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Rating Title/Year Author
1.3/5 The Devil's Daughter (1939) Mark H. Harris The Devil's Daughter is an all-black melodramatic semi-remake of Ouanga with no devil and with daughters so bland the devil wouldn't want 'em anyway. EDIT
Posted Jan 26, 2021
3/5 Don't Look Back (2020) Mark H. Harris Despite its shortcomings, Reddick manages to deliver an attractively shot product with impressive practical effects for such a modest budget. EDIT
Posted Dec 11, 2020
2.5/5 Kindred (2020) Mark H. Harris While it's a fascinating character study, Kindred is a limp thriller. EDIT
Posted Dec 4, 2020
2.5/5 Son of Ingagi (1940) Mark H. Harris While it avoids most of the cringe-worthy stereotypes of the more comedic horror films of the time, Son of Ingagi also lacks the energy and humor, leaving a dry husk of a story that feels longer than its 60-minute running time. EDIT
Posted Dec 2, 2020
2.5/5 Storage 24 (2012) Mark H. Harris Like a high-end SyFy movie, Storage 24 is eminently watchable but only sporadically enjoyable. EDIT
Posted Nov 25, 2020
5/5 His House (2020) Mark H. Harris Given the quality of the story, performances and direction, it would be hard to justify overlooking His House when the Oscars roll around. EDIT
Posted Nov 20, 2020
3/5 Bad Hair (2020) Mark H. Harris The script tries too hard in some areas but not hard enough in others, but on the whole, it's a refreshing genre take on intraracial politics -- like School Daze meets The Exorcist. EDIT
Posted Nov 6, 2020
4.5/5 Black Box (2020) Mark H. Harris Genre fans might find themselves a bit restless in the first half of the movie as it settles into its fantastic elements, but once the big reveal occurs midway through, the stakes are ratcheted up, and it's a tense ride until the end. EDIT
Posted Oct 29, 2020
3/5 Tales From the Hood 3 (2020) Mark H. Harris It's less ambitious than Part 2 but more consistent. While I would welcome a fourth entry, let's hope it's not spurred by the further deterioration of the American socio-political climate. EDIT
Posted Oct 22, 2020
4/5 Vampires vs. The Bronx (2019) Mark H. Harris Vampires vs. the Bronx's well-executed humor, likable characters, stellar cast (including small but memorable roles by Method Man, Zoe Saldana and Chris Redd) and infectious energy are more than enough for a good time. EDIT
Posted Oct 9, 2020
3/5 Friend of the World (2020) Mark H. Harris Friend of the World is an odd, interesting little movie that defies easy categorization. EDIT
Posted Oct 2, 2020
2/5 Antebellum (2020) Mark H. Harris Supposedly, the story came from a dream that Bush had, and while the movie is well-meaning, it ultimately feels very much like a dream: visually striking, but shallow and nonsensical. EDIT
Posted Sep 24, 2020
1.8/5 Spawn (1997) Mark H. Harris I would say I feel bad for a cast that's clearly above this material, but at least they got paid for it; I ended up in the red. EDIT
Posted Aug 7, 2020
3/5 Color Out of Space (2019) Mark H. Harris Color Out of Space is relatively restrained (certainly, compared to Cage's recent cult hit Mandy) for a movie with such eccentric personnel... EDIT
Posted Jul 20, 2020
3/5 The Clearing (2020) Mark H. Harris McIntyre is adept at delivering the goods in the action scenes, rendered in intense fashion by first-time director David Matalon. EDIT
Posted Jun 22, 2020
3/5 Body Cam (2020) Mark H. Harris In and of itself, Body Cam is a solid yet unspectacular genre film, but against the backdrop of real-life social injustice and unrest, it takes on new life, resonating with the urgency of its time. EDIT
Posted Jun 4, 2020
2/5 () Mark H. Harris [It] is so toothless - whether by plan or by ineptitude - that it's hard to tell if it's even supposed to be a thriller. EDIT
Posted May 8, 2020
3/5 Karma (2018) Mark H. Harris haven't historically seen many black families at the center of those types of stories, so in this instance, Karma is very much welcome. EDIT
Posted Apr 23, 2020
2.2/5 Fatima's Revenge (2018) Mark H. Harris Despite its shortcomings, Fatima's Revenge has something to say that's worth committing to film - which is more than can be said about a lot of micro-budget efforts. However, it needs more experienced hands to push it to its full potential. EDIT
Posted Mar 9, 2020
2.3/5 Trick (2019) Mark H. Harris There's potential here for a decent, coherent fright flick -but this unscary mess, whose twists are as predictable as they are illogical and unlikely, is not that movie. EDIT
Posted Feb 21, 2020
3.2/5 Escape Room (2019) Mark H. Harris It's little more than a less dreary reincarnation of the Saw formula, but Escape Room does it with enough skill and production value that it makes for a fun, quick-paced diversion... EDIT
Posted Jan 30, 2020
2.5/5 Dying to Kill (2016) Mark H. Harris In the end, Dying to Kill is like a decent standup set; it has a few nice moments where you might find yourself chuckle, but you probably won't remember it in the long run. EDIT
Posted Jan 16, 2020
2.7/5 Writers Retreat (2015) Mark H. Harris This old-fashioned whodunit premise provides some nostalgic entertainment, but it struggles to overcome the mundanity inherent in a plot that revolves around roundtable literary criticism. EDIT
Posted Jan 16, 2020
2.8/5 Office Outbreak (2006) Mark H. Harris It's a great premise with a fresh mix of horror and observational - at times absurdist - comedy that's rough around the edges due to its limited budget. EDIT
Posted Jan 16, 2020
2/5 Urban Cannibal Massacre (2013) Mark H. Harris Pretty much every protagonist here is a flat, dull horror cliché waiting to die. EDIT
Posted Jan 16, 2020
2.7/5 Slew Hampshire (2013) Mark H. Harris [A]ny potential for depth is drowned in self-consciously outrageous content and generally hazy portrayals. EDIT
Posted Jan 14, 2020
1.8/5 Coleville (2016) Mark H. Harris Coleville has an interesting premise... but ultimately, it's little more than a premise. Its ham-fisted execution feels like a blind shot in the dark at making a movie. EDIT
Posted Jan 14, 2020
2.8/5 House of Wax (2005) Mark H. Harris House of Wax is admirable as one of the few movies - and even fewer horror movies - to feature an interracial couple without mention of race. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
3.5/5 The Cavern (2005) Mark H. Harris Writer/director Osunsanmi... creates an atmosphere that's cramped, murky and realistic, eschewing an overwrought Hollywood soundtrack. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1.2/5 Bloodz vs. Wolvez (2006) Mark H. Harris It's basically an urban bastardization of Underworld. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
3.2/5 () Mark H. Harris The direction, story, make-up, and setting (an actual bank and not the assistant director's apartment) are all solid. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
3.3/5 Crazy as Hell (2002) Mark H. Harris [Michael] Beach's performance... carries the film, particularly in the powerhouse ending. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1.5/5 Doll Graveyard (2005) Mark H. Harris Doll Graveyard's plot is pretty thin. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2/5 Chop Shop (2003) Mark H. Harris As mediocre as the revenge is, though, it's brilliant compared to what follows: a "twist ending" that makes no sense whatsoever and trivializes the rest of the film's supposed seriousness. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2.3/5 Gold Digger Killer (2006) Mark H. Harris Granted, there are plenty of issues with the film... but GDK is still a solid low-rent film with a potent message: Wear a cup! EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1/5 () Mark H. Harris It goes without saying that it exists solely to exploit the popularity of The Blair Witch Project, but it's so inept that it doesn't even parody that film. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
0.7/5 Da Hip Hop Witch (2000) Mark H. Harris Considering it was "written" (as it were), produced and directed by a white guy, I move to declare Da Hip Hop Witch officially a hate crime. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
4/5 28 Days Later (2002) Mark H. Harris [G]ritty and truly frightening. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2.8/5 Holla If You Hear Me (2006) Mark H. Harris Conceptually, Holla If I Kill You kills; in practice, it could hone its act a bit. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1.8/5 The Horrible Dr. Bones (2000) Mark H. Harris I'll resist the urge to make a pun about how "horrible" this film is - although it is pretty bad. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2.2/5 John Carpenter's Ghosts of Mars (2001) Mark H. Harris Final score of the 2000-2001 movie season: Mars 3, Viewers 0. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2.8/5 Bloody Murder 2 (2003) Mark H. Harris A decent yet otherwise undistinguishable low-budget Friday the 13th rip-off. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
3.7/5 Frankenfish (2004) Mark H. Harris It's refreshing to see a horror film with a largely black cast that doesn't revolve around the ghetto and in fact doesn't really revolve around race at all. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2.7/5 Return to House on Haunted Hill (2007) Mark H. Harris Despite all of this, Return to House on Haunted Hill does actually deliver the gory goods (for a DTV release, at least). EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2.3/5 Nite Tales (2008) Mark H. Harris Ultimately, the movie is a lot like the DVD cover art: attractive but shallow and pointless. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2/5 Killjoy 2: Deliverance From Evil (2002) Mark H. Harris Killjoy 2 signaled the start of a whitewashing trend in this franchise that would see each successive film feature less and less of a black presence (and more and more corny attempts at humor that fall flat). EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
2.3/5 Urban Evil (2005) Mark H. Harris This is low-budget but fairly ambitious stuff with some decent acting. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1.7/5 Street Tales of Terror (2004) Mark H. Harris Overall, the acting is weak, the gore is virtually nil and the stories, while not bad, are simple, predictable and not worth analogizing. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1.8/5 Snake Island (2002) Mark H. Harris You're better off whacking something else than watching what Snake Island has to offer. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1/5 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) Mark H. Harris I'd barely even call Resident Evil: Apocalypse a horror movie; it's more like an action film made for 8 year-olds with A.D.D. that happens to have some zombies. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020