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½ September 8, 2017
3.5/5.0 stars - Grade: B (Guilty Pleasure)
August 13, 2017
That Super Mario Bros. 3 bit was the most badass part of the movie.
June 6, 2017
Seminal movie of my childhood. amazing cast. childlike wonder!
March 29, 2017
Just feels like nothing but a giant commercial for Nintendo! But you know what? It's interesting! And it also made me love Super Mario Bros ever since!
March 29, 2017
I love the power glove, it's so bad.
February 10, 2017
All guilty pleasure. This is truly, at heart, an awful nintendo infomercial disguised as a cheesy 80's coming of age tale. Terrible music, poor writing but it has nostalgia printed all over it.
August 16, 2016
1987 : Good year for film, The Wizard is a prime example.
Roger Ebert, you're a knucklehead. No one would expect
you to like it.
½ July 15, 2016
This nostalgic and amazing. The plot is spot on and hard to miss. I would highly recommend it to retro fans of the 80's and 90's gaming era.
½ April 16, 2016
Is this an atrocious kid-centered rip-off of "Rain Man" or just a feature-length product placement exercise for Nintendo? Yes. Fred Savage stars as a kid who takes his possibly autistic or just emotionally traumatized kid brother across the country to California. Because he's an idiot who doesn't understand that you need more than $15 to get across the United States, he hooks up with the singer for Rilo Kiley who teaches them how to hustle video game players for cash. As they head for a video game competition in Vegas, they are followed by Beau Brides and Christian Slater (who astonishingly agreed to do this a year after "Heathers" made him an up and coming star) and an idiotic bounty hunter who tracks down runaway kids. It's hard to believe that Fred Savage held down the lead in a long running network TV series when he was this bad an actor.
March 8, 2016
Who'd thought a kid's movie about playing videos games could be so boring? Outside the fact that this movie looks like a smelly advertisement for Nintendo and Universal Studios (among other brands), it's kind of a slow road-trip that laughable drama and stock characters. It's hard to take the game-playing as serious action.
March 5, 2016
Surprisingly charming, but there's that dated cynicism you have to look out for.
Super Reviewer
March 4, 2016
Does that above trailer look like product placement and late 1980's cheese? That is because it is. Do not get me wrong here, I can be a sucker for these types of films if they have a good payoff in the end or some drive toward a decent story. What made me happy watching this film, is that it does exactly that. Fred Savage has always had that little-kid charm to him and the supporting cast around him all serve a purpose toward this story. As his little brother Jimmy has the goal of getting to California, his talents of being a nintendo master surface.

As three kids embark on a road trip to California, where the world championship nintendo games are being held, other stories from their past come to fruition. Now, the main story is as cheesy as it sounds, but when the gut punch comes, getting you emotionally invested in a particular character, "The Wizard" becomes slightly surprising. I am not trying to praise this film or call in great in any regard, but it is a serviceable story with more heart than you'd expect. "The Wizard" is a fine time.
October 3, 2015
Heart warming video game fun.
½ September 30, 2015
The only reason I like this movie is its all about old school nintendo games. I specifically remember how cool it was seeing Mario 3 for the first time in this film...esp since the game didn't come out for a few months after the movie.
July 2, 2015
It's a runaway's paradise film starring none other than Fred Savage ( The Wonder Years ) in a film dedicated to the Nintendo Entertainment System, mostly known as the NES. His brother Jimmy has the gift of getting high scores in video games, so during a " breakout " they go on a trek to California to enter themselves in the Video Armageddon. Their journey includes meeting people and getting away from people, they're on a mission folks. This was actually Nintendo revealing their newest game Super Mario 3 at the time this movie was in theaters. It's a real good family movie that has good heart in it as well, not just total gamers on cloud nine. It has a great cast like Beau Bridges, Christian Slater, Luke Edwards and Jenny Lewis. Come on folks it's a Nintendo game, no doubt thee first Nintendo movie. It will keep you entertained and a blast from the past..
June 29, 2015
This seems a lot more like a long (and dangerous) commercial for Nintendo and Universal Studios than it did when I was a kid. But dang if it still doesn't make me smile.
Super Reviewer
June 1, 2015
It's a 90's gaming movie that is basically just a promotion for the NES and Nintendo wrapped around a terrible story and really bad acting. But all of this still makes you enjoy it.
May 25, 2015
Best Nintendo propaganda film EVER!!
November 15, 2014
Best video game movie of all time!! Awesome, now I'm going to buy it on DVD now.
½ August 21, 2014
In the 1980s, video games were at the height of their popularity, especially in the arcades. This is mainly in part because of Nintendo, and its contribution to the home console market, at the time. Bottom line is: video games were everywhere. So, seeing the opportunity, some executives at Universal Studios to combine video games and movies into one concept. Sure, Disney had done it in 1982 with "Tron", but this idea was going to be a road trip movie about learning all the aspects of video games. The movie was called "The Wizard". And it sucks. Yet, in more recent years, the film has become somewhat of a cult classic. "The Wizard" is a bad movie, but it is something that needs to be seen to be believed, on a subject matter that the film rarely focuses on.

The story involves a little kid named Jimmy, who is determined to go to California, for some odd reason. His brother Corey breaks him out of an institution and the two go on a road trip heading west. They meet a girl named Haley, who also is traveling out west, and she joins them on their journey. Corey and Haley find out that Jimmy is a master at video games (despite him not ever playing some before), and together, the trio make their way to Los Angeles to compete in a video game tournament to win a grand prize. Meanwhile, Corey and Jimmy's father and older brother are out trying to find them, as well as a private eye who finds kids for a living are on their way of trying to rescue the boys. All of this so Jimmy could leave photographs of his dead sister inside one of the dinosaurs at Cabazon. Oh, and there's video games somewhere along the line too.

"The Wizard" is most notably a bad film. The writing and dialogue combined are very poor, that one wonders how this movie was written. It's so predictable; even first time viewers know what's going to happen. The acting and direction noticeably bad, as everyone is either a cliché, or just doesn't have a motivation for their character. Even Jimmy is wasted as he only has a few lines of dialogue , and even then, this character is uninteresting. Nothing in the movie moves at a simple pace, as the editing makes the movie drag its run time out. As for the main production, it's a basic road trip movie that really shows less of the video game aspect, and more on the boring characters. Speaking of which, the whole thing is basically one long commercial for the game Super Mario Bros. 3, which is the only interesting part of the film. It's a bad movie from start to finish.

Yet, despite the bad nature of the film, it's entertaining as hell. This is because the movie is so bad, it's good, mainly in part that it's so laughable, one cannot help but enjoy the corniness of it all. As stated before, the whole production is poorly executed, but watching it brings a smile to the viewer's face. Even promising giving the viewer a look at video games, "The Wizard" is corny from beginning to end. It's one of those rare treats that one needs to watch.

So, in conclusion, "The Wizard" may be bad in terms of its subject matter, but it's enjoyably fun to watch and behold of a different time when video games ruled the world.
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