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Rating Title/Year Author
4/5 Fireball: Visitors From Darker Worlds (2020) Alexandra Heller-Nicholas Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds is an absorbing look into how this cosmic phenomenon has inspired human civilisation itself. EDIT
Posted Nov 17, 2020
4/5 Citation (2020) Alexandra Heller-Nicholas Citation is an important window into the gender politics of a culture seemingly very different to our own, but where the nuts-and-bolts sexist dynamics that have oppressed and left women around the world open to abuse remain sadly familiar. EDIT
Posted Nov 17, 2020
5/5 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Matt Neal A parable and a fairy tale that speaks to the child in us all, and wishes that we could all be more like Elliot, and less like the grown-ups. EDIT
Posted Nov 9, 2020
4/5 Radioactive (2019) Alexandra Heller-Nicholas A thoughtful, creative fictional retelling of a story based on the life and legacy of a remarkable woman. EDIT
Posted Nov 8, 2020
5/5 The Grapes of Wrath (1940) Matt Neal The Grapes Of Wrath deserves to be remembered and revered because, sadly, it's as relevant today as it was in 1940. EDIT
Posted Oct 28, 2020
5/5 Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror (2019) Alexandra Heller-Nicholas A powerful reminder how something as seemingly lowbrow and disposable as horror cinema can be a surprisingly successful vehicle to address broader social issues that have very real relevance. EDIT
Posted Oct 21, 2020
5/5 Double Indemnity (1944) Matt Neal With its genre-defining moves and censor-baiting story, Double Indemnity is a momentous moment in Hollywood that we take for granted. EDIT
Posted Oct 14, 2020
3.5/5 The Boys in the Band (2020) Alexandra Heller-Nicholas The 2020 version of The Boys in the Band is in a many ways a history lesson as much as it is a compelling queer drama, but there is nothing dry about it. EDIT
Posted Oct 13, 2020
3.5/5 Enola Holmes (2020) Alexandra Heller-Nicholas Enola Holmes is that rare gift that falls under the umbrella of 'family film' that still packs a great satisfying wallop for adult audiences too. EDIT
Posted Oct 13, 2020
5/5 All About Eve (1950) Matt Neal The kind of dialogue actors kill for. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2020
5/5 High Noon (1952) Matt Neal The film's assessments of violence and responsibility continue to see High Noon so deliciously open to discussion almost 70 years on. EDIT
Posted Sep 26, 2020
The Devil All the Time (2020) Alexandra Heller-Nicholas An enthralling and often disturbing exposé of the dark side of a period of history we see far too often sanitised for easy consumption. EDIT
Posted Sep 23, 2020
3/5 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) Matt Neal No other film is as still relevant and yet sadly out-of-date as Mr Smith Goes To Washington. EDIT
Posted Sep 19, 2020
5/5 To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) Matt Neal Atticus Finch is a film hero in a way we don't often think about - resilient, caring, empathetic, loving, dignified, and keen to make a better world. EDIT
Posted Sep 15, 2020
5/5 Chinatown (1974) Matt Neal One of the best screenplays of all time, even in spite of its Oscar-winning screenwriter Robert Towne. EDIT
Posted Sep 8, 2020
5/5 Some Like It Hot (1959) Matt Neal "Nobody's perfect" indeed, but Some Like It Hot just about is. EDIT
Posted Sep 8, 2020
5/5 It's a Wonderful Life (1946) Matt Neal Like a nice snifter of the Christmas brandy, it warms the heart and makes you feel good. EDIT
Posted Aug 21, 2020
5/5 On the Waterfront (1954) Matt Neal For all their misdeeds, Brando and Kazan had a profound effect on cinema, and much of it stems from this gritty dockside drama. EDIT
Posted Aug 13, 2020
5/5 The General (1926) Matt Neal The peak of silent cinema. EDIT
Posted Aug 10, 2020
5/5 The Graduate (1967) Matt Neal Still potent, still hilarious. EDIT
Posted Jul 25, 2020
5/5 Sunset Blvd. (1950) Matt Neal One of the best swipes at Hollywood to come out of Hollywood, a wonderfully absurd comedy, and one of the best noir films ever, all rolled into one. EDIT
Posted Jul 21, 2020
5/5 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Matt Neal 2001 took film-making through the star gate, to see what was on the other side. EDIT
Posted Jul 18, 2020
5/5 Psycho (1960) Matt Neal Psycho is that rarest of beasts - it's both art and entertainment. It's also Hitchcock's best film. EDIT
Posted Jul 14, 2020
4/5 Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020) Matt Neal Ferrell, a self-confessed fan of Eurovision, has found something that sits in his comedic sweet spot, and made his best comedy since Step Brothers. EDIT
Posted Jul 8, 2020
5/5 Star Wars (1977) Matt Neal Few films are ingrained in pop culture like Star Wars, partly because few films changed cinema like Star Wars. EDIT
Posted Jul 4, 2020
4.5/5 The Searchers (1956) Matt Neal The Searchers is the most important western of all time, but more than that, it's one of the most important movies of all time. EDIT
Posted Jun 28, 2020
5/5 City Lights (1931) Matt Neal Ninety-plus years on, the movie is just as funny and endearing as it was in 1931. EDIT
Posted Jun 17, 2020
4.5/5 Vertigo (1958) Matt Neal God, this is such a weird film. EDIT
Posted Jun 2, 2020
5/5 Schindler's List (1993) Matt Neal (Schindler's List) slowly surrounds you, like a gang of bullies moving in one by one, before holding you down and beating you into submission. EDIT
Posted May 22, 2020
5/5 Lawrence of Arabia (1962) Matt Neal Lawrence, as portrayed by Peter O'Toole with a career-making and career-defining performance, is one of cinema's most fascinatingly complex characters. EDIT
Posted May 18, 2020
5/5 Gone With the Wind (1939) Matt Neal "Hey kids, wanna watch a four-hour-long romantic melodrama, told from the sympathetic perspective of the racist slave owners who lost the Civil War?" EDIT
Posted May 12, 2020
5/5 Casablanca (1942) Matt Neal How can one film do so much, and be so effortlessly suave while doing it? EDIT
Posted May 6, 2020
5/5 Singin' in the Rain (1952) Matt Neal I can guarantee this is the only review of Singin' In The Rain that references Natalie Imbruglia's Torn. EDIT
Posted May 6, 2020
3.5/5 Raging Bull (1980) Matt Neal Raging Bull is wonderfully made and features one of the all-time greatest performances, but I feel like I'm missing the point. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2020
5/5 Citizen Kane (1941) Matt Neal Most people don't care about Kane's cutting edge techniques but there's so much more to admire, appreciate and enjoy about this cinematic edifice. EDIT
Posted Apr 12, 2020
5/5 The Godfather (1972) Matt Neal Leaves you confused and dirty, yet fulfilled and satisfied, kind of like having great sex with someone you definitely shouldn't sleep with. EDIT
Posted Apr 12, 2020
2/5 Bloodshot (2020) Matt Neal Bloodshot is painfully predictable, but cult status awaits on the other side of the coronavirus era. EDIT
Posted Mar 25, 2020
4/5 Military Wives (2019) Matt Neal Its closest relative is The Full Monty - not surprising considering Cattaneo directed both - but this is better than its ancestor. EDIT
Posted Mar 17, 2020
2/5 Downhill (2020) Matt Neal Force Majeure is critically acclaimed for its blend of comedy and drama, but that is the exact area in which Downhill fails. EDIT
Posted Mar 6, 2020
4/5 The Invisible Man (2020) Matt Neal Whannell and Moss team up for a memorable if imperfect frightener that recasts HG Wells' story as a harrowing domestic violence horror. EDIT
Posted Mar 4, 2020
4/5 Bombshell (2019) Matt Neal Bombshell is flawed but with its triumvirate of talented women out front, it's a riveting and fascinating telling of a story that deserved to be told. EDIT
Posted Feb 20, 2020
3.5/5 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) Matt Neal Getting the most unhateable actor in America to play one of the most beloved American cultural figures is a home run before you even step up to the plate. EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2020
5/5 Jojo Rabbit (2019) Matt Neal Jojo Rabbit is breathtaking in its ability to switch from humour to horror, from dark to light, from thoughtful to absurd. EDIT
Posted Feb 13, 2020
5/5 The Castle (1997) Matt Neal The greatest Australian film of all time. EDIT
Posted Feb 4, 2020
2.5/5 Midway (2019) Matt Neal A weird mix of the historically accurate and the unforgivably fake. EDIT
Posted Feb 1, 2020
5/5 1917 (2019) Matt Neal If nothing else, 1917 is the Mona Lisa of planning. But thankfully it's a lot more than that. EDIT
Posted Jan 18, 2020
3/5 A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (2019) Matt Neal This second outing from Shaun and friends has humour and takes its stop-motion to great heights, but lacks the extra facets and heart that made the first one so well-rounded. EDIT
Posted Jan 13, 2020
4.5/5 Little Women (2019) Matt Neal The vitality (on screen) makes it so enjoyable, but Gerwig's ability to re-frame Alcott's words and themes with a contemporary eye make it unmissable. EDIT
Posted Jan 10, 2020
1/5 Cats (2019) Matt Neal The filmmakers were so preoccupied with whether or not they could do a heavily CG version of Cats, they didn't stop to think if they should. EDIT
Posted Dec 31, 2019
2/5 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Matt Neal The Rise Of Skywalker is like a hyperactive three-year-old - filled with boundless energy and often entertaining, but mostly messy and directionless. EDIT
Posted Dec 19, 2019