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½ March 15, 2017
When Verbinski isn't directing gigantic Hollywood trash he is directing movies that many people are indifferent towards. Weatherman is surely one of those. While it's message isn't always delivered with a sure hand the overall execution and darkly comedic take on America serves as an impressive statement that more people should talk about.
Grade: B-
February 22, 2017
Excellent film. I understand those who don't like it, but I thought it was very, very good indeed. Check out Ebert's review for how I feel about it.
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½ February 12, 2017
The Weather Man is a film that plays better as a parallel to how Nicolas Cage is viewed in real life than it does as a feature film. That's not to say that the film isn't well made, I just don't think it has a lot to say, especially as it holds up over a decade later.

Not many people like Cage anymore. After being an acclaimed award winning actor in the 90's, he fell off in popularity after making questionable career choices time after time. I've never had any reason not to like him, but I've also never been blown away by any of his performances (not including Leaving Las Vegas which I haven't seen). Cage plays David Spritz, a Chicago weather man who is liked by no one and seems to have everything go wrong with his life. Within the first 15 minutes, I found myself cringing at the way he lived his life. Buying a coffee instead of a newspaper for his father, letting his young daughter walk home by herself, and even throwing a snowball at his ex-wife in order to keep her attention? Not exactly the most productive way to gain people's admiration.

The Weather Man is about as bland as you think a real weather man's daily life would be, and the film plays off those stereotypes. But it's difficult to ever get behind a character that can't figure out his priorities in life when he only works a few hours a day, gets paid over 200 thousand dollars a year, and lives in the greatest city in the world. Now, I understand that it just uses the occupation as a backdrop for a story about a man who has nothing go right in his life. The problem is, the number one thing that I look for in a movie is if I can get behind the characters and root for them. If I'm being honest, I was finding some enjoyment in just how poorly this man's day was going. I think if Spritz didn't make everything about himself, I could have shown some more compassion.

The performances are fine, including supporting turns from Michael Caine, Hope Davis, and a young Nicholas Hoult, but they're nothing spectacular. There are several unnecessary scenes, including one really awkward scene with a sexual predator. It's built around Cage's performance and it's not exactly one that carries much weight. The best thing I can say is that there isn't a ton to dislike, but there's much to like either.

+Semi-interesting look into a weather man's life


-Truly cringe worthy moments

December 27, 2016
Nicolas Cage did his best but I was still led to nowhere.
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August 28, 2016
I think the ending leaves a lot to be desired (for a film about a man who's deeply depressed, it sure resolves itself quickly). That being said, I like the drab style and this is one of Cage's few solid performances from this century.
½ June 30, 2016
Madonna mia che fiala.
Se volete un po' di depressione e pessimismo, ve lo consiglio.
½ March 27, 2016
This is a solid performance by Cage, and the film goes into real life in some dark and funny ways.

The message is perhaps lost in the plot, but this gem is in my opinion what a lot of Hollywood movies are missing: Authentic and realistic. I know it defeats the purpose of Hollywood, which is escaping reality, but sometimes you need a healthy dose of it.
½ February 10, 2016
The only reason I watched this is because it was on TV.I don't even have a clue about what I am supposed to have watched.The central idea of the movie was fine.People can't be someone else than they were meant to be,but it was delivered in such an unimaginative and unnecessary stupid way.
½ January 22, 2016
Awful, awful, awful. Don't waste your time
January 21, 2016
In a world of underappreciated movies, The Weather Man takes the cake. Nicholas Cage takes the most complicated character in his career, a character mold that no other male actor could have ever fitted.
January 13, 2016
Funny as hell. Dark, funny and real.
December 20, 2015
a hypnotic movie, supported by atmospheric music and beautiful photography - no car chases, and not "depressing" as many have tagged it. some quietly truthful subtle acting from cage and caine. no huge breakthroughs, but an interesting description of "normal" (though $$ rich) life
December 9, 2015
Dave Spritz is a local weatherman in his home town of Chicago, where his career is going well while his personal life -- his relationship with his perfectionist writer father, his neurotic ex-wife, and his now-separated children -- is spiraling downward. Despite being both loathed and loved by the local masses, Dave is a guy who doesn't seem to have it all together, and in this film, he begins to feel it. An attractive job offer presents Dave with a major question: to pursue his career in New York City, or to remain at home with his family. [IMDb]

This is one of my favorite movies and I have no shame in saying that. The Weather Man is a top quality character study and easily my favorite Nicolas Cage performance. He's a National Treasure in this flick. Also, it's Gore Verbinski's finest film; The Ring and Mousehunt (Obviously) come close but this one takes the cake. The Weather Man is a completely underrated gem that has a special place in my heart. It's the best film of 2005, closely followed by Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and it bears that title for a few reasons.

The acting is a major highlight, Nicolas Cage gracefully carries this movie all the way to the finish with a restrained, committed performance as Dave Spritz. Michael Caine is a blessing, as usual. Hope Davis kills her role and it's always a delight to see Michael Rispoli. Plus, S/O to Gil Bellows, given his short amount of screen time, he nailed each scene he was in. Cage gives him a good beating too and it's one of the stand-out scenes in the film.

Gore Verbinski. This guy as a director is okay, but here, his direction is flawless. It's further complimented by the gorgeous, yet bleak cinematography by Phedon Papamichael. His shots are to die for and the cool color palette really makes you feel like its winter in Chicago. Someone I have to talk about here is the always pitch perfect Hans Zimmer. Hans is one of the world's greatest composers and I always listen to his End Credit theme from this movie during the winter. It's perfect for the winter and it ends the film on a perfect note.

I can't gush enough about how well written this script is - it's biting and brutally honest with a dash of perfectly executed pitch black humor. It covers a lot of relatable themes like family, divorce and aspirations. Also, there's so many times where I burst out laughing throughout, esp. the Camel Toe scene, Tartar Sauce, etc. This movie is my style of humor for sure. Steve Conrad, thank you. You're gold.

I love The Weather Man. I watch this movie about ten times a year and it never grows tiresome for me. Although, it's a very depressing movie, I don't mind. I get really depressed for most of each year and this movie brings me to the emotional crash I need. It's when the credits roll and I wipe the tears from my eyes. That's when I realize that I don't have it as bad as some people do. Dave Spritz is one of those people. One of the best. Highly recommended.
November 28, 2015
i thought this was a good nicholas cage movie
September 22, 2015
The Weather Man is an unfortunately underrated and hidden gem in Nicolas Cage's usually less-than-stellar filmography, and one with a good life-message of learning how to move on and accept our past while being optimistic about the future. The meteorology aspect of unpredictable weather serves as a backdrop analogy for how life sometimes goes opposite to how we planned. Sprinkled with hilarious deadpan humor and convincing performances, The Weather Man is a subjectively absorbing dark dramedy.
August 22, 2015
The movie sits on Cage's shoulders and he delivers in usual manic style.
½ July 7, 2015
As much fun as standing outside in a blizzard for two hours
May 17, 2015
Completely underrated at the box office.
May 4, 2015
A stale film story and characters that you don't care.
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