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October 29, 2017
I liked this movie for its sensitive and funny story.
October 19, 2017
A decent look at young love, sex and drama.
August 1, 2017
"It's a wonder that humankind has constructed any kind of civilization with this monumental distraction at hand."
July 14, 2017
Hopefully a cult classic in the next 10 years.
March 17, 2017
Absolutely fantastic an fun, entertaining, clever, and interesting movie that gets my seal of approval, an instant cult classic.
½ January 24, 2017
Comfortably formulaic.
November 19, 2016
Seems very chauvinistic but the character development is interesting.
½ September 6, 2016
While it could have used a little more of François, "Youth in Revolt" is still an odd, charming and funny movie which is impossible to resist.
Super Reviewer
½ July 30, 2016
Nothing like what I was expecting, Wasn't funny in 80% of the film, A little weird in parts, I laughed a few times but the film is nothing special.
January 30, 2016
Funny, Educational, and kookie......
January 6, 2016
A so-so funny/so so predictable Michael Cera romcom.
½ October 20, 2015
Although it does have some disgusting jokes that might turn off some viewers, Youth in Revolt is a very smart and hilarious coming of age film that is held by the brilliant comedy of Michael Cera.

Grade: A-
October 16, 2015
In a kind of "Fight Club" meets "Rushmore" mish-mash, the film "Youth In Revolt" does merit offbeat laughs and high-art drama, but it also clearly seems like a condensed, streamlined film version of a novel with much more expressive scope to it.
½ October 4, 2015
Very quirky, but also funny and silly with a great cast of characters, each with their own eccentricities, and strong acting. Story is quite straightforward and nothing overly new, but the style keeps it fresh and the light tone keeps it comical and enjoyable throughout.
½ August 26, 2015
Super weird film but every second was intriguing. Zach Galifianakis's short time in the film was hysterical and Michael ceras two roles were excellent throughout.
July 16, 2015
Funny at times, worth a watch.
May 28, 2015
"I wanna wrap your legs around my head and wear you like the crown that you are." A perfect movie for Michael Cera, nice score solid direction.
March 10, 2015
I guess you could argue that the characters are unlikeable, the central relationship is absurd beyond the suspension of disbelief, that that's also an apt description of the scattered plot. But I laughed. A lot. Arteta's direction is so energetic and well-timed, and the performers so charming and committed, I was laughing at even the hoary old gags I saw coming a mile away. As far as comedy goes, it was a roaring success.
March 9, 2015
I definitely enjoyed this film, but it was a bit odd to be fair... I'm getting a bit bored of seeing Cera playing the same kind of role ALL the time no matter how endearing he is. I guess it was nice to see his bad side in Francois. The Anglo-Indian twerp I wanted to put through a window and say (posh voice) 'how's that for a random evacuation you odious nincompoop'. It was alright.
January 30, 2015
I LOVE films with multiple personalities. Love em love em love em. I love the contradictions, the feeling of not knowing who's in control, the irony of their conversations, the flaws they point out in themselves. Love em. And this is one of fantastic calibre. 

We are welcomed into Nick Twisp's (a deliciously dry Michael Cera) world, composed of his "charming" mother (Jean Smart), her scoundrel boyfriend Jerry (Zach Galfianakis), his dad (the always amazing Steve Buscemi), his neighbour Mr. Ferguson (Fred Willard) and the rest of the ensemble, including the newer folk (Erik Knudsen as Lefty, Ari Graynor as Lacey, Justin Long as Paul) and a fantastic corrupt cop from Ray Liotta. Yeah that's right. However, the cast plays second fiddle, maybe even third or fourth, to Michael Cera. It's his movie and his alone and his fantastic performance makes the film. Being able to actually play two sides of a character is a plus, but he makes sure to add touches of the opposite in each one, adding a greater depth to both of his characters. The voiceover is as insightful as it should be, as well as often being utterly hilarious, though his quick wit is what brings most of the dark humour (watch out for the burn on Miss Congeniality 2). He brings his now trademarked awkward pause up to a whole new level and proves what all the fuss about him was created for in the first place. Portia Doubleday is fantastic as Sheeni Saunders also. Playing Cera's opposite in this movie means that the focus is often taken from her, but she portrays her character's odd demeanour and strange style with great restraint, someone to watch out for in the coming years. 

The script is ridiculous. Constantly entertaining though often too smart for it's own good, it makes the connection between the two leads more believable while adding more than a good dash of dark humour. This doesn't mean that there's nearly as much swearing as Superbad but jokes meant for adult ears only abound and most of them hit their mark on the bullseye. The writing for Nick is incredible; whip-smart and rapid-fire, his mouth writes cheques his body can't even begin to pay for (Sheeni: You don't have any hiking equipment... Nick: Fine, I do all my hiking free form anyway. Like John Muir, I enter the wilderness with nothing more than my journal and a sense of childlike wonder. Speaking at least at the speed of light). However, in its gentler moments, it doesn't slow down as much as it should, doesn't restrain as much as it could, which makes it seem like the writers were trying to cram as much dialogue in as possible, taking away a little from the softness which could have been there. 

The music is gorgeous. It goes to the next step of films like Nick and Norah or, to a lesser extent, Funny People, which abound in accoustic guitars and unique voice, brining in some fantastically sour tunes which resonate even more (see Nick's doomed walk to Thanksgiving lunch at Sheeni's. You can almost hear his brain ticking). The main theme is excellent, blending Nick's ridiculously narrow worldview with Sheeni's love of France, even the trailer park where they are. It really is perfect for the relationship the two have. However, some of the tunes are overly soppy, as tends to happen in teen flicks these days, but it balances out with the majority of choices being exquisite. 

However, the main thing you'll walk away from this movie remembering, despite some fantastic set pieces and great cameos, is Michael Cera. This is his best work yet and is an indicator of the incredible work that is yet to come from him. 

Defining Scene: 
Francois and Nick let a caravan and a Lincoln loose in Berkely. The conflict between one half of a person and his counterpart is one of the best uses of multiple personalities since Fight Club. Or The United States of Tara.
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