Of Those Who

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Rating Title/Year Author
3.5/5 Somewhere with No Bridges (2021) Bill Arceneaux It's not just a eulogy or a meditation, but a living ghost tale. A place without bridges indeed. EDIT
Posted Feb 24, 2021
5/5 Crestone (2020) Bill Arceneaux Crestone is absolutely engrossing and undeniably unclassifiable, and it may be the first purest play of and on cinema to kick off the 2020s. EDIT
Posted Feb 17, 2021
5/5 A Glitch in the Matrix (2020) Bill Arceneaux 'A Glitch in the Matrix' goes for the head by way of the heart, or maybe vice versa. Superb and startling, breathtaking and compassionate. EDIT
Posted Feb 10, 2021
5/5 We're All Going to the World's Fair (2021) Bill Arceneaux This is a film of great and grand expression, transforming and challenging our own ideas and beliefs of art, of ourselves, and of others. EDIT
Posted Feb 6, 2021
5/5 PG: Psycho Goreman (2020) Bill Arceneaux The young at heart will fall before Psycho Goreman, adoring its sense of humor and playful horror all the way through. EDIT
Posted Jan 22, 2021
4/5 Minor Premise (2020) Bill Arceneaux Tricks are at play with resourceful direction and powerful performance. Deserves much merit. EDIT
Posted Jan 14, 2021
3.5/5 The Ringmaster (2019) Bill Arceneaux A consistently resonant mishap madcap of mistakes and moments, all for the glory of film. EDIT
Posted Dec 31, 2020
5/5 Soul (2020) Bill Arceneaux There's richness all around, as it makes the intangible tangible. An important year-end flick for 2020. EDIT
Posted Dec 25, 2020
2/5 Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Bill Arceneaux There are literal fireworks, but not much wonder. A stunning disappointment, despite clear effort to be different. EDIT
Posted Dec 25, 2020
4/5 The Last Blockbuster (2020) Bill Arceneaux A massive feel good flick, and a truly happy surprise. EDIT
Posted Dec 21, 2020
3/5 The Sounding (2017) Bill Arceneaux Where it flails with its meaning, it impresses with its direction and command. Catherine Eaton stuns. EDIT
Posted Dec 21, 2020
4/5 The Other (2020) Bill Arceneaux A tension-riddled haunted house film that's surprising and very rewarding. EDIT
Posted Dec 21, 2020
2.5/5 Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad (2020) Bill Arceneaux Wears thin and feels stuck in place, despite its sweet history. But, if you can choose where to get stuck, let it be at Rom. EDIT
Posted Dec 10, 2020
3.5/5 Mank (2020) Bill Arceneaux Wins a thousand times over, though at the expense of important historic details. Still... It's terrific! EDIT
Posted Dec 7, 2020
3.5/5 Insert Coin (2020) Bill Arceneaux Heartening and enlightening. A joyful act of creation, exploration, and treasure hunting. EDIT
Posted Dec 7, 2020
5/5 The Twentieth Century (2019) Bill Arceneaux A wonder for sure. Bends time and collective history in a way only a madman could. It's everything. This movie is everything. EDIT
Posted Dec 7, 2020
5/5 A Ghost Waits (2020) Bill Arceneaux Pretty perfect. Makes you want to give it all of your heart. EDIT
Posted Nov 3, 2020
3.5/5 Wolfman's Got Nards (2018) Bill Arceneaux Rides a massive wave of fan love that borders on self-congratulatory, but ultimately settles into total humility. A sweet film. EDIT
Posted Nov 3, 2020
1.5/5 The Riot Act (2018) Bill Arceneaux A poor stage act, this is. An unfortunate disappointment. EDIT
Posted Oct 18, 2019
3/5 Human Capital (2019) Bill Arceneaux I can only offer light cheer for this movie. It's a chance for these veteran actors to carve out and chow down on something with meat, even if they have to provide all of the bite. EDIT
Posted Oct 18, 2019
4/5 Memory: The Origins of Alien (2019) Bill Arceneaux Geeky but not too niche. Heavy but not over our heads. Choppy but never muddled. Appreciative and eager. EDIT
Posted Oct 15, 2019
3.5/5 Joker (2019) Bill Arceneaux A disturbing but somewhat courageous portrait of someone who loses everything but somehow wins most victoriously - at least, in his mind. Uncomfortable and righteous. EDIT
Posted Oct 4, 2019
5/5 Knives and Skin (2019) Bill Arceneaux KNIVES AND SKIN bends genre to its will and brings up emotions that were subtly held deep inside us all, to the goosebumps that cover our arms. EDIT
Posted Sep 23, 2019
5/5 The Nightingale (2018) Bill Arceneaux It feels true because it IS true. Grave, stark, but important. Never looks away from anything. EDIT
Posted Sep 2, 2019
3/5 What You Gonna Do When The World's On Fire? (2018) Bill Arceneaux A devastating but honest observation. Accomplishes a story more interesting than plain, but plain none the less. EDIT
Posted Aug 24, 2019