6)
When we don't see what others see in a war when one side has no time for war and another side has plenty of time for war to not know what we are seeing. When we see we are fighting for those back home and fighting for those in foreign places to not see who is fighting against us when it's everyone who has no time for failure & bullshit. When what others need to see to keep up with traditions, good relations, power, and make those look good we see others spend plenty of time in such places rather then in other places to see that others don't see what we see when we don't see a whole lot of it. When we see that we don't spend plenty of time with others close to us when being in such line of work seeing and not seeing one another time is all we have to cherish to only focus our time in other places that don't really doesn't want us to spend time in such places to begin with, when they think this is all a bunch of wasting time. When what we don't see coming is are the things we don't have time for when it's too late and death is the news whether it's those you killed, those that got you killed, those that bring death closer to your scope and those that kill your career when your brought to light for what the people see and what we don't see a waste of time.

When we don't see that those in charge are at fault when the prestigious honor of being a war machine is held to the highest honor when so much history, planning, organizations, meetings, recognition, and actual on the field and off the field fighting is needed that takes time, people and money to do that we don't see we are running out. When we see what remains forever by our side as a nation we see that as long as those stand to defend us we have plenty of time, money and people to fill the rolls if we don't succeed.
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