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½ October 16, 2016
What Dreams May Come is a visually gorgeous tear-jerker with a bit of wonky writting and a decent performance from the leads. Definitely worth a watch ... with tissues.
October 5, 2016
This wasn't bad, even though the acting can be too over the top at times. And what kind of an angel would say to you, "Give up!?" Is he daring you to sock him in the face!?
August 26, 2016
One of my personal favorites, the story is what makes this a great movie.
April 3, 2016
As someone that doesnt believe in Heaven, I still love this movie. It sucks you in and takes you away to another world. You will cry.
March 14, 2016
Lots of script/performance issues, but very nice to look at.
½ February 16, 2016
Robin Williams was an incredible actor and does what he does best. This film is insanely beautiful visually and has an amazing story to tell about love. It's a bit strange watching this movie including suicide after the events of Robins own untimely death. I highly recommend this film to anyone looking for a good tear jerker.
½ February 3, 2016
It gets very painful to watch Robin Williams in any movie after his tragic passing. In this film, he was so lively and happy his smile is heartbreaking.
½ February 3, 2016
A truly great tale told in a unique and exquisite style to portray the emotion of the circumstances present in the movie, the fatal flaw however goes back to the uncoordinated cast and slow pace of events.
January 22, 2016
Amazing Imagination, Very well done, it is a hidden jem
One of my best movies ever.
very deep, in every prespective.
½ November 21, 2015
One flipping emo ride.
November 11, 2015
This movie is hard to categorize. Clearly it is innovative and powerful and visually stunning. And morose and sad. Visually gorgeous. And it has to affect you in some way. It affected me a lot, which I suppose means it's a good film in that it touched the audience. I didn't like HOW it affected me, and it's not something I want to watch more than once or twice. But I was impressed by it, maybe because it gives a fairly detailed conception of the afterlife. Whether you believe it or not, at least you have to give the film points for producing such a vast vision of how it might be. It's just too sad and morose for me.
September 26, 2015
I love this movie, I really do, since I believe the way heaven and hell areportrayed in the movie
½ September 23, 2015
This movie tries to have a good message to it, but I am way too skeptical of matters of religion to take this movie too seriously. Afterlife beliefs aside, this movie (while it was beautiful) had a lot of pacing issues and it was hard to stay interested at times. It's a good idea, but something seems to be missing.
July 16, 2015
A visual work of art with a plot that could have been balanced a little more, What Dreams May Come proves to be full of thought and beauty in all of the tragedy it presents, and with some notably great acting and sutile but gorgeous twists, there is hardly anything not to reccomend here.
July 13, 2015
Possible Robin Williams best film! Beautiful and heartbreaking.
July 6, 2015
An interesting and depressing premise to base an entire film on, but where the subject matter is deeply morbid, it's offset by some genuinely interesting and vivid visuals and of course Robin Williams in dramatic mode - both of which are firm plusses.
June 26, 2015
This movie reminds the 21st-Century-Audience about Inception. This movie has a great story but the execution is really dull. The screenplay of this movie really ruin the taste of the story. But, The imagination is really high.
June 24, 2015
Great story and brilliantly acted by Robin Williams, the idea of soulmates together forever no matter what lifetime they are living is gorgeous. Has a whole different meaning now Robin has passed RIP, we truely lost an incredible actor
June 6, 2015
One of the best visually and philosophically striking movies ever!
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