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Rating Title/Year Author
3/5 Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021) Kat Hughes It's not quite what we're historically accustomed to from the cinematic world of Saw, but Spiral introduces a new take that just might sustain the franchise for a few more films. EDIT
Posted May 12, 2021
4/5 Weekenders (2021) Kat Hughes A delightful and heartfelt story of connection that transports the viewer back to the era of Reality Bites and Before Sunrise. EDIT
Posted May 12, 2021
3/5 End of Sentence (2019) Kat Hughes There may be a few bumps along the way, but End of Sentence eventually arrives at its final destination with the audience's interest intact. EDIT
Posted May 10, 2021
3/5 Goodbye Honey (2020) Kat Hughes Strand demonstrates a lot of promise here. There's an interesting concept at the core of Goodbye Honey and Strand does great work at building intensity. EDIT
Posted May 10, 2021
3/5 Sam & Mattie Make a Zombie Movie (2021) Kat Hughes A bitterly sweet account of the sheer determination and drive of two friends, and their local community, to achieve the impossible dream. EDIT
Posted May 4, 2021
4/5 Threshold (2020) Kat Hughes A slow-burning ghostly road movie that places family trauma at its heart, Threshold is a true testament to the power of filmmaking. EDIT
Posted Apr 30, 2021
4/5 Uncle Peckerhead (2020) Kat Hughes For a film named Uncle Peckerhead, it's not quite as crass as one might expect. Granted there is the occasional bout of explosive diarrhoea, but there's also a great amount of heart. EDIT
Posted Apr 30, 2021
3/5 Dolphin Island (2021) Kat Hughes A feel-good film that is also doing good, Dolphin Island offers great family viewing. EDIT
Posted Apr 29, 2021
3/5 Here Are the Young Men (2021) Kat Hughes Yet another project that benefits from Anya Taylor-Joy's inclusion, Here are the Young Men is a performance-led, disturbing tale of both toxic masculinity and friendship. EDIT
Posted Apr 28, 2021
3/5 Fear of Rain (2021) Kat Hughes Madison Iseman proves her leading lady credentials in this twisting yarn that goes deep into the stark darkness of mental illness. EDIT
Posted Apr 27, 2021
3/5 The Resort (2021) Kat Hughes A hotel on a paradise island has never felt so creepy, The Resort might get off to a wobbly start, but eventually finds its (very bloody) feet. EDIT
Posted Apr 26, 2021
4/5 In Search of Darkness: Part II (2020) Kat Hughes David A. Weiner's latest edition of In Search of Darkness is perfect viewing for die-hard thrill fans. Sit back and drift away to what is arguably one of the greatest eras of horror. EDIT
Posted Apr 25, 2021
3/5 Urban Legend (1998) Kat Hughes A solid slasher that copies from the Scream template, whilst remaining its own separate entity. EDIT
Posted Apr 22, 2021
3/5 Doors (2021) Kat Hughes Anthology films are always tricky beasts to wrangle and here a confliction in tones and narrative styles unpicks a sound attempt to connect the individual stories. EDIT
Posted Apr 18, 2021
2/5 Me You Madness (2021) Kat Hughes A film whose first half is fun and frenetic, gets bogged down by an undercooked and overworked second half. Me You Madness has some of the right ingredients, just not in the right ratios. EDIT
Posted Apr 14, 2021
2/5 I Blame Society (2020) Kat Hughes This meta-documentary doesn't muster up the right amount of malice and spite needed to make it a worthy viewing prospect. EDIT
Posted Apr 14, 2021
5/5 Promising Young Woman (2020) Kat Hughes Fennell balances an intricately woven web of people, opinions, ideals, and values, perfectly to tell a no-holds-barred story that ensures pause for thought. EDIT
Posted Apr 13, 2021
3/5 Stay Out of the Attic (2020) Kat Hughes Likely one that is purely for the die-hard genre aficionados, Stay Out of the Attic starts well, but gets dragged down by an unfortunate identity crisis along the way. EDIT
Posted Apr 9, 2021
2/5 The Head Hunter (2018) Kat Hughes Screaming for a bigger budget and an additional couple of characters, The Head Hunter remains a valiant example of shoestring film-making. EDIT
Posted Apr 9, 2021
2/5 Alone (2020) Kat Hughes With Final Days riddled in cliches and stereotypes it is hard to believe that it stems from the same source material as the vastly superior #Alive. EDIT
Posted Apr 7, 2021
3/5 The Power (2021) Kat Hughes A great setting for a horror story, Corinna Faith works tirelessly to make The Power an atmospheric and eerie tale. EDIT
Posted Apr 5, 2021
4/5 The Night (2020) Kat Hughes A nerve-shredding, nail-biting, anxiety inducing nightmare, The Night is a masterclass in fear-building and easily one of the scariest films of the year so far. EDIT
Posted Mar 29, 2021
3/5 Tom & Jerry (2021) Kat Hughes A by-the-numbers disposable kids' film that makes for an entertaining if not entirely engaging school holiday watch. EDIT
Posted Mar 29, 2021
3/5 Violation (2021) Kat Hughes Tapping into the real and inescapable horror of the realities of sexual assault and trauma, Violation presents a more realistic account than the genre normally gives. EDIT
Posted Mar 22, 2021
4/5 Sound of Violence (2021) Kat Hughes A blisteringly violent, but exceptionally absorbing film, that far outclasses its source. You'll need a strong stomach, and set of ears, to make it through Sound of Violence intact. EDIT
Posted Mar 19, 2021
4/5 Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break (2021) Kat Hughes Paul Dood's Deadly Lunch Break is a dark-hearted romp that celebrates the silly and macabre. It might make you winch, but said winching will likely be from your sides splitting. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2021
4/5 Witch Hunt (2021) Kat Hughes Completely reinventing the underappreciated witch genre, Witch Hunt tells a compelling and complex story about prejudice and acceptance. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2021
4/5 Offseason (2021) Kat Hughes An impressively oppressive atmosphere permeates throughout Offseason, ramping the immersion factor to maximum, ensuring Goosebumps and disturbed sleep for days to come. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2021
4/5 Jakob's Wife (2021) Kat Hughes Gender politics and power dynamics are played out within a timeless genre, Jakob's Wife is a wonderful psychosexual horror thriller with bite. EDIT
Posted Mar 18, 2021
3/5 Broadcast Signal Intrusion (2021) Kat Hughes A blend of science-fiction and film noir, Broadcast Signal Intrusion embraces its enigmatic elements, drawing the viewer into a world where nothing is ever quite what it seems. EDIT
Posted Mar 17, 2021
4/5 Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror (2021) Kat Hughes A thorough and thoughtful documentary that plays as an intensive film course condensed into one mammoth lesson. EDIT
Posted Mar 17, 2021
3/5 The Woman with Leopard Shoes (2020) Kat Hughes The Tarantino feet-loving folks out there will revel in The Woman with Leopard Shoes' unique brand of story-telling. EDIT
Posted Mar 10, 2021
4/5 Out of the World (2020) Kat Hughes A slow and steady character piece that makes the most of its lead's ability to convey story through the medium of movement. EDIT
Posted Mar 10, 2021
3/5 American Badger (2021) Kat Hughes As over familiar the story might be, there are plenty of flashes of inspiration, particularly within the action, that sets American Badger apart from the average. EDIT
Posted Mar 10, 2021
3/5 The Heiress (2021) Kat Hughes A well-structured and cannily told tale, The Heiress presents a thoroughly modern twist of the typical haunted house story. EDIT
Posted Mar 10, 2021
3/5 Run Hide Fight (2020) Kat Hughes Controversies aside, Run Hide Fight is an averagely adequate action flick, but the highly ill-advised (and unneeded) setting and clunky messaging are very unpalatable. EDIT
Posted Mar 5, 2021
4/5 The Old Ways (2020) Kat Hughes A strong sense of visual style, and an even stronger central performance from Brigitte Kali Canales, makes The Old Ways an absolute must-see. EDIT
Posted Mar 5, 2021
3/5 Wildland (2019) Kat Hughes An intricate character-driven study into family dynamics, Wildland offers a new side to the organised crime thriller. EDIT
Posted Mar 4, 2021
4/5 Son (2021) Kat Hughes With echoes of Polanski's Rosemary's Baby and The Babadook, Son is a forever twisting tale of terror and trauma, featuring some excellent performances across the board. EDIT
Posted Mar 3, 2021
2/5 Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time (2021) Kat Hughes A romance drama devoid of passion and emotion, as well as a mystery story devoid of genuine mystique, making a frigid and lacklustre exploration of relationships. EDIT
Posted Mar 3, 2021
3/5 Victim(s) (2020) Kat Hughes T drama with bullying and vitriol at its core; Victim(s) may follow the obvious routes, but does so with surprisingly effective results. EDIT
Posted Mar 1, 2021
3/5 Victims (2019) Kat Hughes With bullying and vitriol at its core; Victim(s) may follow the obvious routes, but does so with surprisingly effective results. EDIT
Posted Mar 1, 2021
4/5 Murmur (2019) Kat Hughes An achingly lonely film, buoyant with joyful furballs, Murmur is an eye-opening study into isolation that feels uncomfortably real. EDIT
Posted Feb 26, 2021
4/5 Black Bear (2020) Kat Hughes With Black Bear, Lawrence Michael Levine has created an enigmatic and stimulating concept that will have you scratching your head in all the right ways EDIT
Posted Feb 24, 2021
3/5 What Lies Below (2020) Kat Hughes Has echoes of both Species and Sleepwalkers, told as if it were a forgotten Goosebumps story. EDIT
Posted Feb 22, 2021
3/5 Wrong Turn (2021) Kat Hughes The antithesis of Wrong Turn films that have come before, this 2021 version instead offers an entertaining slice of folksy horror. EDIT
Posted Feb 22, 2021
3/5 Shook (2021) Kat Hughes Interesting commentary on digital selves versus private selves, and perceived reality versus stark truth, Harrington gives a glossy new facade to the stagnant home alone trope. EDIT
Posted Feb 17, 2021
4/5 Pixie (2020) Kat Hughes Smartly crafted, cleverly written, and expertly acted, Pixie's jaunt through Ireland is an action-packed, rib-tickling delight. EDIT
Posted Feb 15, 2021
3/5 Willy's Wonderland (2021) Kat Hughes Weird, wild, and wacky, Willy's Wonderland unleashes pure and unadulterated zany cartoonish insanity onto the screen. EDIT
Posted Feb 12, 2021
4/5 More Than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story (2021) Andrew Gaudion It is a film that both shows a lot of love for a beloved and troubled actor, but also one that makes sure to frame his career in the larger context of representation on screen for Asian American characters. EDIT
Posted Feb 11, 2021